Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 1266

Chapter 1266

Chapter 1166

The one person Jean cared about most was her youngest son.

The moment she heard that Sonia might treat her son badly in the future, Jean immediately became
anxious as she slapped the table and barked, “How dare she?! I am Toby’s mother. She will be
criticized behind her back if she dares try anything with me or Tyler!”

Rose looked at her with a sneer. “You are not Toby’s birth mother. You are only the stepmother. You did
take care of him and love him as a mother should, but you have never shown Sonny you cared about
her. Why would she treat you well like you are her mother? Imagine yourself in her shoes. Would you
get along with your mother-in-law if she made your life a living hell for six years?”

“Of course I won’t—”

As Jean suddenly came to realization halfway through her words, she suddenly became speechless as
she flushed red out of embarrassment.

She even felt the burning pain on her cheeks.

Seeing her reaction brought a glint of joy to Rose’s eyes before the older woman added, “See? If you
can’t forgive someone who has been bullying you, what gives you the right to hope for her forgiveness?
I won’t look into how you treated her in the past. She probably doesn’t want to bring that up again since
you treat Toby well, so you can relax and forget about that. Toby and Sonny will definitely take care of
you even when you are old as long as you stay out of trouble and don’t interfere in their affairs. Tyler
can also live comfortably for the rest of his life being supported by his brother and sister-in-law.

However, if you still stay so blind to everything and keep trying to go against Sonny, I am afraid you
having regrets is the last thing you should be concerned about. ”

“Mother.” Jean lowered her head. “Will Sonia really do as you say and won’t make my life hard?”

“Sonny isn’t narrow-minded like you are,” Rose mocked. “Don’t worry. I will make it clear to her.
Anyway, as long as you stay put, live your life honestly, act like a person your position should and
correct your attitude, Sonny won’t hold any grudges toward you. She will only treat you like a stranger.
It is not like you and her can truly live harmoniously like a family with the history between the two of
you. The best relationship for you both would be to stay strangers; you will neither be too close or
distant. This is also my last piece of advice for you as your mother-in-law. Don’t blame me for not
reminding you in the future if you don’t listen.”
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Jean didn’t reply after hearing that.

Even though she was a bit dull-witted, she wasn’t really an idiot.

Even she knew that she could never compare to Sonia in terms of importance to Toby.

Toby had also once mentioned that he would choose Sonia if something were to happen between
Sonia and Jean.

That alone was enough proof that Jean couldn’t even begin to compete with Sonia.

Moreover, Tyler had no talent for business. Only a small part of Homer’s property went to Tyler after
Homer’s death, whereas most of it belonged to Toby.

After all, that portion was already intended for Toby before Jean got married to Homer. She couldn’t ask
for more on Tyler’s behalf even if she wanted to.

In other words, Tyler did have to rely on Toby to live.

It just so happened that Toby only cared about Sonia. She would definitely say a thing or two to Toby if
Jean were to continue picking on her.

As fellow women, Jean knew how powerful rumors could be for men.

She couldn’t help but worry that Sonia would utter nonsense to Toby and chase Tyler out of the Fuller

With how much Toby adored Sonia, it wouldn’t come as a surprise that he would do exactly that.

Jean couldn’t even begin to imagine how terrible Tyler’s life would be if he were kicked out of the

Simply put, Jean had to swallow her pride, and not have any opinion or be biased against Sonia.

Because if Jean didn’t do as she was supposed to, she and Tyler were doomed to live a miserable life

Jean’s eyes gradually turned red as she thought about this. Despite how reluctant and upset this was
making her, she had no choice but to surrender to fate.

“I understand, Mother. I won’t pick on Sonia anymore.” She squeezed her fists, and after doing that a
few times, she finally unclenched her hands. “Toby did say that they will move out of the Fuller
Residence and live elsewhere. That is probably for the best. It is not like I want to see her. The sight of
her hovering around will only piss me off.”

Rose could tell that Jean was putting up a tough front by uttering those words because she refused to
admit defeat to Sonia. As such, she believed that Jean deserved to suffer this way because she
wanted to hang on to her pride.

However, Rose could understand Jean’s feelings at this moment.

After all, she was forced to accept someone she didn’t like.

But in order to maintain her dignity, she had no choice but to scavenge for whatever pride she could
find elsewhere.

Still, Rose was going to turn a blind eye as long as Jean listened to her, and did as she was told.

“Alright. Now that you know you can’t do anything to Sonny anymore, you have to do what you
promised. I don’t want you to obediently say yes now, just to go back on your word later. Sonny is no
longer the girl who wouldn’t make a peep despite being harassed by you. I dare say that she will slap
you in return immediately after you bully her. She wouldn’t care that you are Toby’s mother. She
wouldn’t care as long as it is not her mother. And don’t think that Toby will blame her for doing that.
Sonny has a clear head now. She can break up with Toby the moment he treats her badly.”

Hearing that made Jean open her eyes wide in shock. “Really?! She… would actually leave Toby?”

“Do I look like I am joking?” Rose gave her a contemptuous look. “I don’t have the time to joke around
with you. Everything I am saying is the truth. Anyhow, whatever happens to Toby and Sonny in the
future is their own responsibility. Don’t stick your nose into their business. You are not allowed to
intervene, let alone appear in front of them for no reason. Take this issue with the Lore Family for
example. You shouldn’t have agreed to help them when it is between the children and the Lore Family.
What are you doing, coming all the way here to interfere? Aren’t you worried Sonny is going to pick a
bone with you for helping the Lore Family beg for mercy?”

After all, Jean choosing to do this was equivalent to her picking to stand on the Lore Family’s side.

It would be weirder if Sonia was happy about it.

Jean shrank back. “I only did it because Mr. Lore was Toby’s teacher. And considering how close the
two families are, surely there is no overnight grudge. And—”

“And they happened to give you a present that you liked, which was why you were so eager to say yes
to them?” Rose suggested, seemingly having seen through her.

Jean’s jaw immediately fell to the floor as she gaped at Rose in shock. “How did you know that,

“I knew it.” Rose’s expression dimmed before she snorted coldly. “How could I not know the kind of
person you are? You don’t do things that don’t benefit you. You wouldn’t have agreed so easily if the
Lore Family only gave a call to ask for your help, so they have definitely given you a present. In
addition, the Lore Family didn’t give Sonny and I any presents when they came to us. They would be
really stupid if they still hadn’t learned their lesson after we kicked them out. That is why they would
definitely give you a gift when they contacted you. See how you are here after you got their present?

But you are somewhat smart for coming here to get me to persuade Toby instead of you going directly
to him. Otherwise, I can guarantee that he will be very disappointed in you.”

Jean let out a giggle then. “It is because the Lore Family told me that Toby was angry at them when
they called me. And since he was angry, I knew it wouldn’t work if I went to him. And that was why I
came to you, Mother. He can get angry at his stepmother, but he definitely will not get angry at you.”

“You can be clever at times, huh?” Rose commented while looking at her.

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