Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 1255

Chapter 1255

Chapter 1155

Lynette was indeed smart, as she knew exactly what Harry was talking about right when she heard it.
Then, she smiled excitedly at him, saying, “What you are saying is that we can use this party’s
opportunity to invite Toby over. That way, we will have a chance to meet him and mend our relationship,
unlike now when we can’t do anything or see him in person.”

“Yes, Lynette. That’s what I meant,” said Harry as he looked at her proudly.

To him, Lynette was perfect in everything. There was nothing she could do wrong.
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However, Grayson, who was beside them, frowned and said, “Dad, what if Toby decides not to come to
the party? If that’s the case, can we still see him?”

When Lynette heard his words, she was also worried too. “That’s right, Grandpa. What if Toby isn’t
there? It’s been seven years since I last saw him. I…”

“Calm down, Lynette. I will let you see him, so don’t worry,” said Harry while squinting his sharp eyes.

When Lynette heard his words, her eyes brightened up in delight. “Do you have something in mind,

Harry nodded and said, “Yes. Toby will definitely come. When that time comes, I will need you to do
something in order to boost your relationship with him. Although you might need to sacrifice something,
for the sake of you being with Toby and making our family affinity with theirs, you must do this. Do you
understand me, Lynette?” With that, he looked at her.

At that moment, Grayson and Amelia were looking at them in confusion.

“Dad, what are you trying to make Lynette do? Don’t do anything stupid.”

“That’s right, Dad.”

They were worried for their daughter’s well-being at this moment. However, neither Harry nor Lynette
acknowledged them. At this moment, Lynette could only see Harry in her eyes and his words in her
mind. Since she was smarter than her parents, she immediately knew what Harry meant by his words
and understood what she would sacrifice. Thinking about it, Lynette could feel her heart thumping

Then, she put her hands on her knees, gripping them to surpass the excitement in her as she looked at
Harry. “I understand what you mean, Grandpa. Don’t worry. I won’t let you down,” she said.

Seeing that she understood what he was implying, Harry smiled in relief. “That’s my granddaughter.
Alright, it’s getting late. Come, accompany me to dinner, Lynette.”

“Okay.” Lynette stood up and linked her arms with Harry’s as they walked toward the dining room

As for Grayson and Amelia, they were being ignored by Lynette and Harry. The couple stood up and
looked at each other after watching them leave.

“Honey, what were they saying just now? Do you understand?” Amelia said as she furrowed her

eyebrow, looking worried.

“No.” Grayson shook his head.

In this house, Grayson knew his place. He knew that he wasn’t intelligent like Harry and Lynette. Most
of the time, Lynette could immediately understand what Harry was talking about, but he had to ponder
it for a long time. Due to this, they would discuss it on their own and leave him out of it like what
happened just now. After it happened a few times, Grayson was used to it.

That’s enough thinking. It’s fine as long as they know what they are doing. With that thought, Grayson
held Amelia’s hand and said, “Come on, let’s eat.”

However, Amelia was still worried about them. “I hope they know what they are doing. The situation is
already a mess, and it will be troublesome if it gets any worse,” she said.

“It won’t,” Grayson said promisingly.

Hearing his words, Amelia managed to put up a smile and said nothing.

During dinner, Lynette was talking happily with Harry. The atmosphere in the house was relaxing as
they thought that maybe everything would be solved after the party. With that thought in mind, they
were not nervous and worried like they used to be when they first realized that Toby was keeping his
distance from them.

During dinner, Harry, Grayson, and Amelia told Lynette what had happened during these years. Due to
this, Lynette knew more clearly about the relationship between Toby and Sonia. However, she still
believed that the reason Toby got back together with Sonia wasn’t because of love, and it was only

because Sonia had evidence against Toby, so he had no other choice but to be with her. She wasn’t
the only one who had this thought, for the others felt the same.

From their perspective, Toby would never fall in love with someone like Sonia, who didn’t have a good
family background and was an orphan. With that thought, they assumed that Toby didn’t love Sonia. In
that case, they would find a way to help Toby escape Sonia’s control. At that moment, surely Toby
would be grateful for their help.

After finishing dinner, Lynette was about to head back to her room. Just as she was about to walk up
the stairs, Amelia suddenly pulled her. “Lynette,” she said.

“What’s the matter, Mom?” Lynette turned around and looked at Amelia. Her cute, doll-like face was
filled with confusion.

“Lynette, I just want to tell you that aside from Sonia, there is another woman from the Acree Family
that would get in your way if you want to be with Toby.”

“A woman from the Acree Family?” Lynette’s face turned dark as she spoke. “Do you mean the family
in the seafood business, Mom?”

“That’s right.” Amelia nodded. “Recently, business hasn’t been going great for them, and they’ve been
trying to come in contact with the noble family. With that, they had their eyes on Toby. I heard that
they’ve been asking around for the banquet’s invitation cards since Toby would be there. Although I’m
not sure why Toby would be there, the Acrees have been finding ways to enter the banquet after
knowing about this matter. The reason is to seek connections with Toby and introduce their daughter to

When Lynette heard her words, she smiled in disdain, saying, “How dare she, someone who reeks of
fish, try to get her hands on Toby? That’s impossible. Do they have the invitation, Mom?”

“Yes.” Amelia nodded. “I heard they got it from someone by giving them a timeslot for a dock.”

“What?” At that moment, Lynette’s face was gloomy. “They actually got it? If that’s the case, won’t they
be able to get in touch with Toby? No, I can’t have another competitor. Having Sonia alone is
unbearable, let alone two. Does our family have the invitation, Mom?”

“No. The host of the banquet didn’t send us an invitation. There are two reasons behind it. Firstly, our
business’s genre has nothing to do with them, so it would be a waste of time to invite us over.
Secondly, our status is lower than theirs, so they didn’t give us one since they look down on us.” As
Amelia spoke, she had a grim expression.

Hearing her words, Lynette gritted her teeth and said, “Don’t they know that Grandpa is Toby’s teacher?
They should give it to us because of this.”

“So what if Grandpa is Toby’s teacher? Although they can’t compare themselves to the Fuller Family,
they don’t need to invite us just because of Toby. Moreover, Toby will not have anything against them
over such a small matter. After all, it’s their choice to invite whoever they want.”

“Are you saying that we can’t join the banquet to stop the Acree Family?” Lynette’s face scrunched up
in anger. Her doll face was twisted angrily, seemingly like an eerie puppet from a horror movie.

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