Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 1250

Chapter 1250

Chapter 1150

“W-What?” She looked at him puzzledly. However, she shouldn’t be blamed for being confused since
Charles was the one who suddenly barged in and questioned her furiously. Meanwhile, the other
secretaries looked at each other as they tried to make sense of the situation. They didn’t know why
Charles was suddenly mad.

“Is what you said about Daphne’s pregnancy true?” He clenched his fists and questioned her while
trying to suppress his anger.

Hearing that, Rita finally understood what he meant and responded, “Oh, you’re referring to that. Yes,
it’s true that Daphne is pregnant.”

His gaze darkened upon hearing that. Although he had heard about it from their conversation while he
was standing outside the door, he was overwhelmed by emotions when he heard Rita reiterated about
Daphne’s pregnancy. Daphne really is pregnant!

“President Lane, what’s wrong?” Rita was confused when she saw Charles’ unusual reaction.

“Was the appointment for abortion that you mentioned about earlier true as well?” He stared at her with
bloodshot eyes and asked.

“Of course. How could we joke around about things like these?” She nodded.

The others nodded as well. Indeed, it was no joking matter as making fun about such matters was
immoral. Even worse, it would bring trouble and inconvenience to Daphne. Since Daphne was an

experienced senior at work, there were a lot of things that they had to refer to her. Besides, she was a
kind and lovely person who was generous in sharing her knowledge and helping them when they were
in need. Thus, they shouldn’t spread rumors that would hurt Daphne as it would be ungrateful of them
to do so.

Even though they were discussing Daphne’s pregnancy among themselves, they weren’t planning to
tell anyone else about it as it would be troublesome if others found out about that. When Charles saw
how serious Rita and the other secretaries looked, his chest felt tight as if a hand was gripping on it,
and he almost couldn’t breathe because of it.

He couldn’t understand why he was experiencing such feelings, but one thing he was sure about was
how furious he was at Daphne for not telling him that she was pregnant. He was angry at her for
deciding for an abortion all by herself. Since the child could be his as well, she didn’t have the final say
on whether to keep the child or not.

The thought of it made his chest feel tight as he experienced shortness of breath. His handsome face
was flushed red with anger, and the veins on his temples were popping out as his blood boiled.

Rita and her colleagues were startled when they saw his expression, and they didn’t know what
triggered him.

“President Fuller, are you alright?” Rita asked worriedly.

Hearing that, he sluggishly waved his hand and asked in a hoarse voice, “I’m fine. Did you manage to
see what time the appointment for the abortion was?” He was dying to know when the procedure would
take place!

“Yes. If I’m not mistaken, it’s this afternoon.” Rita recalled as she lowered her gaze.

“This afternoon?” It felt as if something in his head had exploded, for the answer came to him as a

“That’s right. It’s at 4.00PM.” She nodded.

“Are you sure?” Charles glared at her with bloodshot eyes, and it seemed like he was going to break
her neck if she gave the wrong information.

His grave expression was enough to make her tremble, but she remained calm and nodded. “I’m very
sure of this. I was surprised to see it in Daphne’s trash bin, so I deliberately took a closer look at it.”

“Which hospital?”

“First World Hospital.”

Hearing that, Charles left the office without saying another word. Rita and her colleagues were
confused at how he suddenly turned up announced and left without saying a word.

“What was that? What’s with President Fuller’s reaction? The look on his face was so terrifying that it
scared me. I’ve met him many times, but this is the first time I’ve seen him so angry. I noticed that there
seemed to be another underlying emotion besides anger.”

“I have no idea. It’s my first time seeing him being that mad too. He’s normally happy and cheerful,
which gives me a feeling that he has a good temper. He’s normally polite when he speaks to us, but it

seems like he can get this scary when he’s furious. Why was he that angry, though?”

“It seems to be because of Daphne’s pregnancy.”

“Daphne’s pregnancy?”

“Yeah. If you noticed his expression just now, it’s obvious that he overheard our conversation from
outside before barging in. When he came in, the first thing that he asked was about Daphne’s
pregnancy, and his expression darkened when he heard what we said. So, it’s apparent that he’s mad
about this.”

“You have a point, but why would he get so worked up about it?”

“I guess it’s because he felt that she was being ill treated. If you think about it, before Daphne started
working at Paradigm Co., she used to be President Lane’s secretary. On top of that, they attended the
same university and were very close to each other. He was probably furious after finding out that
Daphne got pregnant after being harassed. I would be angry too if my friend was going through the
same situation.”

“Sounds reasonable. Rita, do you see it that way too?” A few of them noticed that Rita had been quiet
and she was staring at the direction of the door.

Hearing that, she snapped out of her thoughts and smiled as she shook her head. “Probably, but I don’t
think it’s as simple as that.”

“Rita, what do you mean by that?”

She merely shook her head as she kept quiet. She didn’t comment further as it was just her
speculation, and things would get awkward if it wasn’t like what she had in mind.

Meanwhile, Charles rushed out of the elevator and he hurried over to his car before unlocking his
vehicle and getting into his car. He sped out of the parking lot without fastening his seatbelt. He was
speeding so quickly that it startled the other drivers, and they had to stop their car. Some of them even
wound down their windows and cursed at him. Even though Charles heard them, he couldn’t be
bothered by it and stared at the road in front of him as he floored the accelerator.

He had to rush to the hospital as soon as possible and ask Daphne whose child that was. If it was
someone else’s, he wanted to know exactly when she had met another man. But if it was his… His grip
on the steering wheel tightened, and his expression was grim.

If the child was his, he wanted to know why she kept the pregnancy to herself. Back when he asked
whether she had taken contraceptives, she answered that she had been taking them. If she really was
on contraceptives, she shouldn’t have gotten pregnant. This was enough to prove that she was lying to
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He wanted to know what her intention was for doing so. Was she planning to get ahead after being
pregnant with his child?

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