A Farewell After Being Reborn

Chapter 837

Chapter 837, Unscrupulous
Sun Yu staring them down made the five Transcendents from Frozen Nether Cave Heaven feel uncomfortable for some reason they couldn’t understand.
Although this little brat had crossed an entire Great Realm in two years, in the end he was still just an Immortal Ascension Boundary Seventh Stage cultivator. By all rights, he shouldn’t be able to put up the slightest bit of resistance against any one of them, much less all five.
But then why did this brat seem completely unafraid of them? In fact, the way he was staring at them was as if he almost pitied them.
After hesitating for a moment, the lead middle-aged man shouted, “Damn brat! Trying to play cheap tricks with us, I’d like to see how you kill us!”
Saying so, he waved his hand and shouted, “Catch this little brat and kill this old fogey!”
The four masters standing behind him immediately went into action, all of them shooting out like lightning, rushing towards Ling Jian and Sun Yu.
One of them grabbed towards Sun Yu, planning to capture him alive, while the other three mercilessly sent attacks towards Ling Jian, planning to instantly reap his life.
Ling Jian didn’t even have time to react before the attacks of the three men appearing in front of him, his hair standing on end as he saw his life flash before his eyes!
But in the next moment, something strange happened.
The four men who had rushed out, whether it was the one trying to capture Sun Yu or the three Transcendents attacking Ling Jian’s, all seemed to be caught by some invisible force, their actions immediately coming to a halt. In the next instant, all of them grabbed their heads as they fell to the ground, writhing in pain.
Spiritual Energy from each of their Knowledge Seas burst forth, as if they were trying to resist some invisible force which was destroying their Souls.
The lead middle-aged man’s eyes shrank as he called out to his comrades in alarm.
But none of them responded.
After a mere five breaths of time, the four men all lay silent on the ground, their body’s stiff, their vitality gone. They were all dead.
Ling Jian stared blankly at all of this, his eyes bulging.
Sun Yu also gulped and was breathing heavily, unable to steady himself for a time. A moment ago, the Frozen Nether Cave Heaven master had already caught his arm, yet now he was lying on the ground dead.
Sun Yu’s eyes filled with joy and excitement as he glanced around,
understanding that all of this was because Senior Yang had taken action just
A move worthy of a powerful master!
These four Transcendent Realm masters, who had driven Sun Yu and Lian Jian to despair, had inexplicably died, and the lead middle-aged man standing only meters away hadn’t even seen how it happened.
Sun Yu put down the last of his worries and grinned fiercely towards the last remaining enemy.
Struck by this gaze, the middle-aged man couldn’t help retreating a few steps, a cold chill shooting up his spine.
“Boy, what did you do?” The middle-aged still couldn’t believe what he was seeing and shouted anxiously.
“What point is there in explaining to a dead man?” Sun Yu replied flatly, gently lifting his finger toward the middle-aged man.
Seeing this, the middle-aged man screamed in terror and hastily summoned his defensive artifact to protect himself while turning around and fleeing.
He had no idea what this boy named Sun Yu had done just now but whatever it was; it had killed four of his companions whose strength weren’t much different from his own. If he stayed here any longer, he would surely be the next to die.
Was this Dragon Emperor’s inheritance really so incomprehensible?
In any case, he had to warn the two Saint Realm Seniors of his Sect so they could take precautions.
“Death!” Sun Yu shouted.
As soon as his voice sounded, the middle-aged man, who had already flown over a hundred meters away, suddenly let out a pitiful scream and just like the other four, grabbed his head as he fell to the ground, struggling for a few breaths before going limp, his Soul erased from existence.
Five Transcendent Realm masters dying like this caused Sun Yu to flush with excitement as he constantly look around, his face filled with a look of praise and
“Good job, keep up your performance,” The voice of Senior Yang sounded in his head, causing Sun Yu’s expression to fill with confidence and his body to brim with strength, like he couldn’t wait to fly straight to Frozen Nether Cave Heaven and launch and all out slaughter.
