Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 1269

Chapter 1269

Chapter 1169

When he saw her behaving in such a way, he couldn’t help but ask, “What happened?”

Sonia immediately pursed her lips, which were covered, when she heard that.

What happened?

How dare this jerk ask what happened!

After receiving no response from her, he reached out his hand and grabbed her wrist, attempting to
move her hand away from her face. “Why are you covering your face? It’s difficult to breathe that way.
Put down your hands and stop covering yourself.”

Sonia, on the other hand, refused.

Her hands remained covering her face as she struggled to keep Toby’s hand from removing them.

However, her strength could not be compared to his.

Hence, he could easily take her hands away, revealing her face, which was as red as if blood was
about to spill out the next second.

Toby blinked when he saw that. He felt like he was looking at a freshly washed apple with water
droplets on it, making him drool.

It was a pity that they were in an inappropriate location, where Rose, who was sitting in a pavilion not
far behind, could clearly see what was going on here.

Otherwise, he would certainly hold her face and kiss her passionately.

After all, such an opportunity was rare.

A tinge of regret flashed through Toby’s eyes as a light sigh escaped his thin lips.

Such a pity.

Then he released her hands, stroked her warm cheeks, and inquired, “Why are you blushing? What

Sonia glared at him when she heard that. “What happened, you ask? Didn’t you hear what Mary said

Toby realized immediately why she was blushing the moment she said this. “That’s nothing. Everyone
knows about it anyway; there is nothing to be shy about,” he said with a laugh.

He had initially thought that there was something serious causing Sonia to blush to this extent, but it
turned out that it was just due to Mary’s teasing.

Toby was even startled at first, thinking she was sick.

“Of course, there’s nothing to be shy about for you; you’ve always had a thick skin. However, I don’t!”

She sneered and glared at him.

To that, he simply caressed her head and responded, “Okay, you’re right. I have thick skin. But what
happened happened, and you have to face it. You can’t be shy all the time. What if Grandma teases
you later as well? Are you going to be shy and blush once more?”

Sonia pursed her lips and said nothing in response, but she knew what Toby said was true.

But still, she was certain that would be the case later.

Regardless of who teased her about it, she would be embarrassed.

If Rose teased her over the same thing later, Sonia would still act the same way.

But even if that would be the case, she knew she had to face it.

She couldn’t possibly leave without greeting Rose simply for the sake of avoiding the awkwardness.

That would be really rude.

With this in her mind, Sonia took a deep, long breath to calm herself down before taking Toby’s hand
and forcing a smile at him. “Let us not think about it. I have to see Grandma, whether she teases me or
not, so there’s no point in worrying about it now. Let’s go see her right now.”

Following her words, Sonia tugged Toby along and led him to the pavilion.

Her stiff back figure, rigid steps, and forced, stiff smile all revealed that Sonia wasn’t willing to see

Rose. Instead, the former appeared to be under a threat from someone.

Toby was amused by her demeanor. Seeing her behaving in this manner, he teasingly tickled her palm.

That itched her. At this instant, all her mind was so focused on what he did that she couldn’t think about
how to deal with Rose’s teasing later.
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“What are you doing?” A dissatisfied Sonia stiffened her fingers and looked at him.

When he noticed she wasn’t nervous anymore and her eyes filled with her dissatisfaction and
complaints for him, he couldn’t help but find her amusing.

Such an ungrateful girl. I’m doing this for you!

Toby purposefully tickled Sonia to divert her attention in order to relieve her nervousness, and to stop
her from imagining something serious was set to happen later.

But she responded in such an unappreciative manner, glaring at him fiercely without even a second’s

Well, what could he do? He was the one who spoiled her.

He could only suffer by himself now.

Despite his pitiful feelings, Toby’s eyes were filled with pampering and loving tenderness. Smilingly, he
shook his head and murmured, “I’m sorry. That was unintentional. Perhaps you could tickle me back?”

Sonia merely snorted at that. “I’m not that petty to seek revenge.”

She then turned around and continued leading him inside with his hand in hers.

Soon, both of them walked into the pavilion.

Sonia heaved a deep breath, braced herself, and greeted Rose. “Grandma.”

Instead of looking at Rose when she greeted the older woman, Sonia lowered her gaze.

She was afraid of seeing an expression like Mary’s that she had seen earlier outside the pavilion.

That would be extremely awkward for Sonia.

Rose, on the other hand, couldn’t stop smiling when she saw Toby and Sonia still holding hands even
though they were standing in front of her. “Finally, you both are here. What were you talking about
outside earlier that you took so long to come in?”

Hearing that Rose did not tease Toby and her, Sonia was relieved.

Then, Toby pulled Sonia to sit right in front of his grandmother. “Nothing much. We were just whispering
sweet nothings to each other. Don’t get into it, Grandma.”

“Fine. Since it’s between you two, I won’t ask anymore,” Rose responded straightforwardly.

Her gaze was then drawn to Sonia’s face, which was still slightly red. When Rose saw that, she broke
out in a profound smile.

Just as she was about to say something, Toby clenched his fist and casually let out a light cough.

Rose looked at him as he raised his gaze.

They then both looked each other in the eye, as if communicating through their gazes.

A few seconds later, the elderly was the first to retract her gaze. She then turned to Sonia and smiled

Since her grandson had openly reminded her, she decided not to make fun of Sonia.

Otherwise, if Sonia was so embarrassed that she fled after being teased, it would be all Rose’s fault.

“By the way, Grandma, I saw Mom leaving the old manor on my way here with Little Leaf.” Toby
abruptly changed the subject of the conversation and brought up Jean.

That stunned Rose for a moment. “You bumped into Jean?”

“Yes.” Toby raised his head, stood up and took the teapot to pour some tea for Sonia and himself.

He then handed to Sonia one of the cups he’d poured the tea into and continued, “Why did she come
look for you here?”

Instead of answering his question, Rose countered, “Didn’t you ask her?”

Sonia, who was sitting by the side, was relieved of her nervousness when she saw Toby and Rose

talking about Jean. As she relaxed her tense body, the redness on her face faded. She then took the
cup of tea that Toby served her and began to sip it quietly while listening to the conversation between
the grandmother and grandson.

They were discussing Jean, and Sonia was not interested in getting involved.

“I asked, but she didn’t say anything. She left after saying hi to me,” Toby casually replied.

Rose nodded at that. “It’s nothing, actually. What other reason could she have for looking for an old
woman like me? She simply wants me to persuade Tyler to devote more time to his studies after
returning to the country and less time to basketball. I patronized her and sent her away.”

Since Rose had promised Jean to keep her reason for coming from Toby, the elderly woman would
abide by her promise.

After all, Jean treated Toby genuinely. Rose did not want to see them drifting apart just because of the
Logan Family. It wasn’t worth it.

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