Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 1257

Chapter 1257

Chapter 1157

Although Toby looked as if he was jealous when his eyes were on Rose and Sonia, he was smiling on
the inside. All this jealousy was only for show.

“Young Master Toby, why are you still standing there? Hurry up and take a seat.” After Mary had
prepared dinner for Rose and Sonia, she saw that Toby was still standing by the door. As such, she
quickly called him over.

Her call had attracted Rose and Sonia’s attention. Then, they all looked at Toby.

Seeing that Toby was still standing there, Sonia realized she had forgotten him while talking to Rose. At
that moment, she felt embarrassed and stood up, wanting to go over to hold Toby’s hand. “I’m sorry, I
forgot about you. You…”

Before she could finish her words, Rose grabbed hold of her and sat her back down. “Don’t go, Sonny.”
Then, her face turned gloomy as she looked at Toby in disdain. “He is already a grown-up. There’s no
need for you to lead him over. Doesn’t he have legs on his own?”

Hearing her words, Toby was speechless. He looked at Rose and sighed. “Grandma…”

“Enough, stop it. Hurry up and come over. You are already an adult, yet you still look like an immature
child. Do you really have to get everyone’s attention?” Rose’s expression was still in disdain as she

“I’m not,” said Toby while rubbing his temples.

“I don’t care. Hurry up and eat. Don’t you feel ashamed that we are all waiting for you?” Rose glared at

Toby’s lips twitched, and he didn’t say anything as he knew that whatever he said right now was
inappropriate. Then, he walked toward them in silence. When he sat beside Sonia, she turned to him
and snickered, her eyes filled with mischievousness.

See? I told you that Grandma would scold you.

Looking into her eyes, Toby realized that she was gloating at him. His eyes darkened, and he reached
his hands under the table, tickling Sonia’s armpit gently.

At that moment, Sonia’s whole body stiffened, and so did her smile. Her expression looked weird.

Rose was going to take a sip of the soup Mary had given her when she saw Sonia sitting there stiffly.
Seeing how dumbfounded she looked, Rose quickly put down the spoon she was holding and asked,
“What’s wrong, Sonny? Are the dishes not to your taste?”

Mary was getting food for Rose when she heard the latter’s words. Then, she said hurriedly, “Yes, Miss
Reed. If you don’t like these dishes, I’ll ask the cook to prepare some other dishes. There’s no need to
be formal here. Make yourself at home.”

Listening to their comforting words, Sonia felt warm in her heart. Then, she regained her composure
and shook her head, saying, “I’m fine. There’s nothing wrong with the dishes. They taste good. I can
tell that it’s Olivia’s cooking. She always makes the most delicious delicacies.” Sonia put a thumbs up

and said, “I just feel like something has bitten me. It could be a bug or something. That’s why I was not
paying attention just now.”

A bug? Toby raised his eyebrows and smiled. He knew that Sonia was secretly calling him a bug as
revenge for what he had just done.

“There’s a bug?” Rose and Mary didn’t know about their secret interaction, so they believed Sonia’s
words when they heard them.

“How can there be bugs in here?” Rose was confused.

“That’s right. Although there are many insects since there is a garden outside the old manor, the
servants have been doing all kinds of deworming daily. Logically speaking, there shouldn’t be any
bugs.” Mary was surprised too.

Hearing their words, Sonia turned her head and glared at Toby, who was smiling even more. She
coughed and said, “Maybe some of the bugs have gotten away. After all, it’s not impossible for them to

Just like the man beside me, she thought. All I did was just laugh at him. Does he have to be so
narrow-minded and tickle me? Isn’t he afraid that I would make a fool in front of Grandma and Mary if I
had a bigger reaction?

However, Rose and Mary didn’t understand the hidden meaning in her words and nodded.

“Sonny’s right. There could be some bugs that are not afraid of repellent. Tell the servants to deworm
the whole place even more starting from tomorrow.” Rose looked at Mary and ordered.

Mary smiled and said, “Don’t worry, Old Mrs. Fuller. I will arrange it. However, at this moment…”

Hearing her words, Sonny knew what Mary was going to say. “It’s okay, Madam Mary. There was just a
small bug that came in and stung me. It’s gone now. We’ll talk about it tomorrow morning. Let’s eat first.
Grandma has been waiting for us for so long that it’s now past her dinner time. Let’s not fret about
anything else,” she said while waving her hands.
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Hearing her words, Rose felt happy. She held onto Sonia’s hands and looked at her adoringly, saying,
“You are the best, Sonia. You care about me the most.”

“That’s right. Girls are the most thoughtful people no matter what.” Mary beamed at Sonia as she
agreed with Rose.

“That’s right. It’s such a pity that I have no chance of having a daughter or a granddaughter. I only have
a son, and he gave me two grandsons. Other grandmas can have the blessing of a granddaughter,
while I can only be faced with two grandsons with terrible attitudes. Moreover, they don’t come back
often or even care about me. Lord, what’s the use of them?” As Rose spoke, her gaze slowly went
toward Toby disdainfully, who couldn’t get a word in this conversation.

Noticing her gaze, Toby rubbed his temples and smiled resignedly. Did they just ignore the usual
greeting I gave to Grandma? Or are my words less valuable than Sonia’s since I’m a boy?

When Sonia caught a glimpse of Toby’s dismal, she was delighted when she thought of him tickling her.
Then, she grabbed Rose’s hands and said, “You can have a granddaughter too, Grandma. Since I call
you Grandma, you can treat me like your granddaughter too!”

When Rose heard her words, her eyes brightened up. Just as she was going to agree with Sonia’s
words, Toby slammed the table and cut her off. “No!”

At that moment, Sonia, Rose, and Mary turned their gazes toward him.

“Why not?” Rose asked while frowning.

Staring at Rose with a grim expression, Toby sighed and said, “Grandma, Sonia is my wife. If she
becomes your granddaughter, what will she mean to me? A sister?”

As his words fell, the women were startled.

After a moment, Rose smiled awkwardly and said, “Now that I think of it, it might not be suitable.”
Although she wanted Sonia to be her granddaughter, she didn’t want Toby to lose his wife.

“Oh my, it looks like I indeed don’t have a chance of having a granddaughter.” Rose sighed in

When Toby saw Rose had second thoughts about making Sonia her granddaughter, Toby sighed in
relief while a smile reappeared on his face. He did not care if Rose had any fate with a granddaughter
and knew that he had kept Sonia’s title.

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