Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 1282

Chapter 1282

Chapter 1182

“Miss Reed, you’re right.” Tom nodded. “He sure got his retribution for what he had done, or I would
doubt the existence of the heavens.” There was a hint of flattery in his words.

Sonia smiled. “Thank you for your words, Tom.”

“You’re welcome, Miss Reed.” Tom waved his hands shyly. “I’m just stating the facts, am I not, Mr.

Toby remained silent.

Sonia looked solemn again as she turned to Toby and asked, “By the way, do you know what Connor
used to threaten you so that you could spare Anya?”

Toby shook his head. “I don’t know. I asked him, but instead of telling me what it was, he said that he
would put the relic at auction if I didn’t comply with his request, and he emphasized that there would be
many buyers interested. He even said that the person who bought it could—” He clenched his fist
tightly, and his expression became gloomy. “—catch a glimpse of my mother.”

“Catch a glimpse of her?” Sonia frowned. “What else can someone catch a glimpse of your mother
other than photos, portraits, videos, and so on? Did he mean any of those things?”

“I don’t know, but it’s highly likely.” Toby’s gaze darkened. “I’m most worried that it was a video—’that’
kind of video.”

Any adult would know what Toby meant by ‘that’ kind of video.

Back then, Connor and Jean, Toby’s mother, were a couple, and it was normal for them to have a
sexual relationship.

Moreover, many couples loved to take photos or videos when they were making love. Even if one of
them did not like it or was resistant to the idea, the other party might secretly take photos or videos
without their partner’s consent.

Sonia didn’t know if this was what happened when Jean and Connor were dating or if the relic that
Connor mentioned was the video she and Toby assumed it was.

At this moment, the cabin was so silent that only the sound of heavy breathing echoed across the
place, which was quite depressing.

After a while, Sonia squeezed Toby’s hand as if she had made up her mind and looked at him. “Toby,
how about agreeing to his condition?”

“What did you say?!” Toby and Tom stared at her in shock. Apart from being shocked, Toby’s face
quickly became unreadable.

Sonia took a deep breath and looked into Toby’s eyes calmly. “We don’t know what Connor has, and
we can only hazard a guess, but that doesn’t matter because we can’t take the risk. She’s your mother.
No matter how you feel about her now, she will always be your mother. We can’t let anyone exploit her
like this and ruin her reputation even when she is dead. Toby, you should know the consequences if the
worst-case scenario comes true and if someone buys it and publicizes it. Not only your mother but you,

Rose, and your family will also suffer the backlash. Your company will be attacked because of it. No
matter how strong your company is, it will collapse eventually if everyone gangs up on it.”

Toby and Tom did not refute it because all her points were logical.

Sonia continued, “I don’t want to see you suffer from ridicule and mockery because of your mother, nor
do I want to see Rose being disturbed at her age because of her daughter-in-law. So I’d rather you
agree to Connor’s conditions, spare Anya, and get the relic back.”

Toby moved his lips and wanted to say something, but the words did not come out of his mouth
because Sonia was absolutely right. Her points made sense, and she knew his main concerns if
Connor used the relic against him.

He didn’t care about his reputation or others’ mockery.

What he cared about was Rose. He couldn’t let Rose be affected negatively because of his mother.

Rose had only two years to live now.

If the relic that Connor mentioned was the thing he assumed, someone might be interested and buy it,
and they might publicize it.

He didn’t mind if his family became the butt of everyone’s jokes, but it was highly likely that Rose would
have a heart attack in a fit of rage and pass away. He couldn’t take such a risk.

Therefore, when he heard Sonia’s explanation, he didn’t immediately start another argument and even
showed traces of willingness to compromise because he couldn’t afford to pay the price. Contents belong to NovelDrama.Org

“Won’t you feel upset if I spare Anya?” Toby finally asked in a hoarse voice after a long moment of

Sonia nodded, then shook her head. “A little. After all, Anya and I despise each other, and I really want
her to be apprehended and punished, but it’s not as important as you, the Fullers, and Rose. Also, with
Anya’s hatred for me, she will definitely attack me again, and I can deal with her later. The important
thing to do now is to retrieve Jean’s relic and protect her dignity. Toby, you’re a smart man. You know
which one is the right decision, don’t you?”

Sonia looked at Toby nervously, fearing that he would refuse because he didn’t want her to be upset.
Thankfully, he didn’t disappoint her as he hugged her tightly and mumbled against her neck, “I’m sorry!
I’m so sorry for putting you through this.”

He would make it up to her.

She graciously sacrificed herself for his sake, and he couldn’t take her sacrifice for granted, so he
would definitely make it up to her.

“No, you don’t have to apologize to me.” Sonia returned his embrace. “I already said that I have all the
time in the world to deal with Anya.”

“I know, but I can’t help feeling sorry for you. Anya bullied you, but you had to give up punishing her
because of my family. I’m so sorry, but don’t worry. Your compromise will not be in vain.” There was a
horrifying glint of darkness in Toby’s eyes which he concealed from Sonia.

Sonia pushed him away and looked at him deeply. “W-What are you planning?”

Toby stroked her hair. “You’ll know soon.”

Sonia knew that he would not say anything no matter how much she interrogated him, so she simply
nodded. “Alright then. Hurry up to see Anya and get the relic back as soon as possible. We don’t want
him to give him a chance to go back on his words.”

“I will.” Toby lowered his eyes and hid the ruthlessness lurking within the depth of his eyes.

Sonia leaned on his chest. “Well, this is what I want to tell you. Although I didn’t tell you immediately,
it’s not too late.”

“Thank you.” Toby ran his fingers through her hair gently.

“You’re welcome.” Sonia giggled. “You’ve done so much for me all this time, but I didn’t do much for
you. So, just consider this as me taking the chance to finally repay you, even if it isn’t much.”

“Miss Reed, you’re such a nice person,” Tom praised her sincerely.

“Thank you.” Sonia smiled at him. Then, she poked Toby’s back with her finger, signaling him to
release her.

This time, he let her go without hesitation, unlike the previous times when he refused to do as she

“It’s getting late. We should go to the office now. Remember to meet up with Connor later,” Sonia

advised as she regarded Toby seriously.

“Yup, that’s what I plan to do too.” Toby nodded.

“Let’s go then.” Sonia made herself comfortable.

Toby glanced at Tom and ordered, “Drive.”

Tom acquiesced immediately and started the car.

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