90,000 Years of Longevity

Chapter 537: Second Great Danger

A few days later, the Holy Church proceeded to baptized countless weapons and tools in the Holy Water of Light madly.

All the manpower was used and all the methods were displayed.

The Holy Church also disclosed the light spells and a generous amount of methods to fight against demons publicly in the whole galaxy.

At this time, Ye Bei and Holy Judge were already back to the place they stayed to watch the development of mankind previously.

“Master, this development is a bit beyond my expectation.” Holy Judge was currently sitting on a seat made up of the galaxy itself. Dots of stars could be seen flickering from time to time in that seat.

Ye Bei was also sitting on a chair that looked the same as Holy Judge’s chair.

After hearing Holy Judge’s remark, he nodded and said, “Well, it’s normal. After all, those demons from the Chaos Demon Realm are a threat to all other universes. They were born from Mother Nature itself. The Heavenly Path like you have no way to prevent them from entering your universe.”

“Then, after the war breaks out for real, which side will win? Mankind or the Demon Race, Master?”

“If nothing happens in between, the human side will win. However, the real war will appear 200 years later. At that time, demons of the higher rank will come.” Ye Bei said slowly.

“I see.” Holy Judge then fell into silence afterward.

“Well, let’s continue to watch. This will be my entertainment.” Ye Bei hooked up his lips slightly.

Two weeks later.

Within these two weeks, space crack began to appear in ten places all over the galaxy.contemporary romance

Ten Lesser demons also appeared respectively.

Human Chancers grouped up together and battled against those ten demons in ten different places.

Those demons had a special regenerative ability and abnormally hard bodies. However, thanks to the Baptized weapons provided by the Earth Federation, their special regenerative ability was weakened significantly.

But even so, it was still not that easy to kill them.

For each confrontation, the human Chancers group up together up to ten people to kill a Lesser demon.

Fortunately, the human Chancers could work together in harmony.

After this battle, the humans found a very interesting weakness in those demons. It was their core.

Each Lesser demon had a red core inner middle part of their body.

This discovery was indeed very useful, but the demon’s hardest part was unfortunately its chest, which made it difficult to be killed even if the humans knew of it.

Another discovery was soon made.

It was found that the red core of the demon contained the chaotic energy in those space cracks.

With joint research of several Arcane Agents, they found that the red core of the demon could generate random magical power on the weapons.

If it was put into a sword, then the red core could mystically melt into red liquid and went into that sword. The sword could later produce flame when being used to attack.

As also said above, the red core would generate random magical power. So after another nine experiments, other random magical powers also appeared, such as ice, wind, super durability, extreme sharpness, water, and so on.

After the battle this time, no other space cracks could be seen again. However, everyone knew that the next time it appeared, it would appear in a larger number.

The first time was one, the second time was ten, so the third could possibly one hundred.

It might sound quite scary, but don’t forget that humans were currently large in number.

But if a higher rank demon came this time, no one could guarantee what would happen. Therefore, a lot of people began to train themselves seriously.

This time, with the discovery of the red core, the ten weapons were given to the Holy Church to baptize them with Holy Water of Light.

The baptize indeed went well, and the power of the weapon also became stronger. However, the Baptize weapons seemed to only work better against demons.

The ten weapons were soon given to the top ten human Chancers.

After so many years, the ranks of Chancers were created, starting from Warrior Chancer, Elite Chancer, Master Chancer, Grandmaster Chancer, Ace Chancer, Doyen Chancer, Marshal Chancer, and King Chancer.

A total of eight ranks. However, for the past eighty years or so, the highest rank that human could go was Ace Chancer. But unfortunately, that Ace Chancer had already passed away in the battle against the alien race.

Therefore, the strongest ones currently were the Grandmaster Chancers. And the number of Grandmaster was only 2990 in the whole galaxy.

With this, it was evident how hard it was to advance for Chancers.

Chancers broke through by absorbing a kind of energy called Psychic Energy which was later named Chance Energy.

Chancers were also divided into classes, such as mage, elementalist, fighter, swordsman, assassin, archer, cultivator, and so on.

At present, the strongest known Grandmaster Chancer was Xu Qiuhua, the first Chancer who obtained her power after the plane crash. Her class was cultivator.

Three days later, on Earth, North Atlantic Ocean.

The clouds were drifting with ease; the sunlight was giving out the gentle warmth of the early rising sun.

On this giant ocean, some aggressive mutated animals could be jumping up slightly or rising with their sharp teeth from time to time.

The average young shark transformed into the size of the original blue whale which was spanned about 30 meters long.

The adult sharks became more than two times bigger than an average cruise ship which was around 600 meters long.

But not only sharks, even octopuses, whales, killer whales, and the likes also became greatly bigger and significantly stronger.

These giant guys were a big threat to people on land, but after more than eighty years, humans had already found a method to prevent them from coming onto the land. That was, the massive wall of energy.

At this moment, a group of giant mutated sharks could be seen feeding on an octopus. Then, out of nowhere, a leakage of strange and chaotic energy took place.

The sharks and other animals nearby on the surface of the ocean sensed a great danger coming. They fled into the depth of the ocean instantly.

Soon, the chaotic energy began to converge into one place right above the dead octopus.

“Crack, crack…”

The sound of space cracking manifested abruptly. A blackish dot the size of a thumb materialized.

Within a minute, the black dot zoomed in and became a 10-meter wide black hole.

This black hole was void of any light, and it surfaced only a few centimeters above the water.

“Sir, it’s an emergency! A black hole is found right above the middle part of the North Atlantic Ocean.”

In the Disaster Department of the headquarter of the Earth Federation, a man in a black suit quickly stood up and shouted.

The department chief not far away from him stood up instantly, “What! A black hole? Not a space crack?”

“Yes, from the image we got from the satellite, it appears to be a 10-meter wide black hole. We also detected the chaotic energy the same as in those space cracks too!”

The man quickly showed the image to his chief.

After the department chief saw it, his heart tightened instantly and a bad premonition emerged in his head, “What is the level of danger?”

“Wait, let me check it!” The man immediately tapped on the holographic controller and soon a string of information loaded before a word appeared, “This… let me check it again.”

However, even after checking it several times, the word that appeared was still the same: SSS.

The level of danger was divided from F, the lowest, to SSS, the highest. However, the space crack that appeared in the past was only A level danger.

And the Grandmaster Chancer was equivalent to an A level danger.

The man, the department chief, and other staffs stayed silent for a second before they felt chills on their backs.

This level of danger appeared once. That was when the alien race invaded.

The chief gulped a bit before he shouted, “Quickly, inform all the Grandmasters to come to Earth instantly! A great danger is coming!”

Immediately after that, all the 2990 Grandmaster Chancers were connected and informed about the situation on Earth.

After hearing it, they came to Earth via space gates one by one and went to the North Atlantic Ocean in a hurry.

Back at the Disaster Department, the man in black suit immediately exclaimed again, “Sir, the size of the black hole is increasing!”

In the holographic display, the 10-meter wide black hole trembled a little before it turned bigger with each second.

Before long, it became 100 meters wide, then it stopped expanding its size.

The department chief and other people who witnessed this instantly felt weak in their knees.

They had just experienced the battle against the alien race more than thirty years ago, but thirty years later, this kind of catastrophic danger appeared again?

At this time, all the important leaders in the galaxy also opened an emergency meeting to make decisions about this great danger.


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