Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 126

Chapter 126

Chapter 126

It was one thing to work with each other and another to take revenge.

There weren’t any conflicts between these two matters.

As he finally understood what Sonia meant, Charles gave her a thumbs up. “Sonia, you’re a bright child!”
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She replied with a smile, “Alright. Let’s meet those people in charge.”

“Sure.” He nodded and rose to his full height as well.

It was two hours later when they sent those people in charge off.

Since Toby had obviously wanted to partner with them because he wanted to compensate Sonia, most of
the terms were advantageous toward her.

Naturally, she and those big guns signed the deal without much hiccups.

When Tom heard about it, he quickly informed Toby about the news while Toby’s tightly knitted eyebrows
finally relaxed. “Alright.” Looks like Sonia finally has dropped the issue of Tina pushing her off the stairs
since she accepted the deal.

As he thought about that, Toby finally winded down. “By the way.” He looked up at Tom. “Did you find out
whose child Sonia is pregnant with?”

Tom shook his head. “Nope. It seems like Miss Reed doesn’t even know she’s pregnant as no one had
ever mentioned it, not even Mr. Lane.”

Hence, there was no way for those men whom he arranged to discover the identity of the father of
Sonia’s unborn child.

Tom observed as Toby pursed his lips. “President Fuller, why don’t we reveal this to Mr. Lane so that he
can confront Miss Reed about it? She might speak about it if that’s the case.”

Then, Toby’s gaze slightly moved as he seemed tempted.

Nevertheless, he still motioned his hand and somehow rejected Tom. “It’s fine. Let’s just wait and see.”

“Alright.” Tom didn’t say anything else,

At the same time, news that Sonia struck a deal with the subsidiaries of the Fuller Group had spread like
wildfire in Paradigm Co, with mixed reactions,

In the president’s oflice, Asher looked like he was in a bad mood. “How’s your investigation? Did you
know why Sonia managed to strike a deal with those from the Fuller Group?”

The secretary standing in front of him cautiously answered, “I’m sorry, but I still can’t investigate the
reason behind it, President Dafoe. It seems like this is a private matter between Vice President Reed and
President Fuller, so it’ll be hard to find out what happened.”

“Private matter?” His eyes narrowed.

One of the directors at the side made a bold assumption. “Could it be that there’s still something between
them, so…”

Asher’s face darkened. “If that is so, it could be possible that’s how Sonia struck the deal with them.”

At that moment, he couldn’t help but feel threatened. If Sonia really manages to secure a deal with them
for the new energy resources, I might really lose about half of the authority in my hands right now.

At that thought, Asher’s fists tightened before he instructed his secretary with a tight voice, “I want you to
secretly investigate the relationship between Sonia and President Fuller. Report to the Gray Family
immediately if you find something out of the ordinary.”

“President Dafoe, are you trying to subdue Sonia using the Gray Family?” the director asked before a
glint of cunningness flashed past his eyes.

However, Asher sighed. “With President Fuller helping Sonia out, she might really win the bet. Therefore,
to stop her from winning, we could only get the Gray Family to help us out.”

“That’s true.” The director nodded. “Since the Young Lady of the Gray Family and President Fuller are
engaged, the Gray Family would definitely not let Sonia off the hook if there’s anything between her and
President Fuller. By then, she can only

dream of securing the partnership for new energy resources with President Fuller’s help.”

“Exactly.” Asher tapped on his office desk with a manipulative look in his eyes.

It was at this moment when someone knocked at the office door, which caused him to frown. “Come in.”

The door was pushed open to reveal Daphne. “President Dafoe, President Reed is requesting you to
head to the meeting room for a meeting.”

“A meeting?” He pursed his lips. “What meeting?”

“It’s regarding the partnership contract earlier,” she replied.

Asher’s face immediately darkened before he answered coldly, “Alright. I’ll head over as soon as

“Well, then, I shall inform President Reed about it.” Daphne closed the door and left.

Ten minutes later, he went to the meeting room along with the directors and they ran into Sonia when
they arrived at the entrance.

Then, she nodded slightly. “President Dafoe.”

“Congratulations for securing a few more deals, President Reed. You’re a really outstanding person.”
Asher’s lips slightly curled up before he gave a peculiar greeting.

At the same time, Sonia pushed her hair back. “You’re exaggerating it, President Dafoe.”

“Nah, I’m not exaggerating. I’m just telling the truth since there are not many women who could still take
from their ex-husband after a divorce in this world,” he replied sarcastically.

Her face darkened as Charles clenched his fists. “What did you just say, old fart?”

“Charles.” She quickly pulled him by his elbow and hinted at him not to do anything irrational.

When Asher, who was initially worried that Charles would punch him, saw Sonia

pulling the man back, he felt relieved and continued jeering, “President Lane, I can’t believe you’re
actually generous enough to not do anything when your girlfriend is still having unresolved issues with
her ex-husband.”


“Charles!” Sonia could feel herself losing her grasp on Charles before she used her other hand to pull
him back. Then, she shook her head. “Don’t be impulsive.”

“Darling, are you listening to what he said?!” He glared at Asher.

“I know. However, whacking him won’t solve anything.”

Then, Sonia released her grip on Charles and took a step forward to shield before she stared at Asher
with cold eyes. “President Dafoe, are you implying that I received these deals because of Toby?”

“Otherwise? Who’s able to secure not just one but a few deals at one go? How could you have done it if
it weren’t for President Fuller? I bet you’re thinking of getting the partnership for the alternative energy
technology through him too,” Asher sneered.

Sonia’s fists clenched tightly in that second before she answered emotionlessly, “Looks like that’s how
you think about me, huh?”

“If you don’t want others to make assumptions about you, you shouldn’t do things like this. I understand
that you want to get more people in the company to favor you using these deals, but have you ever
considered how shameless tactics like this would affect the misunderstanding between Paradigm Co.
and Triforce Enterprise?” Asher stared at Sonia coldly.

She then harrumphed, “The misunderstanding between us and Triforce Enterprise wouldn’t deepen
anymore since we are already at the end of each other’s throats. Moreover, these deals were given by
Toby as compensation for Tina, so don’t you think that the Gray Family would have already known about

Upon hearing that, he looked dumbfounded. “What do you mean?”

However, Sonia only gave him a cold look before entering the meeting room without any answer.

When Charles walked past Asher, he snarkily added, “I bet you feel embarrassed after

accusing Sonia for using dirty tactics to get those deals when you don’t even know how she scored them
and later learning that it’s not what you thought it was, huh?”

Then, he ignored Asher and entered the meeting room as well, leaving Asher in the walkway as his face
contorted from anger.

As the meeting was about the partnership deals, it was a long one.

Since these partnerships had involved all of the industries that Paradigm Co. dabbled in, everyone had a
serious discussion with regards to those fields being revived.

The plan to revive was finally established by night time and they only needed to wait until Fuller Group’s
subsidiary companies had sent them the funds to resurrect the stagnant industry for Paradigm Co.

Meanwhile, the company could finally be free from the verge of bankruptcy to start a stable development.

Although Sonia was disgusted by what Toby had done to protect Tina, she had to admit that he had
provided great assistance to Paradigm Co. this time around.

Nevertheless, this didn’t mean that she would bury the hatchet.

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