Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 1258

Chapter 1258

Chapter 1158

When Sonia saw the smug expression on Toby’s face after he had achieved his plan, she turned to
look at Rose. Seeing that she was sighing in sadness, Sonia felt upset. She glared at Toby and gently
patted Rose’s hand, saying, “Don’t listen to him, Grandma. Although I can’t be your granddaughter, you
can still treat me like one. This doesn’t have anything to do with my relationship with Toby. Some treat
their daughter-in-law like their own, and it wouldn’t affect the relationship between the in-law and their
son. After all, you are treating me like your granddaughter and not claiming me as one.”

Listening to her words, Mary noticed that they made sense. “Yes, Old Mrs. Fuller. Miss Reed is right.
There won’t be a conflict against their relationship.” She comforted Rose.

Hearing their words, Rose agreed to it too. Looking at Mary and back at Sonia, Rose became lively
again. She smiled and said, “Okay, it’s settled then.”

“Yes.” Sonia nodded and sighed in relief. At the same time, she glared at Toby.

Grandma is in this state because of him. She was in such a good mood, talking to her about this. Yet,
Toby had to ruin it all just because he couldn’t take a joke. Fortunately, I made Grandma happy again.
Otherwise, he would be doomed, she thought.

Naturally, Toby sensed her dissatisfaction, and he scratched his nose in guilt as he also realized that he
had made Rose sad. However, he couldn’t help it. If he didn’t say anything back then, Sonia would be
his sister. When that time came, he would be the one who was depressed!

Rose and Mary saw the interactions between them. Seeing that Sonia was teaching Toby a lesson and
that he obliged, they felt shocked and found it funny. They were shocked that Sonia could discipline
Toby, and he was willing to accept it. On the other hand, they felt funny that Toby, an insufferable,
arrogant person, would be silent under her control.

Mary bent down and leaned closer to Rose as she lowered her voice and said, “Are you seeing this,
Old Mrs. Fuller? This is the first time I have seen Young Master Toby in this state. This is such an
interesting scene.”

“Indeed. I used to wonder who would be able to discipline him. Now that I see Sonia, I know that she is
the one who can hold Toby back,” Rose replied.

“She isn’t dealing with him; rather, they are perfect for each other. Young Master Toby loves Miss Reed,
so he is willing to be disciplined by her. Miss Reed also loves him too. That’s why she wants to
discipline him. Otherwise, why would she care so much?” Mary said.

“You have a point.” Rose smiled as she nodded.

It was a long meal as they talked for hours, but it was a heartwarming process as it was filled with
laughter. Most of the time, the three women—Sonia, Rose, and Mary—were talking, and Toby didn’t
say anything, but he was grabbing food for them as he cared for them and was afraid that they wouldn’t
eat anything. So, the three women were full at the end of the dinner, while Toby didn’t eat much.
However, he didn’t mind as long as they were content.

After dinner, Toby got a call from Tom and headed to the study room to finish his work. While he was
busy, Sonia helped Rose to her room with Mary.

As they were walking, Sonia told Rose about the matter where the Lore Family had come to Paradigm

After listening to her words, Rose sneered and said, “I knew it. The Lore Family members are as
shameless as ever. Yesterday, they also came to me empty-handed. Not only that, but they were also
ill-mannered, especially Harry. How dare he assume he could be in the same status as me just
because he has been Toby’s teacher for a few years? Due to that, he spoke arrogantly toward me and
asked me to advise Toby to forgive them. How ridiculous! I would have guessed that they would find
you after leaving my place, but never did I expect that they would have the same attitude after looking
for you.”

“That’s right. I was baffled when I saw Grayson and listened to his arrogant words. Who do they think
they are to say that I must forgive them? They even told me that as someone who was going to be
married to Toby, I should flatter them, take the initiative to forgive them, and say good things about
them since they are his teacher’s family, which meant that they were also Toby’s family. If I don’t do as
they say, they will not let me be with him. How ridiculous of them, Grandma.”

After helping Rose walk over the threshold with caution, Sonia continued, “It seems like they think
they’re a part of the Fuller Family. Thus, they could order me around with the identity of the Fullers.”

When Mary listened to her words, she couldn’t help but curse, “I have never seen such shameless
people before.”

“Speaking of which, they only dare to do so because of Toby. He helped the Lore Family because Harry
is his teacher. As long as they don’t step over his boundaries, he will not refuse to help them. For the
first two years, he watched them and prevented them from stirring trouble under the care of the Fuller
Family. However, they became bolder as Toby got busier and had no time to watch them. This caused

them to forget that they were the Lore Family, not the Fullers. When Harry came yesterday, he acted as
if he was the boss of the Fullers. That’s why Grayson would have told you those kinds of words.”
Rose’s expression was cold.
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“Those who can’t know their places will eventually perish,” Sonia said as she walked Rose toward the
Victorian bed.

“Yes, the Lore Family are in this state right now.” Rose took the teacup from Mary and took a sip.
“Throughout these years, they’ve caused a lot of trouble while relying on the Fullers and Toby’s
endurance. They thought they wouldn’t have to pay the price, but I knew everything. When the Fullers
gave up on the Lore Family, those that they had offended would tear them into pieces. Just wait and
see.” Then, she gave the teacup back to Mary.

Sonia helped Rose lie on the bed and said, “I remember that the Lore Family was just an ordinary
family back then. They only became wealthy after Harry had become Toby’s teacher. They are lost in
their worlds when they have the power and money. This is what an upstart would do.”

“That’s right.” As Rose lay on the pillow that Sonia handed her, she felt comfortable. “It’s fortunate that
you have not forgiven those b*stards and promised to say good things about them in front of Toby after
being threatened by them in the morning, Sonny.”

Hearing her words, Sonia smiled and sat by the bed. “I’m not that stupid or a coward, Grandma. After
all, I am the president of a company. Although I’m still a newbie, I’m more courageous than before. How
can I surrender easily after being threatened by someone else?”

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