Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 128

Chapter 128

Chapter 128

However, Rebecca chuckled coldly. “Why did you even lie to me in the first place? Why would the Young
Master of the Coleman Family trick a vagabond like me?”

Zane coughed awkwardly. “Well, I didn’t do it on purpose. It wasn’t like you tried to ask me about it.”

“Are you saying that it’s my fault?” Rebecca’s eyes widened while Zane quickly motioned with his hands
to indicate that he surrendered. “No, no, how would I dare to try to blame you? It’s my fault. Everything is
my fault, alright?”

“That’s more like it. Go and get your luggage.”(This novel will be daily updtaed at She
acted as if she wanted to kick him as he pouted and went to the trunk to obediently unload their luggage
while Tyler tagged along

The three of them quickly headed to the mansion along with their luggage while Toby gently pinched
Tina’s hand since she wasn’t in a good mood. Then, he spoke softly, “Let’s go in as well, Tina.”

“Sure.” Tina forced a smile as she nodded.

Then, the group of five started to head toward the mansion with their luggage.

Right as they entered the living room, the noise of footsteps rang out along the staircase and all of them
looked up to see Charles in a casual outfit walking downstairs in his pair of flip-flops.

Upon seeing that group of five, his mouth was agape. “Why are you guys here?”

“What’s up, President Lane?” Zane raised his eyebrow before he smiled and waved at Charles.

Rebecca nodded before she greeted as well, “Hey, President Lane.”

Besides these two, the other three people had different reactions.
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Since Tyler had already disliked Charles, Tyler harrumphed and turned in the opposite direction.

Toby, on the other hand, frowned as he came to a realization that the other couple

was indeed Charles and Sonia.

“Tina…” Toby turned to the woman next to him and gave her a worried look.

At the same time, Tina’s hands, which were hidden from view, clenched together as her nails dug into
her palm. Still, she tried her best to maintain a soft smile. “Don’t worry, Toby. I know what you’re thinking
about and I’ll try my best to control myself so that she won’t emerge.(This novel will be daily updtaed at” Damn it, damn it! All I wanted is to go on a date with Toby to strengthen our
relationship, but it seems like God is really against me. Not only Zane and the others are here to mess
things up, Sonia and her companion are also the other couple.

“Who is she?” Tyler asked curiously as he hugged his basketball while Zane and Rebecca looked at Tina
with an eccentric expression.

Tina bit her lips. “S-She is…

As she didn’t know how to answer, she gave the man next to her a pleading look before he lowered his
gaze and nonchalantly answered, “It’s nothing. Stop asking things that are none of your business.”

“Tsk. What do you mean by none of their business? I bet you just don’t want to tell them about it.”
Charles crossed his arms disdainfully.

“President Lane, do you know what he’s talking about?” Zane turned toward Charles.

Charles smirked. “Of course. She’s—”

“Charles Lane!” Toby coldly interrupted. Anger was evident in his eyes, which made him look terrifying.
“You’re in no position to disclose Tina’s private matter.”

Charles pursed his lips. “Sure, I won’t tell them then. However, do you honestly think that you can keep it
a secret from them?”

After that, he turned around and wanted to head back to his room on the third floor as he didn’t feel like
going downstairs anymore.

“Hang on, President Lane.” Rebecca suddenly called out to Charles.

Her voice had caused him to stop in his tracks. “What’s wrong?”

“President Lane, may I know what floor you are on so that I can stay on the same

floor as well? I don’t want to be on the same floor as that manipulative woman as I’m scared that it might
bring me bad luck.”

She took a glance at Tina while Tina bit her lip in pity and asked, (This novel will be daily updtaed at“Miss Harper, what are you implying? Since when am I manipulative?”

“Did I ever mention that I was talking about you?” Rebecca retorted nonchalantly.

Tina, who was taken aback, replied, “You and I are the only women here now, so who are you implying if
it’s not me?”

“Well, I didn’t say your name.” Rebecca denied the accusation.

