Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 1254

Chapter 1254

Chapter 1154

Seeing so, Amelia hurriedly dragged him back onto his seat.

Harry, on the other hand, sneered at the sight of Grayson’s fury. “You? Fire them? Can you even fire
them all?! Don’t go around thinking I don’t know what you’re like in the office. It’s only because we have
competent employees and Fuller Group’s aid that I don’t bother ranting about your incompetence,
turning a blind eye to those who call you useless. After all, you are very much useless, and now you
want to fire them?! Well, I’ll have you know that there’ll be at least half of them who have to go if you
want to fire them! What do you think you can accomplish alone with an empty company, huh?!”
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“Come on, Dad, I’m not that useless.” Grayson moped.

“Hmph, you’re more useless than that. You just don’t want to admit it,” Harry exasperated. “You threw
my adjure out the window minutes after I told you and did things according to your idea, but you ended
up screwing it. Now, tell me that’s competent!”

“How can that prove that I’m incompetent?! I just did things according to regular thinking and logic. But
who knew Sonia wouldn’t buy it and wouldn’t do things according to my envisage?! That’s only why
things screwed up. I swear, nothing can get through to that woman! If it were other women, they’d have
long sucked up to us when we’re family friends with the Fullers, paired with the fact that you’re Toby’s
teacher. Also, they’d tactfully know to forgive us without even us saying a thing and even intercede for
us to Toby. Only she would remain indifferent,” Grayson said with absolute resentment.

Evidently, he didn’t think even in the slightest bit that they were the ones at fault. The others wouldn’t
even need to forgive them because of who the Lore Family were or what they had.

After all, no one owed them, and they weren’t influential to the degree where everyone needed to suck
up to them.

However, in Grayson’s opinion, it was entirely Sonia’s fault that she didn’t suck up to them or choose to
tacitly forgive them. Sonia had absolutely and undisputedly done a heinous misdeed.

Grayson aside, even Harry thought Sonia should tacitly forgive them. However, he had ultimately lived
in this world a few decades more than Grayson, so he would consider things more thoroughly than
Grayson would.

Thus, even when Harry thought so, he wouldn’t say it out loud but only narrowed his eyes and said icily,
“Of course, she can be indifferent. Before what Lynette did was exposed, she didn’t know if she or I
meant more to Toby, so she would still be nice to us. But after Lynette was found out, Toby stood by
Sonia without a doubt and distanced himself from us entirely. That means she clearly means more to
Toby than me. After realizing that fact, she naturally won’t have to give a d*mn about us anymore and
act more arrogantly.”

“I bet Toby doesn’t truly love that woman. She must have something on him that forced him to side with
her and distance himself from us,” Grayson growled, refusing to believe that Toby would side with
Sonia because he loved her.

Even Lynette, who eavesdropped at the stairs, nodded at once.

Yes, Dad’s right. Toby would never love that woman. Tina was the only woman he ever loved.

Though Tina has died, Toby wouldn’t fall in love with Sonia either. Only I can get Toby to open his heart

As the thought crossed her mind, her grip on the handrail tightened, and a harsh, ear-piercing sound
came from her long, bejeweled nails scratching against it.

Meanwhile, the conversation downstairs was still continuing.

“No matter what reason Toby is siding with Sonia for, the fact that he sided with her and distanced
himself from us is still a fact. Sonia refusing to respect us based on that is also a fact. After all, with
Toby on her side, she can do so without fear, or would she have to worry that we’ll do anything to her.
After all, she has Toby on her side. She can have Toby hate us even more if we even as much as lay a
finger on her. By then, we’d still be the ones losing out. Also, we can’t actually sever our ties with Toby
and the Fullers. I’m sure you know what will happen to our family once our connection is severed.”
Harry bore into Grayson.

Knowing he was in the wrong, Grayson lowered his head. “I know. It’s my fault. I screwed it up. Shall I
pay her another visit? I’ll apologize nicely this time. She said if I apologize with a better attitude, bring a
gift and Lynette with me, she might—”

“No!” Lynette ran down the stairs and interrupted him before he could finish his words, not wanting to
hear any more. “I won’t go! I will never apologize to that woman!”

“Lynette, you’re awake.” Harry turned from grim to amiable the second he saw his beloved
granddaughter, and the same went for Grayson and Amelia.

Amelia, even more so, pulled Lynette over to her, having her sit in between her and Grayson. “Did you

sleep well?”

However, Lynette ignored her mother and pushed her hand that was stroking her hair away. She
clenched her fists and looked straight into Harry’s eyes while protesting, “Grandpa, I don’t want to
apologize to that woman. You all know I love Toby, and I’m shouldering the responsibility of marrying
him. If I apologize to her at this time, that would mean that I’m beneath her. That way, even if I defeat
her and marry Toby, I’d still feel that I’m beneath her. Besides, I’m the daughter of the affluent Lore
Family. Am I not nobler than an adopted child of the Reed Family?! She doesn’t deserve my apology at

“Yeah, Dad. Wouldn’t having Lynette apologize to that woman humiliate Lynette and also disgrace our
family’s name?!” Amelia looked anxiously at Harry.

Grayson nodded in agreement as well. “Even I can’t bear to scold Lynette. Forget about even asking
Lynette to apologize to someone else.”

At that, Harry rubbed his temples. “Relax. I naturally won’t force my own granddaughter to apologize
against her will. Just as Lynette said, she has the task of bringing our family and the Fullers together. In
other words, she must marry Toby in the future. Naturally, I won’t let her apologize to Sonia even more
so. Once she apologizes, it would mean that Lynette has lost to that woman and would be beneath her.
Imagine how other people will ridicule Lynette and our family after she marries Toby.”

“So, I don’t have to apologize, right, Grandpa?” Lynette squealed with joy.

“That’s right.” Harry nodded in affirmation.

“But if Lynette doesn’t apologize, wouldn’t that mean we can’t get through to Sonia?” Grayson grew

worried again.

At that, Harry shot him a side-eyed glance. “I’ve thought about this. I never intended to have Lynette
apologize in the first place. As such, I’ve long given up on Sonia, hoping that she would intercede for

“Does that mean you’ve already come up with another solution, Grandpa?” Lynette’s eyes lit up after
hearing so.

Harry was beyond proud of his dear granddaughter seeing that she understood him immediately. My
dear Lynette sure is smart.

“That’s right. I intend to set up a banquet for you, one that announces your return to the circle. I already
had people send the invitations out in the afternoon,” he responded with narrowed eyes.

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