Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 1276

Chapter 1276

Chapter 1176

Toby’s glare was threatening enough that Sonia could feel her scalp numb under his penetrating gaze.
She rubbed her nose awkwardly and mumbled, “Uhm, are you worried that I’ll tell others about this?
Don’t worry. My lips are sealed. This is our secret. Also, you’re mine. When they mock you, they’re
mocking me too, so I won’t tell anyone, I promise. You can trust me on this.”

Toby remained silent.
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Sonia didn’t know what he was thinking about at this point. She blinked and huffed, “Are you still not
satisfied? What else do you want me to do? I know that you feel awful after drinking such a thing, and
perhaps, you are traumatized, but it’s not really a big deal. Grandma and Madam Mary kinda tricked
you into drinking it. It’s not like you drank it on purpose. Just let it go. You’ll forget about it soon. You—”

Before she could finish her sentence, he suddenly marched forward, grabbed her wrist, tugged her to
him harshly, and pulled her into his embrace. Then, he lowered his head and kissed her, forcing her to
swallow her tirade.

Sonia clearly did not expect Toby to kiss her suddenly. She froze on the spot, and her eyes widened in
shock. She was in a daze until he pried open her teeth with his tongue and stuck his tongue into her
mouth. When he did this, she smelled the strange stench from his mouth. Only then did she jolt awake
and retched in disgust. Her face turned ghastly pale as a result. She nudged his chest with all her
might, trying to shove him away.

She had to keep her distance from him because his mouth was really gross at the moment.

Of course, she knew that it was not his bad breath. She had smelled the stew before, so she could
immediately recognize the stench in his mouth.

Yet, she didn’t expect the stench’s residue to remain in his mouth for so long. It showed how awful the
stench of that stew was and how long the stench lasted.

At this moment, all Sonia could smell was the stench of the stew. She felt disgusted and wanted to
puke, but Toby kept kissing her and refused to release her. Because of his kiss, she had to endure her
urge to vomit. Her face was pallid, and her eyes turned watery under such torment.

In her honest opinion, they kissed for far too long until she finally got used to the stench. It was only
then that Toby released her as if he felt sorry for her.

As soon as she broke free from his embrace, she immediately pushed him away, bent down, pressed
one hand on the table, and proceeded to throw up. The sound of her vomiting echoed across the yard.
It was easy to tell that she felt thoroughly grossed out.

Toby stood beside her and wiped the saliva on the corner of her mouth with his thumb. He felt
distressed to see her in such a state. Then, he grabbed the glass of water and handed it to her. “Here,
rinse your mouth.”

Sonia glared at the glass of water in his hand and then at the concerned-looking Toby with redrimmed
eyes. Then, she snatched the glass of water indignantly and rolled her eyes at him.

Toby knew from her reaction that she was pissed. Yet, all he could do was smile at her,

D*mn, I’m so pissed! I have never met such a horrible b*stard! Why did he kiss me when his mouth
stinks?! Now, even my mouth stinks! Oh dear, my mouth is full of the stench. I can even smell it when I
open my mouth. Argh, it’s so disgusting!

At the thought of this, she began to feel her stomach roiling in disagreement, and she wanted to throw
up again. Thus, she hurriedly raised her head to drink the water and rinse her mouth again, utterly
ignoring Toby’s presence.

Toby stood beside her and patted her back gently to ease her discomfort.

When she was rinsing her mouth and gargling, she was pretty surprised that water worked wonders. As
she finished the glass of water, the stench in her mouth faded considerably, and she felt less disgusting
now, but—

Sonia cupped her palms over her mouth and exhaled. Then, she smelled the breath she exhaled and
began to hurl again.

Indeed, the smell did not completely disappear. It only faded.

Sonia wanted to cry in anguish right now. Therefore, she turned and glared at Toby. “It’s all your fault!
My mouth stinks now!”

“I know.” Toby covered his lips and coughed sheepishly. “I kissed you on purpose.”

Sonia widened her eyes in utter disbelief. “What the hell did you say?! Y-You kissed me on purpose?!
You purposely wanted to infect me with this?!”

His eyes darted elsewhere, refusing to meet her infuriated gaze.

Sonia’s whole body trembled in rage. “Hey, don’t look elsewhere. Look at me! Tell me, why did you kiss

Toby looked at her and confessed candidly, “It’s simple. You laughed at me, so I wanted you to get a
taste of this. In this way, I drank the stew physically, and you drank it indirectly, so you can no longer
tease me.”

Sonia was rendered speechless as she didn’t expect such a simple reason to be the reason for her
current predicament. Just because she laughed at him, he retaliated against her out of anger and made
her mouth stink too.

What the heck…

“You’re such a nasty b*stard. Why didn’t I know that you’re so petty?” Sonia was so angered that she
lashed out.

Toby sheepishly scratched his nose and didn’t say a word.

Sonia was huffing and puffing indignantly. “Alright, I’ll remember what you did to me. You’re not allowed
in my room tonight. Go and sleep on the couch.”

“What?!” Toby was aghast. He couldn’t believe his ears.

What did she just say? Did she ask me to sleep on the couch tonight? Did she literally kick me out of
the room tonight to sleep on the couch? No way!

“Little Leaf—” He wanted to explain, hoping that she could change her mind, but Sonia raised her hand
and silenced him. “Don’t call me by my nickname. I don’t want to hear it. You retaliated against me for
laughing at you, so now this is my revenge against you. So there!”

After she said that, she stormed out of the gaze in annoyance.

She wanted to desperately brush her teeth to get rid of the stench in her mouth. It was so gross.

It was all the petty Toby’s fault! She just laughed at him a little, but how could he do this to her?!

She was determined to refuse him entry into the bedroom, nor would she give in. Argh, I’m so pissed!

Sonia quickened her pace with reddened eyes due to fury this time.

Toby followed after her, trying to think of something so he could get back into her good graces again.
He could sense her aggravation even if he could not see her face right now.

He admitted that he had gone a bit too far, but he didn’t regret it.

If he didn’t do such a thing, he would be the only one who drank the awful stew, and she would have
the chance to mock him forever.

In order to put an end to this situation, he had to drag her down with him. Both of them had to drink the
stew, and they had to experience this… Horror together. Only by doing so would she stop mocking him
about this matter.

At the thought of this, Toby curled his lips into a faint smile and was obviously in a better mood. In fact,
he could somewhat accept the fact that the stench still lingered in his mouth.

He also anticipated her annoyance before kissing her, so he was not worried. He would attempt to coax
her later, so whether or not he would sleep on the couch tonight was still up in the air.

He shrugged nonchalantly and followed behind her leisurely, kicking pebbles from time to time.

On the other hand, Sonia knew that Toby was following her, although she kept walking at a fast pace.
After all, his footsteps were loud, and she could hear them clearly.

At first, she assumed that Toby followed her because he knew that she was pissed, so he wanted to
coax her and apologize for what he had done just now.

Because of this assumption, she slowed down a little, allowing him to catch up with her. Yet, after she
slowed her pace, he didn’t even chase after her, which was very strange.

Toby had long legs, and he usually wasn’t one to amble. So, she knew he could catch up to her quickly
if he wanted.

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