Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 1249

Chapter 1249

Chapter 1149

He couldn’t think straight as his head was muddled. He never expected to hear such shocking news
when he walked past. It’s not true, isn’t it? It mustn’t be true. How could Daphne… Be pregnant? Even
if she is pregnant, who’s child is it? Is it the child of another man, or…

The thought of it was unbearable for him.

Just then, another voice rang from inside the room. Another person started talking and was surprised to
hear the news. “Is that true? Is Daphne really pregnant?”

“Yeah, how is that possible? Are you lying to us?” asked another person.

Their questions happened to be what Charles was eager to find out about. He held his breath, tiptoed
over to the entrance of the office, and stopped by the wall before lowering his gaze as he paid attention
to their conversation. He frowned as his gaze darkened.

Meanwhile in the office, a few of the secretaries paused their work and huddled together as if they were
having a secret meeting to talk about Daphne’s scandal.

The one standing in the middle saw how eager the others were and spoke proudly. “I’m not lying. I’m
eighty-percent sure that Daphne is pregnant.”

Eighty-percent? Charles’ expression turned dark as it seemed like the probability of Daphne being
pregnant was high.

“Why are you so sure about that? Tell us, quick! Stop beating around the bush.”

“Yeah, we are getting impatient. Stop making us guess. How did you find out about her pregnancy?”

“That’s right, spill it.”

The person standing in the middle knew that the others would get impatient if she kept beating around
the bush. She then signaled them to calm down before saying, “Actually, I just found out about it not
long ago—no, I should say that I just confirmed my suspicions recently. Do you all know that Daphne
would suddenly go to the washroom and throw up during working hours?”

“Yes, we are aware. We thought that she was ill, but she told us that she wasn’t sick and was just
having a bad stomach. That’s why we didn’t give much thought to it. But come to think of it, this could
seem to prove that she is pregnant.”

“Well, it seems like it.”
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Hearing that, this secretary suddenly smiled and said, “All of you didn’t relate it to her being pregnant
because all of you aren’t married and haven’t had children yet. This explains why you aren’t aware of
such symptoms during the early stages of her pregnancy. I’m married and have the experience of
bearing a child, so I suspected Daphne of being pregnant earlier on. The first time I saw her being
unwell, I believed that she was just unwell when she told me so, but after a while, it started to seem off
as a normal person would have it treated at a hospital instead of going through the torment of vomiting
every few days.”

“She’s definitely pregnant.” Someone blurted out.

“That’s right.” The secretary slapped the handle of the chair. “Pregnant women who feel nauseous from
time to time wouldn’t be worried if they vomit every now and then since they know they aren’t sick or
anything; they’re just pregnant. It was not until two days ago when I saw her vomiting in the washroom
that I couldn’t help but ask whether she was pregnant.”

“Did she admit to it?” Several of them spoke at the same time.

Charles furrowed his brows and gripped onto the wall.

That secretary shook her head and answered, “She didn’t, but she did look nervous and wasn’t calm
like she used to be during work. She simply responded to the query and left, which is why I’m sure that
she’s pregnant.”

“From what you said, Daphne seems to really be pregnant.”

“I think so too. If not, she wouldn’t have been that nervous.”

“What I don’t understand is why she would try to hide it from everyone. Since all of us are adults, it’s no
big deal for her to be pregnant.”

“It’s probably because she became pregnant before getting married. After all, I’ve never heard her
talking about being wedded.” One of them guessed.

“I’ve not even heard that she has a boyfriend. How did she get pregnant then? Who is the child’s

All of them looked at each other, but no one was able to answer it. Although they were Daphne’s
colleagues, they hadn’t been working together for long, so they didn’t know much about her private

“Could she have been… harassed? Is that why she doesn’t want anyone to know that she’s pregnant?”
Just then, one of them bit her lips as she speculated. “This can only explain why Daphne, who is
single, got pregnant and is reluctant to let anyone know about it. Getting pregnant after being harassed
isn’t something to be proud of, and based on my knowledge, society is malicious toward women. Even
if the criminal is at fault, the victim would usually be blamed and suffer from verbal violence. Daphne’s
probably choosing to hide it because she’s afraid she would be seen differently and be criticized.”

“What you said seems possible. After all, in today’s society, having a child out of wedlock is disgraceful,
but it will not be prejudiced against like how it used to be back in the day. If Daphne got pregnant after
a one night stand or is pregnant with her boyfriend’s child, I don’t think there’s any reason to hide it. As
an adult, it’s normal to get pregnant, and she can just admit to it generously. No one will laugh at her
since there are many players within our company. Thus, it is reasonable that those who get pregnant
after being harassed wouldn’t admit to their pregnancy. It’s normal for Daphne to not admit to it.”

All of them sighed after coming to the conclusion. “If that’s really the case, Daphne is indeed pitiful.”

“Maybe both of you are right.” The secretary who mentioned that Daphne was pregnant earlier on
looked at all of them and said. Hearing that, everyone was stunned. “Rita, what do you mean? Is
Daphne really pregnant because she was…”

“I’m not sure, but I suspect so. Since I was on duty yesterday, I had to stay back to clean the office after
everyone got off work. When I was throwing the trash out, I noticed a document about an appointment
for abortion in Daphne’s bin. Because of this, I was sure that she was pregnant. However, I didn’t give

much thought to why she decided to get an abortion until I heard you guys said that she might be
harassed. That explains why she opted for abortion!”

Before any of them could react to Rita’s remarks, the office door suddenly flung open, startling

“Who is it?” Rita frowned and glared at the direction of the door.

The next moment, Charles stepped into the office and lifted his gaze while speaking with a grave
expression, “It’s me.”

“President Lane?” Everyone was surprised and quickly stood up. “Why are you here? Is there anything
we can help you with?”

“Is everything that you said earlier true?” He ignored their question and walked toward them before
stopping in front of Rita as he clenched his fists.

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