Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 100

Chapter 100

Chapter 100

Toby didn’t budge, so Sonia couldn’t close the door. Out of anger, she tried to shove him away, but she
forgot that

one of her legs lacked the strength to stand. Therefore, not only did she fail to shove Toby away, but she
lost her

balance and fell backward.

Toby’s pupil contracted with fear when he witnessed that. Even though he reached out in an attempt to
hold her,

he was a second too slow, so he missed her arm. (This novel will be daily updtaed at only did he fail to hold her, but he ended up falling down alongside her.

There was a loud thud when Sonia fell down on the carpet in the foyer with both of Toby’s arms propped

her shoulders. He was kneeling on one knee as his figure loomed over her body.

Both of them were stunned when they locked eyes. Sonia didn’t foresee such an outcome, so she was
blushing while her heart raced. Her look of chagrin caused Toby’s eyes to darken as he recalled the night
when she was drunk.



That night, she was as enchanting and alluring as a fairy. The thought made Toby’s body heat up as he
gulped, while his gaze was fixed on her lips that were slightly parted when he lowered his head to look


At that moment, Sonia spoke indifferently. “Have you had enough? Can you get up now?”

Toby was jolted awake. When he realized what he was about to do, he tensed up, his lips forming a grim
line. “I’m


After he got up, he reached out to give her a hand, but she didn’t accept his help. Instead, she propped
herself up

with both hands on the floor. Toby’s gaze darkened as he clenched his midair fists and retracted his arm.

All of a sudden, Sonia let out a hiss, which brought a nervous expression that even Toby himself was

unaware of to his face. “What’s the matter?”

Sonia glared at him furiously. “Toby Fuller, it’s all your fault! Are the Fullers my natural enemies? My
ankle is

hurting again after the fall just when it has finally healed enough to not bother me!” As she spoke, her

reddened in aggrievedness. When I’m away from Toby, I’ll do great on my own, (This novel will be daily
updtaed at sh*t happens whenever I’m in his presence! This is vexing!

Toby felt his heart scrunching up when he saw Sonia on the verge of tears. However, he made sure to
not let it show. “I will take responsibility for that.” With that, he bent down to carry her in his arms, bridal

Sonia’s eyes went wide as she looped her arms around his neck subconsciously, only to release him

when she felt the warmth of his skin on her palms. “Put me down!” she demanded ill-temperedly.

Ignoring her request, Toby brought her to the living room to set her down on the sofa. Then, he made a
call on his phone. “Arrange for a doctor to drop by at Bayside Residence.”.

Bayside Residence? Isn’t that where Miss Reed lives? For a moment, Tom was stupefied. Despite the

questions that popped up in his mind, he was smart enough to keep them to himself while taking his
orders from Toby in deference.

Soon, the doctor arrived, and Toby pointed at Sonia, who was reclining on the sofa. “Check her leg.”

“Alright.” The doctor gave him a nod before walking up to Sonia.

Not wanting to limp for the rest of her life, Sonia quietly offered up her leg. After the doctor did a
checkup, he opened his kit.

Standing beside them, Toby inquired, “How’s she doing?”

“She’s fine. It’s just that she sprained her ankle again when she almost made a full recovery. It means
she’ll have to start the process again” the doctor answered while fishing for some medicine that would
help improve blood


Is it that serious? Toby furrowed his brows.

Sonia had a sullen look on her face. I could’ve been free from my crutches in two days! But look at me
now! I’ll need to continue using them for some time. Geez! Sonia bit on her lip in frustration as her chest

After applying the ointment on Sonia’s injury, the doctor left. Then, Sonia rubbed a finger in between her

exhausted from the interlude. “Alright, you should leave too. You should be able to see now that all your

presence brings to me is trouble. So, don’t you come to me ever again.”

With a frown, Toby was about to say something, only to be deterred by a phone call from Tina.
Somehow, he didn’t feel like picking it up, especially when he was in Sonia’s presence, but he ended up
taking the call nonetheless. It was because he knew Tina was insecure and would keep on calling until
he picked up.

“Hey, Tina.” Toby checked on Sonia with his peripheral vision when he called Tina’s name. (This novel
will be daily updtaed at just had the sudden

urge to see her reaction.

All the while, Sonia was checking her nails with her head hung low. Her expression was as tranquil as
ever, as if

she didn’t care who he was calling. Upon realizing that, Toby felt a prick in his heart. The fact that Sonia

care about the presence of another woman around him was indicative that she had finally let him go.

“Toby? Toby?” Tina called out to him through the phone.

Her calls brought Toby back to his senses. “What’s wrong?” His voice was deep.

“That’s my line. I called out to you so many times, but you didn’t respond to me.” Tina pouted indignantly.

Toby lowered his gaze to apologize coolly. “I’m sorry. I wasn’t paying attention. Is there something you

“Did you forget that you should be having dinner at my house tonight?”


Startled by her question, Toby only recalled that by then. “I’m sorry. I did forget about it.”

“I knew it. That’s why I called. By the way, where are you?” Tina inquired gently.

After glancing at Sonia, Toby answered, “I’m meeting a client.”

Sonia arched her brow as she lifted her head to appraise him amusedly.

Feeling slightly uneasy under her stare, Toby cleared his throat before adding, “I’ll go home to you after I
end the


“Sure. I’ll be waiting” Tina replied smilingly.

With a grunt, Toby hung up, while Sonia crossed her arms with a smirk on her face. “Meeting a client,
huh? So I’m

your client now. I never knew President Fuller could lie. How rare.”

A look of embarrassment crossed Toby’s eyes before he reverted to his usual aloofness. “I’ll be leaving
now. I hope you will consider accepting the compensation that I offered.”

“There’s nothing to consider. As I said, I stand by my decision.” Sonia was impassive as she spoke.(This
novel will be daily updtaed at Upon hearing

that, Toby pulled his lips into a thin line, seemingly wanting to say something, but he ended up leaving
without a word when he noticed the distant look on Sonia’s face.

During the following days, Sonia began a series of lawsuits with Cynthia, the trolls, and the netizens. A
lot of

other netizens were paying close attention to the entire process, which satisfied their curiosity.
Eventually, the

trolls were sentenced to a few days’ detention, while the netizens were fined a sum of two hundred each.

As for Cynthia, she chose to appeal to the court during her first trial even though her lawyer had told her
that her

chances of winning weren’t high. At most, she could shave a few more days off her sentence, but she

be able to absolve her crime. Yet, Cynthia insisted on appealing, which led them to the day of her second

Sonia arrived at the court alongside Charles. Her leg was almost healed. Even though she couldn’t run
or jump.

at least she no longer needed a crutch to assist her. Right when she was about to enter the court,

called out to her. “Miss Reed.”

Sonia stopped in her tracks to turn around alongside Charles. The person who detained her was a

woman in branded clothing and immaculate makeup. Still, neither served to cover up the sorrowful look
on her
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Sonia inquired politely, “Hello. Who might you be?”

“I’m Cynthia’s mother.” The middle-aged woman plastered a flattering smile on her face.

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