Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 1274

Chapter 1274

Chapter 1174

Toby’s words sent a chill down Rose’s spine. Still, she tried to wriggle her way out of this mess as she
smiled sheepishly and shook her head. “No, you don’t have to call a doctor. It’s not a big deal. I just feel
dizzy, and I’ll be fine after a nap. I always feel dizzy, and I know how to make myself better. So you
don’t have to call the doctor over. It’s quite troublesome.”

D*mn, if you call the doctor over, you’ll know that I’m faking it! No way! Rose muttered in her heart.

The smirk on Toby’s face turned shaper. He walked forward and stopped behind Mary and Rose. “It is
not troublesome at all. We pay for the live-in doctor to be at our beck and all. If he thinks that a few
minutes of walking is a great deal of trouble, we should just fire him! Since we pay him, he is obliged to
treat his patients at any time, in any place, and under any circumstances, or it is a dereliction of his
duty, and I have the right to fire him. Grandma, do you want him to get fired?”
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“Of course, I—”

“If I’m not mistaken, the doctor we hire to care for your condition is Mary’s close relative.” He knew just
what Rose was going to say, so he interjected as soon as she opened her mouth and then looked at

In the face of Toby’s fearsome glare, Mary lowered her head guiltily.

She knew precisely why Toby brought up the family doctor and her relationship with the doctor at this
moment. Toby wanted to force both of them to come clean about the stew’s ingredients by threatening
them with the doctor’s employment.

Yikes, no wonder Young Master Toby is known as the Demon of the Business World. He will strike at
his opponent’s weaknesses in order to achieve his goals. The Fuller Family and Fuller Group are lucky
to have him as the head of the family and the company, but it is unfortunate for us to be under his reign
right now. Mary lamented bitterly in her heart.

Rose, on the other hand, was enraged. She turned around, poked Toby’s nose, and growled, “Hey,
b*stard, how dare you say such a thing?! What the hell are you thinking? Are you trying to break Mary’s

Toby shrugged innocently. “What are you talking about, Grandma? No, I’m not trying to break Mary’s
heart. I just think maybe it’s time to give the doctor a new job.”

“You’re bluffing! You know better than anyone what you’re implying.” Rose snorted coldly, refusing to
believe his nonsense.

Sonia also felt that Toby had gone too far, so she stood up and wanted to dissuade him, but before she
could say anything, Toby changed his tone, “Alright, Grandma. I was just joking. I didn’t actually want to
fire the doctor, but I need to reconsider his employment and trustworthiness in the future. You do know
that I hate being deceived the most. So, do you want to tell me what the stew is or not?”

Rose was about to refute him grumpily when Mary stopped her.

Finally, she sighed and looked at Toby, “Okay, I’ll tell you, but promise me that you won’t get angry.”

Toby’s expression softened slightly at her cooperation. “Alright, I promise I won’t get angry, and I’m

sorry for threatening you just now, but I hope you understand that it doesn’t feel good to be kept in the

Mary waved him off. “Yes, I understand, Young Master, and I’m not angry about that. I know that you
won’t do anything to the doctor and will not fire him even if I refuse to tell you the truth in the end. After
all, I kept you in the dark, not them, and you wouldn’t punish them for something they didn’t do. I raised
you, so I know you very well. Since I’m well aware of this, I know you’re just trying to scare me.”

Toby chuckled. “Wow, you saw through my tricks.”

Both Rose and Sonia breathed a sigh of relief, especially Rose, who thought that Toby would actually
go through with his threat so that he could get his hands on the ingredients behind the stew.

Mary was Rose’s best friend for decades, so much so that Rose had regarded Mary as family.

Toby’s threat to Mary would not only humiliate Rose but also break Mary’s heart.

She was worried that this incident would break Toby’s relationship with herself and Mary.

Fortunately, it was just a scare.

Rose sighed lightly and sat down.

Nevertheless, Rose was still a little upset with Toby’s attitude, although she knew that he simply
threatened them and did not intend to walk the talk.

Judging from Rose’s expression, Mary knew that she was unhappy with Toby, so she chuckled and

reassured her, “Old Madam, please don’t blame him. After all, it’s our fault. Although we made the stew
for his sake, we never considered if he would like the stew, and we did not tell him the truth about the
stew’s ingredients simply because we didn’t want to upset him. It’s our fault, to begin with, so we should
take his threat as our penalty. Let’s call it even.”

“You’re always siding with him!” Rose huffed and glanced at Mary in exasperation.

Mary smiled lightly before looking back at Toby. “Actually, the stew is good for you. The ingredients
have aphrodisiac effects.”

“A-Aphrodisiac effects?!” Toby’s lips and eyes widened in disbelief.

Mary nodded. “Yup.”

At this moment, Toby began to feel a headache. “Mary, do you think I need that? Or do you and
Grandma think I’m that frail?”

Do they really think I’m impotent, so they made me a stew with aphrodisiac ingredients?! Toby thought
in shock.

Sonia, who stood behind them, couldn’t help but burst out in laughter because she never expected that
this was the effect of the disgusting stew. Regardless, she felt that her abrupt laughter was rude and
would hurt Toby’s ego, so after a laugh, she quickly muffled her mouth and only revealed her smiling
eyes. However, her actions did not dissuade her from watching the hilarious interaction.

She simply tried to keep a straight face and force her bubbling laughter down her throat.

Toby could hear her giggling, and he felt a little dismayed. Only after clenching and loosening his fist in
his pocket several times did he force himself not to turn back and glare at Sonia in frustration.

Mary didn’t exactly know what Toby felt right now, but judging from his grumpy expression, she could
tell that he was up in arms.

Even Rose also pursed her lips sheepishly and began to think that she might have arrived at the wrong

“Uhm, please don’t misunderstand, Young Master. We have never thought that you are impotent, but
we just want to give you supplements. We’re just worried that your health is declining since you’re
getting older. Also, why must we take supplements when we’re not healthy? We must take
supplements all the time. If we only take supplements when we’re sick, it may not work as effectively,”
Mary explained.

Sonia covered her mouth and nodded with a smile, totally agreeing with Mary’s words. Yup, she’s right!

Tobe took a few deep breaths in order to suppress the urge to shout at them. He looked at Mary and
Rose and said with a plastic smile, “Oh, thanks a lot for your concern then.”

Mary waved him off with a relatively small smile. “You’re welcome. We—”

“It’s good that you know we care about you.” Rose tugged at Mary’s arm and accepted Toby’s thanks.

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