Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 120

Chapter 120

Chapter 120

Upon hearing her concerns, Toby softened his gaze as he rose to wipe the corner of his mouth. He was
just about to assure her that he was fine when she walked right past him toward Charles.

Sonia took Charles’ hand and examined it. “Is your hand alright?”

Charles seemed to have put his anger behind him as he grinned. “Yeah, I’m perfectly fine.”

“That’s great.”She sighed in relief.

Toby’s gaze darkened and it had a downcast air around him. It was obvious that he was undoubtedly

He was mistaken; she had never cared much for him.

Still, it was understandable, for Charles was her boyfriend. (This novel will be daily updtaed at
It was only natural for her to worry about Charles. Despite knowing that, Toby still felt upset.

Toby’s hands clenched into fists and his expression was as cold as ice.

Sonia didn’t notice him. Instead, she jokingly poked at Charles’ forehead. “You really gave me a fright!
Why did you suddenly start punching people?”

“He’s so shameless that I can’t stand it.” Charles threw Toby a cold snort.

Her expression turned cold as she looked at Toby. “President Fuller, please just leave. I haven’t changed
my mind and I’ll still file a report.”

Toby’s gaze lowered. “What do you want?”.

“What?” Sonia was stunned for a bit.

He looked at her as the words passed through his thin lips. (This novel will be daily updtaed at“As long as you agree not to call the cops, I will give you anything you want.”

“You b*stard..” Charles was close to going berserk again.

Sonia stopped him before she smiled sarcastically at Toby. “Anything at all?”

“Correct.” Toby nodded.

She narrowed her eyes. “All right, don’t go back on your word now. I want either Fuller Group or Triforce
Enterprise. Make your choice. Give me one of them and I won’t call the police.”

Charles’s eyes brightened. “Great move, darling.”

Toby didn’t expect Sonia to have such wild ambitions to ask for either the Fuller Group or Triforce
Enterprise right off the bat. His eyebrows were locked in a tight frown as he replied, “Sonia, are you
kidding me? You know very well that I cannot give you either one of them.”

Sonia crossed her arms and sneered. “Yes, I am kidding. Your efforts are futile, so just give up. I will
never reconsider my decision because I want nothing more than to see Tina being thrown behind bars!”

With that, she pulled Charles along as they walked toward the elevator.

In truth, she was quite grateful toward Toby for appearing on time and saving her, for she would really be
dead otherwise. However, after seeing Toby’s actions moments ago, her gratitude was replaced with
pure disgust toward him.

To her, it was acceptable to pamper people whom one loved, (This novel will be daily updtaed at if the pampering was limitless and disregarded even the law, then it was

Toby watched Sonia leave, but he didn’t move to stop her.

He knew that stopping her wouldn’t help, which meant that he had to think of other ways to save Tina:

Emotions flitted across Toby’s eyes as he turned to leave.

Meanwhile, in the elevator, Charles was still ranting. “That was too much! How could he say such
shameless things with a straight face?”

“All right, calm down. I don’t feel angry anymore, so why are you still hung up about it?” Sonia smiled a
little as she watched Charles’ angry behavior.

He pouted. “Darling, are you really okay with it?”

“Yeah. Don’t hold your anger for too long; it’s not worth it, especially when it’s about

irrelevant people,” she answered calmly.

Charles blinked in excitement. “You’re right, darling, They’re irrelevant people, but

“But what?” Sonia walked out of the elevator.

He quickly followed up on his words. “Toby couldn’t change your mind this time, so he definitely wouldn’t
give up. He might just do something.”

Her gaze turned dark. “If that’s the case, then let’s see what he can do. It’s just me and myself, so I’m not
scared of him. Two of us can play the game.”

Charles was shocked. “Darling, don’t say that. What would I do if something bad happens to you?”

Sonia rolled her eyes at him. “I’m just kidding. Don’t take it so seriously.”

Still, if Toby really managed to threaten her, she would be ready to fight him to the end.

They had arrived at the office in the midst of their conversation.

Sonia immediately entered and she took out her phone to call the police.

At the mention of intentional homicide, the police were instantly on their feet and left to apprehend the
culprit. (This novel will be daily updtaed at, Tina was arrested in the hospital.

When she was caught, she was still in bewilderment as her mind was filled with fear and panic. What’s
going on? Didn’t Toby say that he would convince Sonia not to call the police? Why did she do it

Her face was pale as she was taken to the police station and into the interrogation room.

The police then immediately notified Sonia.

“Understood. Thank you. I’ll be there right away to provide evidence.” An expressionless Sonia kept her
phone away after the call before she rose to her feet.

“Darling, let me accompany you.” Charles put down the coffee in his hand and offered.

She shook her head. “No need. Just stay behind at Paradigm Co.”

“Okay,” he responded, albeit a little unwillingly.

“I’m off then.” Sonia grabbed her bag on the desk and walked out.

She soon drove to the police station and found a spot in a parking lot near the police station. Then, she
alighted from the car.

She had taken not more than two steps when she suddenly heard the loud engines of a motorcycle
roaring behind her.

Sonia turned around to see a black motorcycle headed right toward her at an alarming speed.

She was so shocked that she turned pale and her legs were frozen in place.

The motorcycle was just about to run into her and she could only subconsciously flinch before squeezing
her eyes shut.

After bracing for a full-on impact, Sonia realized that only her shoulder was hurting.

Then, the bag on her shoulder was immediately snatched by the motorcyclist.

The strong pull had caused Sonia to fall to the side.

Her car was right beside her, so it had managed to break her fall. Still, her stomach slammed against the
sidelights whereupon the subsequent sharp pain caused her to yelp and break out in cold sweat.

Sonia hissed in pain and rubbed her stomach.

However, her hand quickly moved away from her stomach to pull open the door as she hastily sat on the
driver’s seat. She drove after the thief in hot pursuit, enduring the pain in her stomach. I have to get my
bag back.

The bag contained not only her credentials, but her phone as well. There was even an audio recording of
her call with Toby on her phone with evidence of Tina pushing

her. She couldn’t afford to lose it at any cost.

Sonia frowned deeply as she gave chase, flooring the gas pedal.

Tom had just driven over when he saw Sonia’s car disappearing out of sight. He couldn’t help but remark
in confusion, “President Fuller, I think that was Miss Reed’s car. She’s going so fast, like she’s chasing
after someone.”

Chasing after someone?

Toby was in the backseat, tending to the injury on the corner of his mouth. The moment he heard Tom’s
words, Toby’s eyes widened. “Who is she giving chase to?”

“I don’t know. I didn’t see them.” Tom shook his head.

Toby thought for a few seconds before shouting his orders, “Follow them!”

“Understood,” Tom responded before he started the car once again.

Sonia chased after the motorcycle with all her might.

As it was a busy road, her car couldn’t match the speed of that motorcycle.

The motorcycle weaved in and out between the cars, but she was stuck and unable to move.

In the end, she could only watch as the motorcycle drove away out of sight.

Sonia’s eyes reddened in anger as she slapped the steering wheel in frustration.

As a result of the sudden movement, her stomach had ached even more.

She could no longer endure the pain and pulled up to the side of the road. Then, she slumped onto the
steering wheel in intense pain.
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At that moment, she heard a knock on the car window.

Despite the pain, Sonia raised her head and turned to look at the source of the knock. She then caught
sight of Toby’s stern face outside the window.

The bruise on his face was the only flaw in his handsome features.

She rolled down the window and glared at him. Her tone was irritated as she spoke, “What?”

Upon seeing her all sweaty and pale, he frowned and asked in a tense voice, “What happened to you?”

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