Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 1259

Chapter 1259


“I also did the exact same thing as you. I asked someone to kick Grayson out.” As Sonia spoke, she
covered her mouth and giggled.

Listening to her words, Rose and Mary were shocked.

“You kicked him out?” Rose looked at Sonia. “Is this true?”

“Yes!” Sonia nodded. Then, she thought of something and took out her phone. After pressing some
buttons, she handed Rose her phone with the video on. “Take a look at it, Grandma.”

“Let me see.” Rose took the phone.

Mary quickly handed Rose’s glasses to her. After putting on the glasses, she looked at the screen.
When she saw Grayson being dragged out forcefully by two security guards, she laughed happily,
“Good job, Sonny. You’ve done well. This is how you treat people like this!”

Mary agreed too as she was also looking at the video with Rose. “That’s right. The more shameless the
person is, the more force you must put on them. Otherwise, they will step over you,” she said.

“Yes, I thought so too. That’s why I told the guards to throw them out.” Seeing that they agreed to her
actions, Sonia couldn’t help but feel proud. After all, anyone would be proud if they were being praised
by the elders they cared for.

“However, you’ve shocked me, Sonny,” said Rose as she returned the phone to Sonia.

Listening to her words, Sonia blinked and asked, “Why is that so, Grandma?”

“After all this time, I have always thought that you are a gentlewoman, not someone who is strong
enough to kick someone out. That’s why I was baffled when I saw the video. However, I am grateful
that you have grown up. I like you better now than before. Of course, I’m not saying that you weren’t
good in the past. It’s just that I was worried about you back then as you couldn’t protect yourself.
However, now that you can protect yourself, I’m not worried that you will be bullied by others and don’t
know how to fight back even if I’m no longer here. So, I’m delighted by your growth.”

Listening to her words, Sonia felt like she was going to cry. She lunged into Rose’s embrace and
hugged her tightly, feeling sad inside. “Don’t say this kind of thing, Grandma. You will live for a long
time. Moreover, don’t you want to see me remarry Toby and have a child?”

Although she knew that Rose might only live for about two years, she still couldn’t accept it when she
heard her words. She couldn’t imagine how she would react if Rose, the person who cared for her and
cherished her, was gone.

Seeing that Sonia was devastated, Rose and Mary looked at each other. Rose knew the reason for
Sonia’s behavior and was eased by it. After all, she always knew that life and death were destined, and
it was almost her time since she was already at this age. So, she was never afraid nor worried about
her death. However, seeing that someone was worried and fearful of her departure, she felt warmth in
her heart.

On the other hand, Mary had the same feelings as Sonia. When she saw Rose was quickly adjusted
when facing death, she was in distress. Thinking about it, she felt that she was about to cry. Thus, she

turned her head to the side, not looking at Rose.

Seeing that both of them were sad, Rose sighed and patted Sonia comfortingly. “It’s alright, Sonny.
Don’t be upset. I won’t talk about these anymore. I will live a long life like you said, okay?” she cooed.

“Really?” Sonia lifted her head and looked at Rose with her red and puffy eyes. She looked like a baby

Rose couldn’t help but chuckle as she saw Sonia’s appearance. She raised her hand and wiped
Sonia’s tears away while replying to her, “Yes.”

“Okay then. Let’s make a promise. Otherwise, I will never forgive you, and I mean it.” Sonia raised her
chest and looked at her seriously.

“Yes. I promise you.” Rose nodded.

However, all of them knew that this wasn’t true. Even if Rose promised that she would live a long life,
would she really be able to? Sonia knew this too. She knew that there was no way Rose would live for
a long time when she only had two years to live. However, she had no other choice but to trick herself.
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Not only her but so was Mary, as she told herself that Rose would keep her promise. Aside from them,
Rose was also lying. However, she was not lying to herself but to Sonia and Mary. Since they knew that
she wouldn’t be able to live for long, she was willing to make a white lie for them to be at ease for a

Rose handed a tissue to Sonia and said, “Alright, enough of this conversation. Don’t you worry about
the Lore Family, Sonny. It’s for sure that Toby hates them. No matter what they do, just ignore them and

let Tony handle it. After all, this happened because he attracted those women.”

Listening to her words, Sonia smiled and said, “Well, that is because you and Grandpa have good
genes. Otherwise, how can other women be attracted to Toby?”

“What a sweet talker you are, Miss Reed,” said Mary while smiling.

“Sonny is beautiful too. I can foresee that your child with Toby will look stunning.” Rose smiled.

Hearing their words, Sonia blushed and said, “It’s too soon for that.” However, she was beginning to
have expectations from Rose’s words. I wonder what our child would look like, she thought.

Her eyes darkened as she thought about it, and there was sadness in her.

This conversation made her remember the child she used to have. She used to be pregnant with
Toby’s child, but it was gone for various reasons. However, she would never forget about that unborn

Just as she was thinking about it, there was a knock on Rose’s door. “Grandma.” Toby’s voice sounded
from the other side of the door.

“Oh my, it’s Young Master Toby. He is here to get Miss Reed to bed.” Mary looked at the door and

Sonia blushed as she heard Mary’s teasing words. Her face was red from embarrassment, and she
looked alluring.

Looking at Sonia’s blushing face, Rose smiled happily, “Now, now, Mary. Let’s stop teasing Sonny. With
her red face, she might run away from embarrassment.”

“I’m not blushing. Stop saying nonsense, Grandma,” said Sonia while covering her face.

Her reaction made Mary and Rose laugh heartily.

After a moment, Rose looked at Mary and said, “Go and open the door for Toby, Mary. Let him take his
wife back. Otherwise, he would say that I’m keeping him away from her. Since it’s getting late, I will not
say anything more. You guys should rest too.”

“Okay. I’ll be going, then.” Mary looked at Sonia teasingly before walking toward the door.

“Grandma…” Sonia whined and stomped her feet.

“Alright, alright, I’m done joking with you.” Rose waved her hands at Sonia.

“Hmph!” Sonia huffed and turned away from her.

Seeing that she was red in her ears, Rose smiled as she shook her head.

Soon, Mary led Toby into the room. When Toby entered, his eyes landed on Sonia. Seeing that Sonia
was still red in the face, he stopped in his tracks. His eyes darkened, and he gulped secretly.

Does she know she looks alluring right now? Under the lights, she looks like a bombshell. What
happened in Grandma’s bedroom? Why is she so red in the face?

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