Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 1275

Chapter 1275

Chapter 1175

Rose thought matter-of-factly, Why shouldn’t we accept his gratitude? We truly care about him! He may
not like how we show our concern, but our concern is genuine and sincere. So, he should thank us,
shouldn’t he? So, it’s reasonable for me to accept his thanks, isn’t it? In that case, I can and will do so!

However, Mary glanced at Rose uneasily and communicated to her through her eyes, Old Madam, can
you not hear the sarcasm in Toby’s tone when he thanked us? No one says thank you with gritted
teeth! So it’s apparent that he is mocking us!

Rose blinked at her and communicated through her gaze, I don’t care if it’s sarcasm. The point is he
thanked us, so we should assume that he is sincere and accept his thanks graciously.

Mary hummed awkwardly and was rendered speechless by Rose’s logic. Therefore, she could only
smile awkwardly at Toby.

Toby observed their interactions closely and knew just what they were thinking.

To be honest, he was a little amazed at Rose’s cheekiness.

He deliberately thanked them sarcastically, but to his bewilderment, Rose accepted his gratitude
without hesitation. However, it made him feel like he was talking to a wall. Not only could he not get any
response from the wall, but he also felt defeated by the lack of response.

He wanted to say something more, but at this point, he didn’t know where to begin.

Sonia, standing behind him, raised her eyebrows because she knew Rose did that on purpose.

She seemed to realize why Toby was so cheeky and bold. From the looks of it, she felt that these must
be inherited traits.

Sonia touched her forehead and shook her head in amusement.

“Forget it. I don’t want to talk about other things. I want to know what is in that stew.” Toby massaged
his temples, feeling a headache building the further this conversation dragged on.

Mary opened her mouth and seemed hesitant. Then, she remembered that she had promised to tell
him the truth, so she took a deep breath and mumbled timidly, “Uh, we didn’t use any strange
materials. They are mainly a deer antler and a bull’s penis…”

When Mary said the words ‘a bull’s penis”‘, her voice was so soft that it was almost inaudible. Toby was
confident that she attempted to mumble the words because she didn’t want him to know the exact
ingredient. Still, he had to know, or he would eventually drive himself up the wall trying to figure out just
what was in that stew had succeeded in driving his faith in humanity to a new low.

“A bull’s what, Mary? Please say it clearly,” Toby frowned as he urged impatiently.

Mary glanced at Toby and then at the curious Sonia. Eventually, she caved as she closed her eyes and
yelled, “A BULL’S PENIS! Old Madam, let’s go, NOW!”

With that, she grabbed Rose’s hand, and both ran away as fast as lightning while Toby and Sonia were
left dumbfounded as they stared at their retreating figures.

Sonia was the first to regain her composure. When she laid her gaze on Toby, who was still wholly
flabbergasted by the reveal, she couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

It was just too hilarious, and there was no way she could keep a straight face after this!

A bull’s penis! Oh my gosh, a bull’s penis!

Toby actually drank a stew made of a bull’s penis! This was probably the first and last time he would
ever drink such a thing.

“Hahaha!” Sonia doubled over in laughter until her eyes turned teary.

Her laughter pulled Toby back to his senses. His handsome face turned pale and red in humiliation,
which made the whole thing even funnier.

He turned around and asked Sonia, who was sitting on the bench and couldn’t stop howling in laughter,
in a dangerous, “What’s so funny?”

Don’t you know why?! Sonia was laughing so hard that her stomach began to hurt. She knew that she
should probably stop, or the pain would worsen. But when she looked at his face, that was a cross
between ashamed and angered; she just couldn’t help herself. “N-Nothing. Hahaha! No, it’s nothing. I’m
not laughing because you d-drank that stew. I’m laughing because… because… Haha!”

Oh gosh, I surrender! I can’t make anything up right now! It gets funnier the more I think about it!

Toby felt enraged again when he watched Sonia chortling at him and heard the words ‘a bull’s penis’

from her mouth.

When he thought of the bowl of stew, he knew it would be nasty due to its strange stench, but it had
never crossed his mind that they used a bull’s penis to make the d*mned thing!

No wonder there was a gamey smell in the stew. How could it not smell gamey?!

Toby tried to suppress his rage by taking several deep breaths, but when he thought of the ingredients
in the stew, he could feel his blood boiling.

He could forgive Mary and Rose for suspecting that he was impotent and intending to give him
supplements in this regard.

What else could he do otherwise? He couldn’t punish them, could he?

They did this because they genuinely cared about him.

But why couldn’t they use other ingredients? There were so many ingredients in the world that had
aphrodisiac effects, so why did they have to choose such a disgusting one?!

His mouth was filled with that awful stench right now, and he couldn’t forget that he drank the stew
made from a bull’s penis!

Because of this matter, he was traumatized, and he estimated that it would take a long time before he
could look at a bowl of stew without thinking about that horrid crime to humanity.
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“Stop laughing.” Toby was furious and resigned when he looked at Sonia, who was still laughing.

He was frustrated because she didn’t feel sorry for him, and he was resigned because he loved her
and couldn’t bear to reprimand her for laughing at him.

Naturally, Sonia knew just how he felt based on his expression, and she felt a little guilty for laughing at
him, but she couldn’t help it. The matter was so funny that another round of giggles would start
whenever she thought of it.

“Sorry, sorry… I’m so sorry… I-I can’t help it. I’ve heard of people eating this stuff out of curiosity or for
the aphrodisiac purpose, but I never thought that you would be one of them, though unintentionally.
Seriously, I didn’t think you would ever encounter such a thing in your life, but thanks to Mary and
Rose, you gained such an experience! Oh gosh, it’s so funny. How do you feel right now?” Sonia wiped
the tears at the corners of her eyes and took several deep breaths. Finally, she managed to quell her

She would giggle from time to time, but it was indeed much better than the uncontrolled laughter

Toby looked in askance at her. “How do I feel? What do you think? Do you think I’ll feel good?!”

Other than those who loved to eat this kind of food, anyone would feel their stomach turning when they
found out that they had unintentionally eaten such a thing, right?

This was exactly what he felt right now. He felt utterly disgusted. In fact, the smell still lingered in his
mouth, and it made him want to puke again.

When she saw his tight frown and the grumpy and disgusted grimace on his face, she couldn’t help but

laugh out loud again, and her incessant laughter irritated Toby.

Toby’s glare darkened, and he stared at her. “How could you still laugh?”

“No, no… I’ll stop now.” Sonia waved her hands. “It’s just that… Hah! Oops, I’m sorry, I can’t help it.
Give me a minute. Let me calm down. I’ll stop laughing altogether when I calm down.”

After she said that, she raised her hands in surrender and began to take deep breaths.

When she was doing so, he kept staring at her with that deep gaze. He looked like a wolf who had just
locked his eye on his prey.

Sonia stopped her actions, swallowed nervously, and muttered, “Uh, can you please don’t look at me
like that? I’ll stop laughing at you, I promise.”

Alas, Toby remained unmoved, and he focused his gaze on her intently.

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