All Her Secrets By Chestnut

Chapter 770

Chapter 770 The Attack
After eating, everyone stayed in the living room to rest. Although they were in the Duncans’ villa, Karl went upstairs for a nap after the meal, leaving the whole
living room to the young.
Without Karl, everyone felt at ease and lay on the sofa, holding their phones and
playing games together. They did not have to turn on the microphones. They could shout at each other.
They were all high-ranking players in God of War with excellent techniques and strategies.
Ronin was too aggressive to make a kill, exposing his position to the other party. Just as he was about to be beaten up, Ronin shouted anxiously, “Help! Catherine!”
Catherine was focused on taking down the sniper on the other side, who was competent and hid very well. “Give him a hand, Zobber.”
Zobber was circling with the opponents leisurely. Hearing Catherine’s words, she instantly went to rescue Ronin. ” Copy that! Ronin, big sister to the rescue!”
Ronin wanted to talk back, but his life lay with Zobber now. He dared not offend her and swallowed the teasing. When the crisis was gone, Ronin was all himself again.
Catherine and her team focused on the game, while Branden had gathered
several executives from the Duncan Corporation in Casier to discuss the current situation. During the meeting, Carlo, stationed in Casier, hurried to the Duncans’ villa with information. ” Mr. Duncan, bad news!”
At Branden’s signal, Paxton paused the meeting, and everyone turned their attention to Carlo. With Branden’s permission, Carlo immediately informed them of the current situation.
“Mr. Duncan, several network companies under the Duncan Corporation have been subjected to large-scale hacking attacks. They seem to have come prepared, with powerful hacking technology and an unprecedented number of hackers.
“At present, our technical department has started to resist vigorously, but we are outnumbered. We can only temporarily protect the company’s core information from leakage and cannot guarantee the company’s safety. More importantly, our people won’t be able to hold on for long. If the attack continues for another two hours, all our subsidiaries will be conquered.”
If not for an emergency, Carlo would not have rushed to the villa with his people. The other party came fiercely. Most importantly, there were many people, all of whom were experts, deliberate and organized. Although their network forces were also very powerful, they were overwhelmed quickly by such a powerful attack.
After a few rounds of firing, Catherine had located the sniper. She adjusted the magnifying glass, checked the latitude and longitude, and pulled the trigger.
“Click!” The unique sound of a sniper rifle rang out, and on the screen, it showed the sniper on the other side had been slain. Catherine took another shot quickly to end that sniper’s life before his teammates could cast a smoke bomb and save him.
Catherine logged out of the game after taking down the most potent sniper.
Everyone saw that Catherine was no longer playing and quickly solved their opponents. After winning the championship, they logged out and put aside their phones.
Catherine glanced at the crowd and asked, “Had a fun time?”
Ronin smiled and answered, “Yeah. Enough of games.”
Catherine grabbed an apple and threw it at Ronin’s hood. “Let’s get to work.”
The apple landed precisely into Ronin’s hood. Withal took it out and had a bite. “Thanks, Catherine. Work!”
They got up and walked to Carlo. Seeing them approaching, Carlo was confused. He looked at Branden and waited for his instruction. Carlo had been stationed in Casier to handle business for Branden. He did not know that Catherine was the leader of the Hacker Alliance, nor was he aware that the group of people in front of him were among the top hackers of the Hacker Alliance.
No one dared say they were better than the Hacker Alliance in the hacker community. Branden was not surprised when Catherine offered to help. He did not refuse. He directly instructed Carlo, “Let the network department coordinate with them and follow their instructions.”
Although Carlo found it strange, he dared not disobey Branden’s orders and immediately did as he said. “Okay. I’ll arrange.”
Paxton handed out laptops to each of them, and everyone turned on the laptops and started working. In terms of computer skills, Ronin’s abilities in the entire Hacker Alliance were second only to those of Catherine. He arranged all the coordination and immediately notified Catherine. “Catherine, everything’s ready. What next?”
Catherine slowly finished the food Branden had prepared for her and calmly said, “Post on the forum. Whoever comes will die!”
Hearing what Catherine said, Paxton stood aside and swallowed nervously.
Although he knew she was not aimed at him, he could not help but feel nervous when he heard Catherine’s declaration of war.
Ronin was quite clear about Catherine’s style. He raised his hand and saluted Catherine. “Don’t worry, Catherine. I promise to fulfill the task.”
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Subsequently, Ronin logged into the
largest hacker forum using the Hacker Alliance account, announcing that they had taken over the task of
maintaining network security for the subsidiaries under the Duncan
Corporation and disclosing
Catherine’s declaration. The content
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The post created quite a stir on the
forum. 80% of the hackers on the list
were recruited to participate in this
cyber attack on the uncan Corporation. But no one expected the Duncan Corporation would have such a powerful ally as the Hacker
Alliance. Many hackers had witnessed the power of the Hacker
Alliance and deeply respected it. The content is on! Read
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Now, the leader of the Hacker Alliance personally posted. They knew the Hacker
Alliance had taken over for sure. Knowing it was a dead end, no one wanted to
die for nothing. When the post was posted, one-third of the hackers voluntarily
dropped out.
The one behind the scenes, seeing all his effort was to be wasted, immediately adjusted their strategy and raised the chips.
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A golden key could open any door. The rest, two-thirds of the hackers, united again. Although the power of the Hacker Alliance was intimidating, they still outnumbered the Hacker Alliance. More importantly, if they could win this online war, their fame would spread worldwide. No one wanted to miss this opportunity. The content is on! Read the latest chapter there!
Ronin could not help but mock the hackers who had made a comeback and even
challenged them, saying, “Moth to the flame!”
Zobber looked at the challenge post on the screen and laughed angrily. How
dared they? “Ronin, it’s your showtime.

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