Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 1285

Chapter 1285

Chapter 1185

Sonia knew Toby like the back of her hand. So, she knew that he loved to shower her with affection and
then push his chances for something more.

Now that she had kissed him, if she stayed put until he regained his composure, he would definitely
kiss her back and directly aim for her lips. Moreover, he would not let her go until he had enough.
Therefore, she had to seize the chance and make her escape to freedom.

Thus, she quickly opened the door, got out of the car, and closed the door. It took her less than a
minute to do it, and the whole process was smooth and swift. She had always maintained the mantra
‘slow and steady wins the race’. Hence, judging from her speedy actions, it just indicated how
‘frightened’ she was about how he showed his affection.

Still, after Sonia got out of the car, she looked through the window and waved with a smile. The window
was tinted, and she couldn’t see him clearly, but it didn’t stop her from waving her goodbyes before
walking around the back of the car and toward Paradigm Co.

Toby, who was inside the vehicle, finally snapped back to his senses. He touched his cheek and looked
at the empty seat beside him. Then, he abruptly turned to look out the window and saw Sonia’s figure
rounding the rear of the car.

He knew that she was walking to the office, so he quickly wound down his window.

She happened to hear the sound of the window lowering, so she instinctively halted her movements
and turned to look. Toby’s handsome face greeted her as their eyes met.

“You escaped after you kissed me, huh?” Toby opened his lips and teased in a low and pleasant voice.

“Of course!” Sonia grinned. “If I waited any longer, you might kiss me back and not let me leave, am I

A trace of guilt flashed across his eyes because she was correct in her assumption. He coughed lightly
and blurted, “No, I wouldn’t do that.”

“Yeah, right! Do you think I don’t know what you’re thinking?” Sonia crossed her arms and huffed.
Then, she smiled brightly. “Hurry up and go. Goodbye! See you tonight.” She waved at him again.

Toby knew that it was impossible to ask her to come back and kiss her other cheek, let alone kiss her
more passionately. He sighed under his breath, and the disappointment on his face was apparent.
“Bye. See you tonight.”

She knew precisely why he was disappointed as she noticed the forlorn expression on his face. She
rolled her eyes in exasperation and continued to saunter toward Paradigm Co.

Toby did not roll up the window and ordered Tom to drive away. Instead, he kept looking at her as she
strode forward. It wasn’t until she entered the Paradigm Co. building that he rolled up the window and
knocked on the partition.

Tom, who was behind the wheel, heard the knock and knew that it was Toby’s silent order for him to
drive. He immediately started the car and lowered the partition with a grin. “Mr. Fuller, it took Miss Reed
quite some time to get out of the car. I bet you guys spent a long time saying your goodbyes, huh?”

Well, what he meant by ‘saying goodbyes’ was the physical intimacy between a couple, such as
kissing, hugging, and whatnot.

However, Toby was not in the mood to respond to Tom’s teasing. Instead, he glared at him with a cold
expression and hissed, “Your bonus for this month is deducted by half.”

“What?!” Tom gasped in utter bewilderment, and his expression changed radically. “Why?”

Wait a minute! Why does Mr. Fuller want to deduct my bonus?! He should give him an increment,
shouldn’t he?

After I parked the car, I raised the partition to give them privacy so they could spend lovey-dovey time
together! I was so thoughtful and considerate, but instead of giving me a bonus, Mr. Fuller wants to
deduct my bonus in half!

Why?! This is so unfair!

In his mind, Tom grumbled in great dismay.

“Why?” Toby gave a derisive snort. “You suggested I watch those romantic dramas and novels, saying
that I could learn a thing or two about how to be romantic and become a charismatic and irresistible
man. Oh, yeah, I learned all of that, alright, but did you know what Little Leaf said?! She said that the
characters in those dramas are sleazy, tacky, and not the slightest bit charming! She even said that if it
hadn’t been for my good looks, she would have thought that I was a sleazy and tacky man too by doing
all those weird things to her! I almost ended up being a tacky man because of your stupid suggestion!
I’m already being merciful by not firing you! Yet you have the cheek to complain about the bonus!”

“Uh…” Tom’s mouth was agape in shock.

He didn’t know what he had done wrong earlier, but this reason was not what he had expected at all.

“That’s not right.” Tom retorted doubtfully while driving, “Why does Miss Reed think those characters
are tacky? All the female netizens are those actors’ fanatic fans, cheering them on. They never say that
those characters are tacky, but they say that they are so handsome and charming. That’s why I figured
that Miss Reed would like them too, so I recommended you watch the dramas. I never expected that
she wouldn’t like them.”

At this moment, Tom apparently did not realize that those fanatic fans who adored the actors in the
dramas and novels were young girls in their teens or late teens. They were not emotionally mature, and
their life experience was limited, so they took a fancy to these characters and did not find anything
wrong with them. But, alas, Sonia was a twenty-seven-year-old mature woman with different
perspectives and preferences about men, which was why she found those characters lacking.

Therefore, Tom had accidentally treated Sonia as a young girl and assumed that all the girls loved
those characters and wondered why Sonia didn’t like those men. Clearly, not every woman had the
same taste in men.

Toby didn’t know what Tom was thinking about, and he was indifferent as he listened to Tom’s
explanation and thought of them as excuses.

“What do you know? You don’t even have a girlfriend! I don’t know how you have the cheek to teach
me about relationships.” Toby side-eyed him, and the disdain in his eyes was apparent.

His glare made Tom feel like countless daggers had stabbed his heart. The heartache was so intense
that he almost suffocated. His hands, which were gripping the steering wheel, were trembling slightly.
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Argh, it hurts so much! Mr. Fuller, you’re so cruel! Yes, I don’t have a girlfriend. I’m single, so what?!
Don’t I have a right to say anything? Can’t I teach another man about relationships?

I may not have a girlfriend, but I have a lot of theoretical knowledge, so why can’t I teach you?

Speaking of which, when I gave you my suggestion, you didn’t say that my idea was lousy. You listened
to me seriously and even did as I told you. Now that the results were not satisfactory, you blamed
everything on me! You’re being ridiculous!

I didn’t force you to take me seriously! You wanted to listen to my advice. Now that the plan failed, you
are blaming everything on me instead of blaming yourself! It makes no sense!

Of course, Tom only dared to curse Toby in his mind but did not dare to voice his complaints aloud. He
didn’t even dare to show the slightest dissatisfaction toward Toby, for he was confident that Toby would
send him to Ibira immediately.

Therefore, not only did he have to take the blame despite his dismay, but he also had to apologize to

Well, this was the sorrow of a desk jockey.

Tom lamented his fate, but at least his pay was above average. He may be a single pringle, but he
wasn’t a broke single pringle!

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