Upon hearing Rebecca’s denial, Tina was so pissed off she wanted to stomp the ground

At the same time, Charles and Zane looked like they were enjoying the drama while they watched in a
good mood.

Even Tyler somehow felt better when he saw Tina being bullied.

“Toby..” Tina’s eyes reddened before she turned to look at Toby.

His eyes narrowed dangerously before he stared at Zane. “You’re responsible for her since you are the
one who brought her here. This is her first warning. Don’t blame me later if she dares to bully Tina

However, Zane shrugged and acted nonchalantly before speaking to Rebecca, “You really shouldn’t be
so straightforward when you dislike someone else. Look at what has happened. Even I received a
warning because of you.”

“Somehow, I feel like you’re not afraid of being warned.” She rolled her eyes before she carried her
luggage and walked toward Charles.

“Am I that obvious?” Zane touched his face before he grabbed his luggage and went after her.

At the same time, Tyler turned toward Toby and Tina before he looked at those three retreating figures.

Finally, Tyler looked as if he had made a decision and grabbed his luggage. “Well,

Toby, Tina, I think it’s better if I stay with them so that I won’t disturb you guys.”

Then, he ran after them, leaving Toby and Tina in the living room.

If it wasn’t for what Rebecca had said, Tina would have been happy with the arrangement for them to
stay on the third floor while she and Toby remained on the second floor.

Yet, she couldn’t help but feel like they were both being excluded on purpose.

Although Toby had the same suspicion, he couldn’t give a damn as he carried Tina’s luggage. “Alright.
Let’s head upstairs too.”

“Sure,” Tina answered with a dull tone.

On the third floor, Zane and Tyler rushed to the racecourse after they unpacked their bags. Rebecca
didn’t tag along; she stayed in the mansion with Charles to wait for Sonia to wake up.

About half an hour later, Sonia woke up and headed downstairs. When she saw Rebecca, who was
sitting on the couch in the living room and watching TV, she couldn’t help but become dumbfounded,
thinking that she was having an illusion. Nevertheless, even after she had rubbed her eyes, Rebecca
was still there. Looks like I’m not imagining this and that is really Rebecca.

“Hey, Rebecca,” Sonia greeted.

Rebecca turned around at the voice. “You’re finally awake, President Reed.”

Sonia nodded. “Why are you here?”

“Zane called me and invited me here,” Rebecca replied as she switched off the television.

She had already received Zane’s call for help earlier in the morning and before she could even get out of
bed, she agreed without giving much thought.

Rebecca only found out that he wanted to enlist her help to ruin Toby and Tina’s date after she entered
the car. (This novel will be daily updtaed at It was also then that she finally
discovered Zane’s real identity, which made her pissed off.

“Zane is here as well?” Sonia looked stunned.

Before Rebecca could reply to her, Charles emerged from the kitchen with a glass of water. “Of course.
He’s not the only one as even Tyler is here. By the way, I forgot to tell you that the other couple is Toby
and Tina.”

Upon hearing that, Sonia’s lips twitched and she could feel her heart tightening. It seems like I can never
avoid those two no matter where I go.

“Sonia, why don’t we head home?” He handed her the glass of water. “It would be bad if Tina tries to
attack you with the excuse of her dissociative identity disorder being triggered.”

“Dissociative identity disorder?!” Rebecca exclaimed in shock. “So, the ‘her’ that Tina was referring to…”

“That’s right.” Charles nodded before he explained what had happened when Sonia was briefly pushed
off the stairs.

Rebecca took a deep breath as Sonia shook her head and answered, “No, we are not going back. Why
should we leave when they’re here? Wouldn’t that make it look like we are afraid of her? Moreover, Zane
and Tyler are here as well, so I believe that Tina won’t try to pull off anything.”

“President Reed is right.” Rebecca agreed. “I bet you guys don’t know this, but Zane asked me and Tyler
to come to mess around with Toby and Tina so that they won’t be able to enjoy a nice weekend. I bet she
won’t even have time to target you as she will get a handful from Zane.”

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