Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 1205

Chapter 1205

Chapter 1105

Since there were no ingredients in the fridge, the two of them went to the premium grocery store to buy

This was the first time he ever bought groceries.

Although he cooked quite frequently, all the ingredients were prepared by Sonia in advance.

Hence, whenever Toby cooked, he did not encounter a situation where he lacked the ingredients.

Seeing that this was his first time grocery shopping with Sonia, Toby thought that it was something new
and refreshing.

Walking into the premium supermarket, she found a cart.

Just as she was about to push it, a pair of hands reached out and pulled the cart away instead.

Sonia turned around and looked at him with arms left hanging in the air. “What’s wrong?”

“I’ll push it,” Toby replied with pursed lips as he used his jaw to motion her to look in front of her.

Looking at the direction he pointed, she did not see anything special, which made her even more
confused. “What do you want me to look at?”

This made Toby sigh. “What I wanted you to see was the people that came here for grocery shopping.

All the men are pushing the carts, so I should do it too. What those women have, you deserve them
too. Besides, physical work like this should be helped out by men.”

Stating that, he gently tapped on the handle of the cart.

Sonia, who was amused by his words, replied, “Okay, then. Since you put it this way, I’ll leave the cart
up to you.”

“No problem!” Toby accepted it willingly.
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A hint of slyness flashed across her gaze. “Actually, even if you didn’t say anything, I would’ve still let
you push the cart.”

“Oh?” He raised his eyebrows.

Holding onto his arm, Sonia swung it and continued, “Look. All the couples here are doing the same, in
that the men are all pushing the cart. If I didn’t let you do it, wouldn’t people look down on you?
Wouldn’t that be embarrassing since a woman is pushing a cart for you?”

Toby smirked. “Oh, is that so?”

“Of course.” Sonia nodded.

Toby reached out and touched her forehead with his finger. “If I didn’t push the cart, those women might
look down on me. Still, shouldn’t the men be envious of me instead?”

“It’s up to them whether they want to be jealous or not, but as a man, could you bear to see your

woman doing this?” She looked up at the man who was subtly smiling, seeming like she would give
him a lesson if he dared to nod.

Noticing this, the man felt more bemused. “Of course I can’t bear to see this happen. My woman only
needs to spend the rest of her life in happiness. Alright, let’s go.”

With both hands on the handle, Toby was about to enter the supermarket with the cart.

Yet, Sonia called out to him, “Wait.”

“What’s wrong?” He stopped.

She pointed at a couple who passed by them. “You saw that the man was pushing the cart, but did you
not see the woman’s actions?”

Raising his eyebrow, Toby observed the couple that walked by earlier.

Now that he took a closer look, he understood what Sonia was getting at.

Smirking, he lifted up his right arm slightly and looked toward her.

Sonia, who smiled sweetly at him, held his arm.

“I didn’t think that you would understand my hint.” She hugged the man’s hands before they entered the
grocery store.

Since she was hugging him tightly, Toby could feel two mounds of flesh rubbing on his arms

With a dark gaze, he could not stop himself from gulping as he said hoarsely, “Your husband is no fool,
so how could I not understand?”

“Who said that you’re my husband? Don’t speak too soon.” Sonia glared at him embarrassingly.

Smirking, he replied, “I’ll be. Soon.”

“Hmph. We’ll see,” a pouting Sonia muttered while her cheeks were bright red like a ripe apple.

If not for the amount of people in the store, he would have pressed her against the wall and held her
face to kiss her.

As if she could see how passionate Toby’s gaze was, Sonia blushed even harder. Slapping the man on
his arm, she warned him. “I’m telling you, don’t be rash.”

Toby replied in the same hoarse tone, “I won’t, for now. Can’t say the same when we’re home, though.”

The corners of Sonia’s mouth twitched.

Seriously, this man… Whatever.

She hugged his arm again while thinking that.

Entering the grocery store, Toby saw the fully stocked shelves and raised his eyebrows.

As she noticed his expression, she suddenly understood his thought and laughed. “Is it your first time

coming to a grocery store?”

Toby could not deny it. “I’ve never had to buy groceries personally, as the things we require are always
sent over on a scheduled basis. Since I never have to worry myself over it, I never came to a place like
this, but I did walk in markets before. They look quite similar to a grocery store.”

“Even though they are similar, they still have their differences.” Sonia proceeded to place a bunch of
bananas into the cart.

This was a high-end market, also known as a premium supermarket.

The items available here were the creme-de-la-creme of imported goods, so one could just pick any
item when buying without having the need to see if it was rotten or not.

This saved a lot of the customers’ time.

Since the grocery store was located near Bayside Residence where millionaires resided, they were the
main target of the store as well.

Seeing how Sonia stopped after taking the bananas, Toby looked at the other fruits. “Are you not taking

She shook her head. “Nope. I don’t eat a lot of fruits anyway, so I can make do with banana salad.”

“No, no, no.” Toby frowned before reaching out and began putting other fruits into the cart. “I’ve been
too busy lately and have forgotten about your diet. Now that I’ve noticed, I need to monitor you to eat
more fruits.”

While stating that, he saw something and pushed the cart forward. Then, he took another ten or so
premium fruits before putting it in.

Soon, the cart was filled halfway with just fruits.

Finding the sight to be hilarious, Sonia said, “And how are we going to finish all these? Put it back.”

She walked over, attempting to return a few of the fruits into the crates.

Seeing this, Toby reached out and stopped her. “You’re not allowed to do that. I’m buying all of them for
you. What are you going to eat if you put it all back?”

He gently nudged Sonia’s hand away before pushing the cart to his side so she could not reach it.

Facepalming, Sonia explained, “Just a few are enough for me. If you buy so many at once, how long
will it take me to finish them?”

“If you can’t finish them, then put ’em in the fridge and finish slowly.” Toby looked at her, not planning to
remove any of the fruits.

He did this for her, as the fruits he chose were all beneficial to women.

Therefore, he could not permit her to put them back no matter what.

Seeing how determined he was made Sonia feel helpless yet funny.

At that moment, the sound of a shutter went off behind them; it was the sound of a camera.

Since the scandal had only happened earlier that day, Sonia was still sensitive to the sound of a

Knowing that someone was secretly taking pictures of them, she immediately stopped smiling and her
expression became cold.

After all, she assumed that the paparazzis must be taking pictures of her and Toby in preparation for
another exclusive scoop.

With this in mind, Sonia turned around, intending to warn that person. Yet, she saw no paparazzi.
Instead, it was a girl who looked like a high-schooler. This stunned her.

She doesn’t seem to be a paparazzi…

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