“Smelly brat…” Ling Jian’s lips trembled, his face still somewhat pale as he incoherently asked, “You… did you just kill five Transcendents?”
Even now, Ling Jian still couldn’t believe it. The scene in front of him was simply
too ridiculous to be real.
He still remembered that two years ago his disciple couldn’t even beat a cultivator in the same realm, yet now he was actually able to handle five powerful enemies that even Ling Jian was no match against.
Ling Jian couldn’t help feeling like he was stuck in some kind of absurd dream.
“It’s not like that, Master, all of this is thanks to the power of the Dragon Emperor’s inheritance,” Sun Yu couldn’t bear to outright lie to his Master and
replied vaguely.
Ling Jian was startled for a moment but soon burst into joyful tears, “The Heavens have eyes, the Heavens have eyes!”
“Master, I won’t flee to Twin Spirit Pavilion, I’m going to find Palace Master and help resolve the Sect’s crisis!”
“This…” After experience Sun Yu’s strange and inexplicable methods, Ling Jian was no longer as insistent as before, but he still had some lingering concerns, “There are two Saint Realm masters over there, although Palace Master can hold down one of them, but you……”
“Relax, Master, I have a sense of discretion!” Sun Yu smiled and glanced over towards Dragon Valley’s depths stealthily. Although he couldn’t see or perceive Yang Kai’s presence, he knew that Senior Yang was hiding nearby.
With this kind of backing, Sun Yu could freely act unscrupulous!
“Good, I’ll go with you. Leave explaining to Palace Master to me. The Sect is now
facing a crisis, as disciples, we should be fighting for it, not thinking of how to escape!” Ling Jian declared imposingly, inspired by his disciple’s confidence and heroic demeanor.
And so, the Master and disciple pair flew off together to join the battle.
Twenty kilometers or so outside Dragon Phoenix Palace, high up in the sky, a
group of cultivators were engaged in a life or death struggle. Every moment someone being injured or dying, their corpses falling to the ground below. Martial Skills and the artifact attacks lit up the sky as explosions boomed all around, vividly illustrating just how fierce this battle was. Dragon Phoenix Palace and Frozen Nether Cave Heaven had a deep seeded
enmity and this time Frozen Nether Cave Heaven had come fully prepared, turning out in full force, and with their advantage in terms of number of Saint Realm masters, they had quickly seized the initiative.
Less than half an hour after the battle began, Dragon Phoenix Palace had already suffered heavy losses.
Palace Master Chen Zhou and Yu Ting Yi stood side by side, numerous bloody scars covering their bodies, the two of them working together to somehow tie down the enemy’s two Saint Realm masters.
If not for them dreading Chen Zhou would launch a last, desperate struggle and drag one or more of them down with him, the two Frozen Nether Cave Heaven’s Saints would have already killed him.
“Bai Jing Chu, Yan Zhi, today, if my Dragon Phoenix Palace is not destroyed, I swear I will one day slaughter you and your entire Sect!” Chen Zhou roared, his voice booming like thunder, echoing throughout the sky, filled with anger, unwillingness, and remorse.
Yu Ting Yi stood shoulder to shoulder with her husband, panting for breath, her proud chest heaving up and down as blood dripped from her lower abdomen. She was only a Third Order Transcendent and had suffered no small injury in this
high-intensity battle.
However, because of the Dual Cultivation Technique she and Chen Zhou
practiced, when the two of them took action together, Chen Zhou’s strength would noticeably increase.
She had to go forth, for without her, Chen Zhou would not be able to fight two enemy Saints at once.
