Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 1263

Chapter 1263

Chapter 1163

These words successfully made Mary halt and laugh. “Yes, yes. This poor memory of mine! I forgot that
the young couple stayed together last night. They must have been too tired for them to not come down
after so long.”

“Which is why we should let them sleep,” Rose replied while releasing her grip on Mary.

Still, Mary sighed regretfully. “You were quite happy yesterday about having breakfast with the young
master and Miss Reed today, but…”

“It is no big deal.” Rose waved nonchalantly. “Even though they aren’t joining me for breakfast, they
can have lunch with me instead. If we went according to the initial plan, they would leave right after we
have breakfast together. At least they can stay with me until noon now. I am still the one who is gaining
from this.”

Mary covered her mouth and let out a chuckle. “You sure are a deviser, Old Mrs. Fuller.”

“Right?” Rose proudly lifted her chin.

Mary finally felt more relieved when she saw how happy Rose was instead of feeling down because
Toby and Sonia hadn’t joined her for breakfast.

“Enough with that. Let’s not concern ourselves with anything else. Come, Mary. Sit down, and we shall
start with breakfast.” Rose patted the seat beside her.

Mary responded with a hum as she unhesitantly sat on the chair that Rose indicated her to sit on.

Rose and Mary had surpassed the mistress-servant relationship a long time ago. They were now best
friends, or even family.

That was why they often had meals together.

Mary naturally wouldn’t reject Rose’s offer after the latter had invited her to sit down and have

As the elderly women happily chatted while they enjoyed their breakfast, Toby and Sonia, on the other
hand, were still lying in bed, sound asleep in each other’s arms.

Sonia was so worn out from last night that she didn’t wake up despite the late hour.

As for Toby, he was still asleep now because he slept late last night.

They didn’t seem like they would wake up before the afternoon.

After breakfast, Mary helped Rose as they took a stroll in the garden to help with their digestion.

It was already 9.30AM now.
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Mary seemed to think about something before she turned to Rose and suggested, “Old Mrs. Fuller,
should I get the chef to cook some rejuvenating soup for Young Master Toby?”

“Oh?” Hearing that, Rose raised her eyebrows quizzically.

Mary then continued, “Think about it. They must have had a wild night for them to still be asleep now.
Although it is normal for young people to not hold themselves back, I am afraid it will be hard on their
body if this goes on, so I was thinking of making some healthy soup for the young master.”

“Makes sense.” Rose nodded. “Toby is 30 years old now. He is not that young anymore. It is about time
he takes healthier food. Sonny will be the one who suffers if he doesn’t.”

The corners of Mary’s lips twitched at that.

How is Miss Reed the one who is going to suffer? she mused.

Isn’t it going to be harder on Young Master Fuller?

Having a physical ‘disability’ was a fatal blow to any man.

It was something that could make men feel inferior and depressed.

Of course, Mary might think that, but she didn’t say it out loud and only nodded. “Then let’s have the
chef cook some soup suitable for men for the young master, and another healthy soup for Miss Reed.
Since the children don’t know how to control themselves, we, the elderly, should do something for

“That is true. As long as they are in good health, it won’t be long before they give me grandkids!” Rose

Mary also happily agreed with her words, but she soon let out a regretful sigh when she thought of
something. “It was unfortunate that Miss Reed had a miscarriage. Otherwise, that child would have
been born in about three or four months.”

Hearing this, Rose also lamented as the smile on her face faded slightly. “So is life. Toby hadn’t gotten
out of the hypnosis then, and he didn’t know that the person he really loved was Sonny. Sonny was
also so disappointed in him that she no longer loved him. Even though she accidentally conceived,
there was no way she would want to keep that child in that situation.”

Rose didn’t know that the child Sonia was pregnant with was aborted because Sonia had been
poisoned by Carl.

The elderly woman really thought that Sonia had aborted the baby at her own discretion.

Even though she never once blamed Sonia for it and even understood why Sonia did it, Rose still
couldn’t help thinking it was a pity.

If the child had been born, Rose might actually be able to see the fourth generation of the Fuller Family
before she herself passed on.

She could have described to her husband about the child’s appearance when she arrived in the

But just like she said, so was life.

It was a pity that an old lady like her might be fated to never see what she wanted to see.

“It is all that damn Tina Gray’s fault. Young Master Toby and Miss Reed wouldn’t have to go through all
those hardships if it wasn’t for her. They might even have several children by now,” Mary spat angrily.

Hearing that, Rose lightly patted Mary on the back of her hands and forced a smile. “Alright, alright.
Let’s not talk about this. Tell the chef to cook soup for the two of them so that they can have some right
after they wake up.”

“Aye, I am going to inform the chef now.” Mary nodded. “Please sit here for a moment, Old Mrs. Fuller. I
will be back in a jiffy.”

Rose proceeded to wave her away and teased, “Go on. This is my own house. Don’t tell me you don’t
feel safe about letting me sit by myself in my house.”

“How can I not worry? I am just…”

Worried that your body has been getting weaker with age. What if you fall down after I leave?

Mary parted her lips, but she didn’t say the words she was going to tell Rose.

It was too heart-wrenching for her.

However, Rose and Mary had been each other’s companion for decades now. They could easily tell
what each other was thinking with just a look.

Even if Mary didn’t finish her sentence, Rose still figured out what she had in mind. Quietly sighing, she
reassured Mary, “Okay, okay. Off you go.”

Mary looked at her with a worried gaze for a moment, but she finally nodded and left.

She walked away with wide strides, and it didn’t take long before her walk turned into a jog.

Not knowing how to feel about the sight, Rose muttered softly, “Oh, Mary…”

“Old Mrs. Fuller.” Just as she was chuckling to herself, another servant approached her.

Rose then turned toward the servant when she heard the servant call out to her. “What’s the matter?”
she asked.

“Old Mrs. Fuller, Madam White is here.” The servant was standing outside the gazebo in the garden
reporting to Rose, in which Rose immediately pulled a frown. “What is she doing here?”

“Madam White didn’t elaborate on that.” The servant shook her head. “But she said that she came for
you, Old Mrs. Fuller. She seems to have something to talk to you about.”

Rose pouted in disdain. “Got it. Let her come here.”

“Yes, ma’am.” The servant then turned around and left.

Rose’s mood instantly turned right then.

She had lived a long life where there were a lot of people she disliked, and somehow Jean was the
only one that she hated to the point of not wanting to speak to her.

Of course, her ‘hatred’ wasn’t the conventional kind of hatred. It was more like Rose had a distaste for

After all, Jean was her in-law no matter what. Furthermore, Jean wasn’t a third-party that got in
between Rose’s son and her previous daughter-in-law in the real sense.

In other words, Rose didn’t hate Jean. She merely found it disdainful how the latter was a vulgar,
idiotic, and snobbish woman.

It wasn’t as though Rose didn’t try to teach Jean to become a true noble and wealthy lady back when
Jean had just entered the Fuller household.

Somehow, Rose, who had led a smooth-sailing life, first had a taste of failure when she tried to deal
with Jean.

It was all Jean’s fault for being someone who was better kept hidden than shown to the public.

Not only that, she was also a blockhead who was completely impossible to teach.

Rose could swear that she had hired more than 10 teachers in order to train and change Jean so that
she would leave her vulgarity and bad habits behind.

For some reason, none of those teachers could teach Jean into becoming a proper human being. It
was astoundingly perplexing to Rose how someone as bone-headed as Jean existed.

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