Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 119

Chapter 119

Chapter 119

As she thought about it, Tina clenched her fists and hissed, “That is why we must hide the news of her
pregnancy from Toby or at least until Sonia has an abortion or miscarries.”

If not, knowing how responsible Toby was, he would definitely not divorce Sonia, and instead advise her
to deliver the child.

Tim slightly nodded before he inquired, “What do you want me to do then?”

“Since the Lancaster Family is an influential family in the field of medicine, I believe you have influence
on all the hospitals in Seafield. I want you to keep an eye on her. No matter which OB-GYN she visits,
you need to ask the doctors to advise her to abort the child because of complications. It’s even better if
they can let her die on the operating table.”

Tina looked at him with a terrifying smile.

Even Tim, who was well aware that he wasn’t a kind soul, couldn’t help but be shocked by the woman’s
brutality. Doubt then started to plague him. Is this cruel woman the same girl who saved me from the
human traffickers when I was a child?

However, when he saw her almond-shaped eyes that reminded him of that young girl, all his doubts
dissipated into thin air.

“Alright. If that’s what you want, I will get it done for you.” There was a reflection on

Tim’s glasses.

At the same time in the OB-GYN, Sonia was sitting anxiously in the OB-GYN while waiting for the results
of her checkup.

A nurse called her into the doctor’s office ten minutes later.

“Doctor, what’s the result? Am … really pregnant?” Sonia clasped her hands and asked in nervousness.

The doctor nodded and handed the report to Sonia. “Congratulations, Miss Reed. You are indeed
pregnant. The baby is now four weeks and ten days old.”

Her mind went blank again.

Although she had mentally prepared herself for the result, she was still stunned when she received the
confirmation. I’m pregnant! How am I actually pregnant?

Sonia’s hands trembled as she held onto the report. Her face was drained of color as she looked frantic
and lost.

“Miss Reed? Miss Reed?” The doctor had to call Sonia twice to catch her attention before she turned to
him with a pale face.

As he sensed that she was upset about the news of her pregnancy, he instantly knew that it was not the
outcome that she wanted. With a sigh, the doctor suggested, “If you don’t want to keep the baby, you can
schedule a surgery as soon as possible to reduce the risks. By doing so, your body can recuperate faster
as well.”

“S-Surgery?” Sonia was taken aback.

He nodded. “Yeah, I thought you didn’t want to keep the baby.”

“… I never said that,” she replied as she reflexively covered her belly.

For some unknown reason, the thought of an abortion made Sonia’s heart ache.

The doctor was stupefied as he asked in confirmation, “So, does that mean you plan to keep it?”

Keep it?

Sonia bit her lip and muttered, “I… I never thought of that either.”

The baby had arrived suddenly, which left her with no time to react.

How could she possibly agree to keep the baby at that moment?

The doctor was not surprised at Sonia’s vague stance. After all, he had seen numerous cases like Sonia
in her years of practice. He suggested with a smile, “Miss Reed, since you need time to think through it,
why don’t you discuss the matter with your partner and make a joint decision?”

Sonia forced a smile at him and left the hospital soon after.

She wasn’t in the right frame of mind throughout her journey as her mind was

preoccupied with news of the pregnancy. Not to mention, she almost crashed into the car in front of her a
couple of times.

After multiple close calls, she finally arrived at Paradigm Co. in one piece.

Once she had parked her car, she headed straight without even looking out and almost ran into a wall. A
muscular arm suddenly appeared and pulled her back to safety.

Sonia fell onto a firm, masculine chest and her nose was instantly flooded with a crisp mint scent. When
she looked up, her eyes widened in surprise. “Why are you here?”

As he dodged her question, Toby bellowed at her with a serious expression. “What are you doing? Watch
your way when you’re walking. Had I not pulled you aside, you would have knocked into the wall.”

Since she was as guilty as charged, she lowered her head without a word.

He could not say anything given that she looked pitiful. As he rubbed his forehead, he interrogated her,
“What was on your mind?”

“Nothing.” Sonia’s eyes gleamed as she replied flatly.

Toby suspiciously narrowed his eyes. “Does this look like there’s nothing going on?” Her troubled mind is
fully reflected in her expression. What is it that has caused her to be in a low mood?

She pursed her rosy lips in determination. “This is my personal matter, so it has nothing to do with you.
I’ll make a move first.”

With that being said, she turned around and attempted to leave, but he took her arm instead.

Much to their surprise, the file in her arm had slipped onto the floor. He looked down and saw the name
of the hospital printed on the document.

It was the same hospital that Grandma was warded at.
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“Were you injured from the fall but didn’t say anything about it to me?” Toby tightened his grip on Sonia’s

She frowned. “No, I didn’t.”

“Are you sure?” Now that his eyes were scrunched up, he clearly did not trust her words.

Before Tina had regained consciousness, he had clearly witnessed Sonia walking to another department
the hospital.

Although he had no idea which department she visited, it was clear that she went there to treat her injury
after the fall.

“Is it an internal injury?” Toby asked again.

“President Fuller, why are you being nosy? This is my personal matter. What does it have to do with
you?” Sonia mocked him with a smile. He keeps asking all those questions. Those who didn’t know
better would think that I am someone important to him and that he’s concerned about me.

Since she was tight-lipped about her situation, he decided to bend over and pick up the file.

Upon seeing that, her expression fell and she grabbed the file to hide it behind her since she had no
plans to reveal the report to him.

Toby frowned at her frantic move, which confirmed his guess about her health condition.

Since Sonia was unwilling to tell him, he decided to look into the matter when he visited Grandma later in
the evening.

At this moment, a red sedan drove over before it rolled to a stop beside them.

The moment the door was opened, it revealed Charles, who emerged from the vehicle before he
slammed it shut. Then, he jogged over to Sonia and cast a wary look at Toby. “Why are you here?”

Toby’s gaze swept past him and landed on Sonia again. “I am here to have a talk with you.”

“What is it?” She furrowed her brows with a look of cautione

She could not figure out anything that was worth discussing between them.

Knowing that his words would anger her, he chose to pause for a moment before he requested in an
apologetic tone, “May I ask for you not to file a police report on today’s incident?”

Indeed, Sonia’s expression soured. “What did you say? You want me not to lodge a report against her?”

Toby muttered, “Yes.”

She snickered from the ridiculousness of the situation. “Toby, what are you thinking? When I said I would
lodge a report, you did not oppose it. And now, you are suddenly against it. What is it that you want?”

“Darling what’s wrong? What happened?” Charles was confused as his eyes darted between her and
Toby, but nobody paid attention to him.

Toby lowered his gaze. “I know that I have placed you in a difficult spot, but—”

“No ‘buts?” She clenched her fist and loudly interrupted, “Toby, Tina wanted to kill me. She had pushed
me off the stairs because she wanted me dead, but now you are asking me not to report her to the
police. Are you the crazy one or has the world gone mad?”

“What? Tina Gray pushed you off the stairs?” Charles finally had a clue of the incident and trembled in
rage. He glared with red eyes that was full of hate at Toby.

Charles finally lost control of his temper and landed a punch on Toby’s face. “Toby, you are f*cking mad,
aren’t you? Are you asking my darling to pardon her assailant? How dare you! Who do you think you

The punch came as a surprise to Toby, who was punched right on the face. He stumbled backward as
the corner of his lips was bruised and bloodied.

Sonia was equally shocked. When she recovered her composure, she quickly went up to him. “Are you

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