Bai Jing Chu and Yan Zhi of Frozen Nether Cave Heaven glanced at each other
before jumping back out of the fight, the former laughing heartily as he shouted,
“Chen Zhou, whether you are willing or now, since we have come here today, we are fully prepared to extinguish your Dragon Phoenix Palace. You need not worry about this point! As for you wanting to slaughter us, I’m afraid you’ll have no such
Chen Zhou wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and sneered as he said, “The Dragon Emperor’s inheritance has reappeared now, soon the Dragon Emperor and Phoenix Empress will rise again, they will certainly avenge my
Dragon Phoenix
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“Dragon Emperor inheritance?” Yan Zhi laughed mockingly as he quipped, “You mean that thing that was hidden in Dragon Valley? Good, my subordinates should have arrived by now, so I’m afraid your newfound
Dragon Emperor is already our captive. Hahaha, rest assured, we’ll
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“En, we won’t treat him poorly. It’s said that each Dragon Emperor needs to
choose his own Phoenix Empress, my Frozen Nether Cave Heaven has a number of beautiful women he can pick from. Once he gets a taste of them, I’m afraid that little brat will completely forget about this waste of a Sect.”
The two enemy Saints casually taunting him caused Chen Zhou expression to change abruptly and his heart to sink.
Over at Dragon Valley, only Ling Jian was left. With just Ling Jian’s strength, there was no way he could resist too many masters. If Sun Yu was really captured, Dragon Phoenix Palace really would have no chance to rise again.
“Hateful!” Chen Zhou gnashed his teeth.
Yan Zhi’s eyes flashed in that instant as he sent out a burst of Spiritual Energy straight towards Yu Ting Yi beside Chen Zhou.
Having lost focus for an instant because of the enemy’s words, Chen Zhou was
caught off guard and by the time he reacted, Yu Ting Yi had already been hit. With a mournful wail, Yu Ting Yi flew backwards several dozen meters, as if she
had been struck by a huge invisible force, her face draining of all colour as she fell to the ground below.
Chen Zhou eyes went bloodshot and desperately wanted to rescue her but Bai
Jing Chu swiftly intercepted him and sneered, “Without your woman, I’d like to
see how you plan on fighting with me!”
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Dragon Phoenix Palace’s cultivation technique was profound,
when a male and female pair who together,
cultivated it fought
strength increased far more than the
simple sum of their parts, so Yan Zhi had constantly been looking for an opportunity to knock Yu Ting Yi out in one fell swoop. Without her, neither
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Chen Zhou’s momentum flared up as he fought desperately against Bai Jing
Chu, releasing one powerful move after another.
Yan Zhi didn’t intervene though, his eyes flashing a cold light as shot towards Yu
Ting Yi, his murderous intent flaring up, obviously he wanted to take this opportunity to kill Yu Ting Yi.
“Get lost!” Chen Zhou saw that his companion was in imminent mortal danger
and immediately became enraged, using the fan-like artifact in his hand to send out a thousand blades of wind, each as sharp as any treasured sword.
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“Chen Zhou, it’s over. Don’t put up any useless resistance, just stand there and watch how your precious woman dies! Don’t
sure to buy yourry; we’ll make
with her!” Bai
Jing Chu didn’t flinch, summoning out his own cauldron shaped artifact and using it to send out a massive shockwave that blocked the wind blades as he constantly taunted
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In the next instant, Yan Zhi caught up to the unconscious Yu Ting Yi, snickered,
and mercilessly struck towards her.
At that moment, a Silver Leaf shaped artifact flew out from somewhere, releasing
a dazzling glow as it expanded and wrapped around Yu Ting Yi. Yan Zhi’s palm strike landed squarely on this Silver Leaf, but upon impact, it was
like all his strength sank into an endless ocean, as if he hadn’t struck a physical
object at all.
On the other hand, the Silver Leaf sent out a brilliant flash and all the energy from Yan Zhi’s attack was reflected back, causing him to fly backwards miserably.
The Silver Leaf which wrapped Yu Ting Yi then flew off towards Dragon Phoenix
Palace and disappeared in the blink of an eye.
Seeing this, Chen Zhou couldn’t help breathing a sigh of relief, all his anxiety and worries abating. At the same time though, his brow wrinkled slightly, wondering which powerful master had just rescued his wife.

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