Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 1267

Chapter 1267

Chapter 1167

Jean’s meaty face had pride written all over it as she boasted, “It has been so many years, after all. It is
only expected that I learn things such as watching others’ every mood and emotion.”

“Not bad. Keep it up.” Rose finally stopped showing disdain for a second there.

Jean, on the other hand, immediately let out a touched expression when she heard Rose’s words of

“Mother, this is the first time in so many years that you have complimented me!”

She was so overwhelmed she could shed tears right this instant.

As Rose looked at the woman, the tiny bit of satisfaction that arose disappeared in a puff of smoke, and
she quickly resumed feeling disgusted by Jean. “How was I supposed to compliment you after you did
all those stupid things in the past? Enough, now. Stop crying. You look horrible. You already looked bad
to begin with, and now you are only making it worse.”

Hearing that, Jean sniffled a few times and immediately stopped her sobs.

It was only then that Rose continued, “Do you know why Toby is so angry at the Lore Family this time?
He kept quiet even though he has always known how much the Lore Family have gained and caused
trouble in his name because Mr. Lore was his teacher. Take a guess why he has completely lost his
temper and cut ties with the Lore Family because of a single rumor.”

“Isn’t he trying to even the score on Sonia’s behalf?” Jean grumbled, her lips pursed.

Rose nodded at that. “That is only one of the reasons. The main reason Toby is so angry with the Lore
Family is because they bullied his lover, and they wanted to ruin his relationship with Sonny. They have
crossed his limits. After all, Sonny was the treasure that Toby had to pursue with great difficulty. Now
that the Lore Family want to take his treasure away from him again, it is to be expected that he would
get angry and decide to cut off his relationship with the Lore Family. And you, as Toby’s stepmother, are
supposed to be on Toby and Sonny’s side. But you chose to speak on behalf of the Lore Family. What
do you think Toby will do to you if he finds out about this?”

Rose’s cold gaze then drifted over, only to see how pale Jean had suddenly gotten.

What will Toby do to me? Jean mused.

I don’t know!

After all, she hadn’t thought about it.

However, there was a small voice inside her that told her that whatever Toby was going to do, it wasn’t
going to be something good.

As she pondered over it, she was suddenly riddled with panic, and she quickly grabbed Rose’s sleeve
to beg for mercy. “Mother, I understand now. I didn’t think things would get so bad. I was just… just…
Mother, please, don’t tell Toby about this. I beg of you. I am dead if you tell him…”

Jean started crying again as she spoke.

However, it was tears of fear that came out this time.

The only similarity was how ugly she looked still.

Seeing this, Rose couldn’t help but shift her gaze away again. “Alright, stop crying. When did I say I will
tell Toby?”

Jean’s sadness swiftly turned into joy when she heard those words. “You won’t tell Toby, will you,
Mother? Haha! Thank you, Mother! You are the best. I… I am so happy.”

Rose felt utterly exhausted looking at Jean’s ugly mug crying and laughing at the same time. “I choose
to not tell Toby because you are nice to him, but know that I won’t forgive you if you try anything with
him in the future even if you are the woman Homer loved.”

“Thank you, Mother.” When Jean heard Homer’s name, the expression on her face finally returned to
normal, and she gave her thanks more sincerely.

Rose waved her hand. “No more next time. Don’t promise people you would do things for them just
because they reward you with a little something. You are lucky you were thoughtful enough this time to
not go to Toby directly, and came to me instead. You would be doomed otherwise. Also, don’t interfere,
especially when it comes to Toby and Sonny’s business. There are things you can’t stick your nose
into. Your interference might make things worse, and make the children hate you. Do you understand

Jean nodded like a chick pecking at grains of rice when she heard that. “Understood. I really, really

won’t bother myself with anything from now on no matter what. I will close myself off and live my life. I
won’t ask anyone about anything too much.”
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“Now that is better. Alright, then. You can go if there is nothing else. This old lady needs to rest,” Rose
chased her off while she tiredly massaged her temples.

“Okay, Mother.” Jean stood up. “I will be leaving now. I will go back and teach Amelia Lestrange a
lesson for almost getting me in trouble.”

After saying that, she stormed out of the gazebo, looking like she was going to fight someone.

Seeing this, Rose could only resignedly shake her head and let Jean do as she willed. The elderly
woman had no intention of stopping Jean.

It was obvious that Rose was supportive of Jean’s wanting to rush over to the Lore Family’ to pick a
bone with them.

The Lore Family were truly disgusting people. She should probably let someone as wicked as Jean go
teach them a lesson so that they knew that the Fuller Family was their master who was merely
protecting the Lore Family. The Fullers did not, by any means, become the Lore Family’ slaves just
because they had their backs long enough.

Rose lowered her cold, fatigued eyes to look at the teacup in her hands.

On the other hand, Jean had scurried all the way to the entrance of the old manor.

She was still walking when she bumped into two people holding each other’s hands while walking in

her direction.

Her eyes widened in disbelief when she saw the duo.

Toby and Sonia?

As Jean subconsciously stopped in her tracks, she stared at the couple with a shocked gaze.

They were still some distance away from her as they happily chatted while holding hands. They hadn’t
noticed Jean at this point.

With their beautiful looks, the couple looked like a match made in heaven, appearance-wise.

Even if Jean didn’t like Sonia, she had to admit that the latter and Toby looked perfect standing
together at this exact moment.

However, this wasn’t as important as the reason they were here at the old manor.

As she was still deep in her thoughts, the couple had already reached her from the opposite side.

Toby was the first one to notice Jean standing there. His eyes had a hint of surprise when he saw her.

He knew that Jean avoided coming to the old manor like it was the plague because of how much she
feared Rose.

That was why he didn’t think he would see Jean at the old manor now.

His odd reaction didn’t go unnoticed by the woman beside him.

“What’s the matter?” Sonia asked before following his gaze.

The smile on her face gradually disappeared when she saw Jean standing not too far away. Even
Sonia’s great mood this morning seemed to have gone down the drain now.

It wasn’t like she could help it. Anyone would be in a bad mood if they saw someone they didn’t want to
see so early in the morning.

Naturally, Toby noticed Sonia’s reaction.

He proceeded to gently tuck her hair behind her ear as he reassured her in a soft voice, “Don’t be
scared. I’m here. I won’t let anyone wrong you.”

His words made her smile. “Alrighty. I will be leaving it to you, then. If I feel upset in any way, you will
be sleeping in the living room the whole of next month.”

Toby’s eyes immediately narrowed.

Sleep in the living room?

I can’t let that happen!

To him, being told to sleep in the living room was way worse than the worst punishments in the history
of mankind.

In order to not sleep in the living room, he had to make sure he protected Sonia so well that no harm
befell her.

Thinking of this, Toby took Sonia’s hand and walked to Jean before he automatically stood in front of
Sonia, completely blocking her behind him.

He knew that Jean didn’t like Sonia. Even though Jean wouldn’t dare do anything to Sonia with him
here, Toby couldn’t guarantee that Jean wouldn’t roll her eyes or express her dislike for Sonia in some
other way.

Just rolling her eyes was a form of bullying as well.

And so, even though Sonia might not allow herself to be harassed, Toby still covered her behind him so
that Jean wouldn’t have the chance to bully Sonia even in the slightest.

It was his responsibility as a man to protect her. He couldn’t not do anything just because she had the
means to protect herself.

Because if he stayed idle, could he even still call himself a man?

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