Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 1256

Chapter 1256


“No. I can’t let them have their way.” Lynette gripped her knuckles while viciousness filled her eyes.
“Although I can’t do anything to Sonia, I don’t need to worry about the consequences if it is the Acree

Listening to her words, Amelia looked at her in horror. “What are you trying to do, Lynette?”

“Don’t worry, Mom. Don’t the Acrees want to be in-laws with Toby’s family? Well then, I will make them
give up on this thought. Toby is mine, and no one can take him away from him. Just wait, Mom. On the
banquet day, the Acrees won’t dare do anything.” Lynette smiled wickedly.

After finishing her words, she ignored Amelia and went up the stairs.

Then, she immediately took out her phone and searched for a phone number. It was a set of numbers
that she had always seen when she was aboard, and she had engraved it in her soul. As she found the
phone number, she swiped it gently before taking a deep breath and dialing it.

While waiting for the call to be picked up, her heart was thumping wildly, and her face was red. At this
moment, her face was not eerie anymore, and she looked cute and shy.

Right now, Lynette looked shy and nervous as if she was calling the person she loved in secret.

In fact, she was indeed calling the person she loved. It had been seven years since she last saw her
sweetheart, so she was subconsciously nervous when contacting him now. Moreover, she was slightly
timid and afraid. How am I going to tell Toby about this? Will he even answer my call?

As she thought about it, she bit her lips, her heart filled with nervousness.

On the other hand, Toby had driven Sonia to the Fuller Residence.

As soon as he parked the car, his phone rang in his pocket. Then, Toby unfastened his seatbelt and
reached out for his phone. When he saw who was calling him, his expression changed, and the
atmosphere around him felt heavy.

Sensing the changes in Toby, Sonia unfastened her seatbelt and looked at him. “What’s wrong? Who’s
calling?” she asked.

“It’s Lynette.” Toby didn’t hide it from her and handed his phone to her to have a look.

When Sonia saw Lynette’s name on the screen, she couldn’t help but frown. “How shocking that she’s
calling you. Are you going to pick up the call?”

“No. This is just a scam.” With that, Toby denied the call without any hesitation. Not only that, but after
denying the call, he blocked Lynette’s number, doing it all in one shot.

When Sonia saw his actions, she burst into laughter. “She likes you. Aren’t you afraid that you will
break her heart if you do this?”

After closing his phone, Toby said faintly, “That’s none of my business. I only care about your feelings. I
don’t have to care for others. Besides, don’t you feel happy about what I just did?”

Listening to his words, Sonia blushed and huffed, “Alright, let’s get inside the house. Grandma had
called and asked where we were when we were on the road. Let’s go.” Then, she opened the door and
left the car hurriedly.

Seeing that she had run away from embarrassment again, Toby couldn’t help but smile. Then, he got
out of the car too.

On the other side, Lynette was waiting for Toby to pick up her call expectantly when she heard the call
hanging up. At that moment, she was in disbelief.

Did Toby just hang up on me? Lynette widened her eyes in disbelief as she assumed that Toby would
answer her call since they had not seen each other for seven years. Shouldn’t he be excited that I’m
calling him? Why did he hang up on me?

Thinking about it, Lynette bit her lips as tears brimmed her eyes.
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No, I have to call him again. Maybe he just hung up on accident. He didn’t deny my call on purpose.
Yes, that should be it!

Lynette was deep in her trance as she called Toby again. However, the call didn’t pop up on the screen.
Instead, a cold, robotic woman’s voice said, “Hello. The person you are calling is on the line. Please

Before the robotic voice could finish its words, Lynette screamed and threw her phone away in anger.

I’m being blacklisted! Toby blocked me! she thought. There was no way she would believe that
someone had called Toby at this moment. After all, her call had gone through the first time. However, it

was on the line at this moment. There was no way such a coincidence would happen, and it only
proved that Toby had blacklisted her.

At that moment, Lynette couldn’t hold back any longer. She curled into a ball on the bed while hugging
her knees as she sobbed.

All this was unknown to Sonia and Toby, but even if they knew about it, they would have ignored it. To
them, Lynette was just a stranger, and there was no need to be mindful of her. Moreover, she had
offended them, so it would only be natural if they ignored her.

“Oh my, Young Master Toby and Miss Reed. You guys have finally arrived.” As Toby and Sonia linked
their arms together and walked into the building, they were met with an excited Mary. When Mary
walked toward them, she beamed happily as she saw their interactions. “Old Mrs. Fuller was asking for
your arrival, so she asked me to take a look. I never expected that you guys would be here right when I
walked out. This is just perfect,” she said.

“Sorry, Madam Mary. We were stuck in traffic, so we couldn’t arrive here on time. I’m sorry that you and
Grandma had to wait for us. Thank you for coming out to escort us.” Sonia smiled at Mary.

“It’s nothing. Now, let’s go inside, Young Master Toby and Miss Reed. Dinner is ready, and Old Mrs.
Fuller is waiting,” urged Mary.

Then, Toby held Sonia’s hands as they trailed behind Mary. Soon, they arrived at the dining room.
When they entered, they saw Rose sitting on the main seat while waiting for them. The moment she
saw them, she smiled, stood up, and walked toward Sonia.

At that moment, Sonia let go of Toby’s hand and went to Rose. “Grandma, what are you doing? I won’t

leave since I have just arrived. You don’t have to walk over here. What if you fall?” As she spoke, she
led Rose back to her seat.

“It’s fine. I haven’t left this house for quite a long time. I can see even with my eyes closed, so I won’t
fall. I’m just happy to see you after a long time, Sonny.”

“Me too, Grandma. I haven’t seen you for a long time. I’m thrilled today,” Sonia replied as she helped
Rose to sit down.

When Rose sat, she patted the spot beside her. “Sit here, Sonny. Tell me, how have you been?”

“Sure.” Sonia didn’t refuse and sat down beside Rose. While pouring a glass of water for her, Sonia
told her about her recent doings. At that moment, Rose was smiling at her while listening attentively.
The atmosphere between them was harmonious.

On the other hand, Toby was standing by the door. He couldn’t help but twitch his lips when he looked
at them speechlessly as they seemed to have forgotten about him.

Have they really forgotten about me? Grandma, with that kind look on your face while you look at
Sonia, do you still remember that I am the one who is your grandchild? he thought.

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