Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 1284

Chapter 1284

Chapter 1184

At the thought of this, Toby suddenly reflected on some of the things he had learned from the dramas
and novels in the past.

He looked at Sonia beside him, his eyes flickering slightly, and his expression seemed a little strange.

Then, he coughed lightly and muttered, “Little Leaf, were some of my previous actions very tacky,
sleazy, and silly?”

Sometimes, in the drama, the female protagonist would be very touched and happy when the male
protagonist said or did something romantic, and she would feel that he was very handsome and

He was clueless at that time as he wondered if the male protagonist was really as romantic and
handsome as the female protagonist had said, but he didn’t have an answer. Hence, he figured that it
must be true because of the dramas.

Because of this, he took note of what the male protagonist did and said, modified them slightly, and
applied the same method to her.

Previously, it had never crossed his mind that his words or actions would be tacky and sleazy, but after
hearing Sonia’s comments about these dramas and novels, he began to doubt himself. Now he couldn’t
help but wonder if he was as tacky as she had described.

If that were the case, it would be so awkward and embarrassing that he wished he could hide like an

ostrich now.

Sonia could tell what Toby was thinking by observing his flickering eyes and embarrassed face. She
chuckled before saying, “Not really. You’re handsome and charming, to begin with, and your actions
were not as exaggerated as the protagonists in the dramas, so they were not very sleazy, but maybe a
little corny and puzzling.”

He was relieved after hearing her comment, and his discomfort faded.

Although he had made a fool of himself, it was not as bad as he had thought.

He would rather be corny and puzzling than sleazy.

He knew what sleazy meant. To him, sleazy was used to describe a middle-aged man who was fat and
bald but still thought of himself as God’s gift to humanity. It might be a little different from what she
meant, but it was not far off.

“Explain corny and puzzling,” he mumbled reluctantly.

Although these two were better than sleazy, their definitions were only slightly better than sleazy.

She winked at him and smiled. “Don’t worry. Yours is the cute kind of corny and puzzling.”

“Cute?” He raised his eyebrows in surprise.

“Yup. Sometimes, I was confused when you said those cheesy words or did those corny actions, but

you made me wonder why you would say or do such a thing, that’s all. I never felt that something was
wrong with your—” Sonia pointed at her head.

Toby’s expression darkened instantly. So, should I be happy that you aren’t treating me like I’m a

When she noticed his grumpy expression, she squeezed his hand lightly and reassured him, “Alright,
don’t overthink this. I said that you were cute, although you were a little cheesy and confusing, didn’t I?
But I have to admit that you swept me off my feet with those words and actions. Also, as a man who is
so cool and indifferent, you are more relatable when you do those things, so I didn’t say anything wrong
when I used the word ‘cute’ to describe you.”
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Yes, it was attributed to his excellent appearance and temperament. However, his actions and words
would not be cute if he looked ordinary. It would genuinely be sleazy, corny, and disgusting.

Sonia didn’t say this out loud, but her expression betrayed her.

Of course, the keen Toby could tell what she was thinking. He didn’t feel happy at all, but rather more
depressed because it was all thanks to his good looks that he received a positive comment from her.

He touched his face, wondering if he should feel happy or angry.

Well, he should be happy. At least it showed that she liked his face and would continue to love him
because of how he looked.

At the thought of this, he shook his head and smiled. “I won’t watch those dramas again.”

“Good.” Sonia nodded. “There’s no benefit in watching those things. It will only challenge your

Her greatest fear was that one day, he would be carried away and transform himself from an excellent
gentleman to a sleazy and domineering man. It would be so devastating that even his stunning looks
wouldn’t be able to save him.

After she pondered the matter for a moment, she said, “Anyway, I like just the way you are. Just be
yourself. You don’t need to learn from others to maintain our relationship. Do it your way, and follow
your heart. Others have their own ways of maintaining their relationship, and it doesn’t feel natural if
you apply the same method to ours. It feels like we’re dating under someone else’s guidance. What do
you think?”

Toby looked at her and didn’t say anything, although he felt what she said made sense.

Sonia wiggled to his side, wrapped her arms around his, and rested her head on his shoulder, “So,
don’t just listen and take others’ advice about how to date someone, especially Tom’s. How does he
know since he doesn’t even have a girlfriend? And you! How can you believe what he says?”

Toby glanced at the partition coldly as if he could see Tom through the partition.

“Got it. I won’t take others’ advice and learn from their methods. We will do it our way. Although I will
stumble and fall when I try to find my way, I’ll become more mature along the way, and we will
appreciate and cherish the relationship even more. Then, maybe, we will love each other more too.” He
tilted his head slightly and looked at her in his embrace, his gaze ever so loving and tender.

She nodded firmly. “Good. Since you are working hard for the sake of our relationship, I have a reward

for you.”

A reward?

His eyes lit up with delight. He swallowed nervously, and his voice became husky. “What reward? Will
you not let me sleep on the couch tonight?”

“Hah, right!” Sonia let go of his arm, sat straight, and pouted at him. “Don’t even think about coming
back to the room. That’s for another time.”

He instantly lowered his head in disappointment.

She felt amused when she looked at his beaten demeanor and shook her head with a helpless smile.
Did he have to be so disappointed just because she didn’t let him sleep with her tonight?

Then, she leaned forward slightly and kissed him on the cheek. “Here, this is the reward. Alright, I’m
going to be late for work. You should hurry and get your mom’s relic back too. Don’t take too long, or
Connor will auction the item because he assumes you don’t want it. It will be a big problem then. Hurry
and go. I’ll see you tonight.”

With that, she hastily got out of the car while Toby was in a daze. That was because she knew she
wouldn’t be able to leave the vehicle if he came to his senses before she made her escape.

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