All Her Secrets

Chapter 695 The Game

Catherine escaped from the Breens that year on her own. She was also the first person who managed to escape from Shane even after he inherited the Breens.
After these few years of biding his time, Shane himself knew that it would be very difficult for him to trap Catherine.
If it were in the past, he really couldn’t do anything to Catherine.
It was different this time. After Shane cto Eskana, he did not directly attack Catherine but investigated all the people and situations around Catherine.
He knew the weaknesses of human nature too well. He knew that Catherine’s seemingly cold exterior hid a warm heart.
If once Catherine was invulnerable, now Catherine was full of weaknesses. Audrey and the Duncans were the people she cared about and her weaknesses. As long as one had weaknesses, one would be easily controlled.
“Catherine, if everything is as you said, congratulations! And yes, it waswho did it. I accept your challenge.” Shane looked at Catherine with a smirk on his face.
It was a silent game, and Catherine smiled calmly.
“Let’s start the game!” With that, Catherine stood straight up and turned to walk out of the office. Hearing footsteps coming, Ronin immediately stood up. “Catherine, are we going to fight?” “Let’s leave!” Ronin was a bit puzzled. He gave Catherine a surprised look and reconfirmed the answer.
He mentally asked himself, “Leave? Did I hear her right? I thought we were coming to fight. Are we just going to let Shane go so easily?” “Fighting won’t solve the problem! We should beat his weak part.” If Shane could be beaten up just by their fists, then Shane would not have reached his position today.
After the two of them got in the car, Ronin thought carefully about what Catherine had said just now and finally understood.
“Catherine, con. I can’t wait to take the assignment.” “I’ll message you at night. Driveback to my apartment first.” “Okay!” Ronin nodded excitedly. He stepped on the gas pedal, and the car sped out at full speed.
In front of the glass window on the top floor, the old butler stood beside Shane and spoke respectfully, “Mr. Shane, are we just going to let Miss Swann leave like this?” Staring at the distant car in front of him, Shane’s expression was very calm.
“Let her go. No matter how high a kite flies, there will be a moment when it is retrieved!” “You are right. Miss Swann is the kite in your hands!” Shane did not say a word in the face of his servant’s agreement. His eyes narrowed slightly into a line as he stared into the distance, with a hint of coldness in his eyes.
In Kamren’s villa, there was singing and dancing, and the music was deafening. Kamren was having another party within his villa, with men and women gathered in a circle.
Despite Kamren’s age, his life was much more exciting than that of young people.
Emma slowly entered the door, holding fruit. Looking at the chaotic and lewd scene around her, she felt disgusted and even felt extremely nauseous.
She put down the fruit and turned around, ready to leave.
“Mr. Arroyo, is this your new wife?” The person who said this was Chaim Bartlett. He had recently been following Kamren in business. He was also a man who only knew enjoying life but did nothing serious.
Watching Emma’s graceful figure, he felt an itch in his heart.
Upon hearing Chaim’s question, Kamren glanced at him with a disdainful expression on his face.
“Bullshit. She’s not my wife. I’m still a bachelor. This woman is, at best, my mistress. If you like her, I can give her to you.” Emma’s hand tightly gripped the fruit plate. She had the urge to crush it.
It was not the first tKamren had disrespected her in public like this. When she first cto Kamren’s house, Kamren still favored her.
But now, Kamren no longer liked her. Once Kamren was slightly unhappy, he would either scold or beat her. She was currently living a miserable life.
When Chaim heard Kamren say this, he knew that Emma did not matter at all in Kamren’s heart, and he suddenly becbold.
“Mr. Arroyo, I’ve heard that Emma is from an art academy and is very good at dancing. How about asking her to dance for us?” Kamren agreed generously. He reached out to point at Emma and ordered,” Con, dance for us.” Emma was a bit reluctant, biting her lip, and did not move. Kamren instantly felt embarrassed. He picked up the wine glass and slammed it toward Emma.
“I asked you to dance for us. What are you waiting for? Why are you putting on a long face?” The glass smashed heavily at Emma, hitting her knee directly. If it weren’t for her bracing herself against the wall with her hands, she would have already fallen on the ground in embarrassment.
She knew that if she did not do what Kamren said, she would only end up worse
She dared not resist and slowly stepped forward to wriggle.
Tears welled up in her eyes as she swallowed all the humiliation.
She had never suffered such humiliation in her life.
She had initially thought that her obediently bowing down would bring her peace,
but she did not expect that Kamren was simply a scumbag.
Kamren looked dissatisfied as Emma danced. He cursed with a black face and
said, “Why are you wearing so many clothes? How can you dance with so many clothes on? Take off all your clothes!”
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Emma did not move, and Kamren C
directly stepped forward to make his move. He tore up Emma’s outer skirt and made her dance on the coffee table wearing underwear. “Keep dancing, or I’ll whip you to death!” Emma knew that Kamren would do what he said. She had been sold to Kamren by the Wales. She did not even have the most basic human rights in front of Kamren. Visit to read the latest
chapter of this novel
Even if Kamren beat her to death, the Wales would not help her. At most, they
would use her as a bargaining chip to make another profit.
She would never benefit the Wales again. She now wished to kill all the people of
the Wales.
Her uncle actually sold her to a scumbag.
Thinking of this, Emma swallowed all her humiliation.
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She made up her mind secretly. “It’s
all caused by the Wales and Catherine. If it wasn’t Catherine, how could I have betlike this? I must live. I I must live until the day I see Catherine get her comeuppance. Even if I go to
hell, I will take Catherine with me.” With humiliation, Emma danced quickly. Visit to read the latest chapter of this novel
Looking at the faces with lewd smiles, her gaze becmore determined, and her
expression beceven colder.
Kamren recognized Emma’s endurance. He stood up to pick up scash from the
table and shoved it into Emma’s chest.
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“You’re such a good girl. Here’s your
reward!” Emma clenched her teeth
er teeth
and foreve te your “Hahaha… and forced herself to part her lips. “Mr. Arroyo, thank you!” “Hahaha…”
Kamren burst out laughing. He then pushed Emma into Chaim’s arms as he did so. Visit to read the latest chapter of this novel
“Chaim, we’re good brothers. Let’s play together!”

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