Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 1279

Chapter 1279

Chapter 1179

Before Toby could say anything, Sonia had already stretched her hand toward Tom. “Show me! I want
to see the photos.”

She wanted to know how Charles and his men beat Connor up and were extremely curious about the

Toby took another glance at the eager Sonia and finally nodded. “Show us.”

“Alright,” Tom answered, reached into his pocket, and grabbed his phone. Then, he tapped on the
screen twice, turned the phone around, and showed the screen to Toby and Sonia.

Sonia and Toby leaned forward slightly so they could get a better look at the photos, and sure enough,
Sonia saw the image on the screen.

The photo was not very clear because it was zoomed in. In fact, it was a little blurred, but they could
see the content quite well.

In the photo, Connor was leaning against the crumbling wall. His face was severely bruised; it was ugly
enough that it was only a face a mother could love. His nose was bleeding, and there was blood at the
corner of his mouth. One of his eyes was swollen, so much so that he had a slit for an eye.

Not only that, but he also looked utterly disheveled. Of course, his face was a mess, but even his
usually coiffed hair was in disarray. He no longer looked dignified and wise like she used to see him in
the past.

Connor, in the photo, looked as pathetic and miserable as a beggar.

The brown sack covering the lower half of his body was eye-catching.

It was evident that the other party had just released Connor from the sack, revealing only his head and
upper body. His lower body was still in the sack.

“Wow, he looks terrible.” Sonia leaned back on the seat and clicked her tongue lightly.

Toby raised his eyebrows and leaned back without a comment.

Tom kept the phone away and quipped, “Yes. Judging from the bruises on his face, I can immediately
tell that the people who beat him up targeted his face as they gave him a good beating. I estimated that
his body was bruised too, but our men could only take photos from a distance for fear of being
discovered, which was why the photos weren’t in high definition. Otherwise, we may be able to see his
condition clearly.”

“It’s not a big deal. Just find out which hospital Connor went to and get the report. It’s that simple, isn’t
it?” Toby curled his lips slightly and suggested.

Tom slapped his thigh again. “You’re right! How could I forget? Okay, I’ll ask our men to investigate this

After that, Tom lowered his head and began to draft the message, saying, “I wonder who Connor has
offended this time that resulted in such a beating. Maybe, we can take the initiative to become allies.

After all, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Maybe they know something about Connor that we
don’t. Then, we can exchange information, and it’ll be easier if we want to move against him in the

Sonia shook her head, indicating that she didn’t know much about Connor. In fact, she didn’t know as
much about Connor as they did.

Toby noticed Sonia’s reaction again and chuckled because that confirmed his speculation. “You’re
going to be disappointed. The people who beat Connor up don’t know much about Connor, so you
won’t get what you want.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Tom and Sonia turned and looked at him simultaneously.

“How can you be so sure, Mr. Fuller?” Tom asked. Sonia was curious to know the answer to the
question too.

Toby disregarded Tom and smirked at Sonia. “You had someone beat up Connor, didn’t you?”

Sonia’s eyes widened in shock, and she was dumbstruck.

Tom was even more bewildered, so much so that he looked at Sonia in disbelief and shrieked shrilly,
“What?! Miss Reed, did you order someone to beat him up?!”

Sonia looked at the astonished Tom and then at Toby, who looked like everything was within his
calculations. Eventually, she sighed. “Yup, I did it, but how did you find out? I didn’t say anything, nor
did I want to tell you about it.”

Toby took her hand and played with it. “It wasn’t hard for me to find out. It’s true that you didn’t say
anything about being the mastermind behind Connor’s beating, but your reaction and expression
exposed you.”

“My reaction and expression?” Sonia blinked in bewilderment, obviously not realizing what kind of
response she had made that exposed herself.

Toby took her hand to his lips and kissed it gently before revealing the truth, “When Tom told us that
someone covered Connor with a sack and beat him up, the first reaction for those who didn’t know the
truth should be surprised. I was surprised because not only did I not expect Connor to be beaten, but
also the way he was roughed up.”

“Yes, you’re right!” Tom nodded profusely. “As I said, when I first heard the news, I thought that I
misheard it or our men were joking. Anyway, I couldn’t believe that someone actually beat Connor black
and blue until I saw the photos.”

Toby didn’t respond to Tom’s remark. He raised his chin slightly and continued, “But, Little Leaf, you
were not surprised at all when you heard the news. In fact, you smiled. It was not the kind of delightful
smile when your enemy was beaten, but it was the smug smile after you achieved your purpose. How
could a person not be surprised and smile when learning about this? This would only happen when you
were the one who arranged this and knew about his beating. So—”

Toby stopped without finishing his sentence, but Sonia and Tom knew what he meant.

Sonia shrugged in resignation. “Oh, I see. I thought that as long as my lips were sealed, you would not
know that I was the mastermind, but I didn’t expect that my reaction would betray me. What is more
shocking is that you paid attention to my reaction when you learned that Connor was beaten up and

could even come to such a conclusion within minutes. You’re so scary because no one can hide
anything from you. I suddenly have more sympathy for your enemies.”

Toby kissed her fingers and smiled enchantingly. “Thank you for the compliment, Little Leaf. I feel very

“Hah!” Sonia glared at him and withdrew her hand. “It wasn’t a compliment.”

Toby chuckled and didn’t say anything.

Tom swallowed nervously, and his eyes were full of shock as he looked at Sonia as if seeing her under
a new light. “Miss Reed, did you really do it?”

“Yup.” Sonia chuckled shyly.

“D*mn!” Tom gasped in surprise. “I would never have thought that you could do something like this!”
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Sonia waved him off and chuckled in embarrassment.

Toby crossed his legs elegantly and regarded her curiously. “So, why did you do it?”

Tom also looked at Sonia with glowing eyes because he was intrigued as well.

Sonia stuck her tongue out cheekily. “Well… I’m trying to help you out.”

“Help me out?” Toby was shocked at first, and then his eyes and voice turned gentle and tender as he
said, “Why do you want to help me out?”

Toby’s voice was so different than usual that Tom felt goosebumps and rubbed his arms in discomfort.

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