Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 1286

Chapter 1286

Chapter 1186

Tom donned an apologetic smile on his face and apologized as sincerely as he could, “I’m so sorry, Mr.
Fuller. I didn’t mean to ruin the plan, nor did I expect things to turn out this way.”

It didn’t matter whether or not he was at fault, and he still had to apologize and claim it was. This was
the only way to ease Toby’s anger. Otherwise, there was no telling how Toby would bite his head off if
he didn’t soothe the angered dragon.
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Indeed, Tom knew Toby very well at this stage because things progressed just as he thought after he

Toby was in a better mood when he heard Tom’s apology. “Don’t give me any lousy ideas again, or I’ll
kick you to Ibira!”

“Yes, Mr. Fuller. I won’t suggest anything else,” Tom said with a flattering smile, but he was cursing
Toby in his mind.

Hah, do you think I like to give you my ideas?! It wasn’t my idea to recommend those dramas and
novels in the first place! I told you when you asked me how to be romantic around women.

In short, I never volunteered to be your guidance and adviser to deepen Miss Reed’s feelings toward
you, yet you seemed to blame me for taking the initiative to teach you! What the heck?! You’re literally
pushing the blame on me!

Hmph, just wait and see! When you fight with Miss Reed again, I will not tell you how to cheer her up

and coax her. Instead, I’ll let you fumble as you think of a way yourself! This is the price you have to
pay for placing the blame on me. Argh, I’m so pissed!

Tom furiously cursed Toby in his mind while driving with a grumpy face.

Toby had no time to ponder just what his subordinate was thinking, nor was he interested. He propped
his head up and looked out the window with a deep gaze as several plans were brewing in his mind.

Tom saw his posture from the rearview mirror and guessed that Toby must be thinking about something
serious, so he cleared his thoughts and regained his composure. He concentrated on driving and made
sure that he drove as smoothly as possible so that Toby could focus more on his ideas.

Soon, they arrived at their destination. It was a private hospital where Connor was staying.

After Tom parked the car, he unbuckled his seat belt, turned to look at Toby, who was still immersed in
his thoughts, and reminded, “Mr. Fuller, we’ve arrived.”

Toby’s eyes blinked several times as he took account of his whereabouts. Then, he placed his hand
down, spruced himself up, and glanced out the car window. The words ‘Lancaster Hospital’ reflected in
his eyes.

He raised his eyebrows in surprise. “Oh, it’s the Lancasters’ hospital.”

Tom nodded. “Yes. Connor didn’t want the news of him being beaten up to spread, so naturally, he
would choose a private hospital to treat him in secret. Also, the Lancaster Family owns the hospital.
Although their power and wealth are not greater than the Logan Family, their reputation and status in

Seafield are still immense, so their hospital has a better credential than the other families’ private

Tim’s parents owned Lancaster Hospital.

The members of the Lancaster Family were doctors, not businessmen, so they had a wide gap in terms
of wealth as compared to other families that ventured into the business world. Despite that, the
Lancasters owned many private hospitals throughout the metropolitan cities in the country.

Tim’s parents were currently the president and director of Lancaster Hospital in Seafield, while Tim was
the hospital’s young proprietor, but his parents had never acknowledged this.

It would be an understatement to say that he and his parents did not get along. His parents even
regarded him as a monster instead of their son. Despite having a prestigious reputation and status in
the medical field today, so much so that his status was higher than his parents, his parents could not
accept him as their son and even regarded him as a disgrace. He was the imperfect existence in their
perfect life. They had also clearly stated that Tim would not be named the heir of their family.

Fortunately, he didn’t feel as ordinary people do, so he did not feel sad or disappointed when his
parents refused to regard him as their son.

This was also why he chose to work at First World Hospital—a government hospital—rather than at
Lancaster Hospital. He did not care for the Lancaster Family or their properties.

Moreover, he had long since become the next heir to First World Hospital, which meant that their
service and treatment would be even more top-notch and professional than the private hospitals. After

all, Tim’s presence meant they would have a higher chance of survival if they went to First World
Hospital for treatment.

Frankly, Tom could not understand what was going through Tim’s parents’ minds when they refused to
accept such an outstanding person as their son.

Even if they couldn’t accept that Tim was diagnosed with difficulties processing emotions, he was their
son, and they should take responsibility after giving birth to him. They should try to accept him and care
about him. Maybe, with time, Tim would have been able to understand emotions.

So what if they couldn’t cure him? They could at least pretend to be affectionate in public.

After all, everyone was envious of them for having such an excellent son. So what if he had such a
disorder? His ability and talent had shown that he was better than his disorder.

Unfortunately, the idiots who were Tim’s parents didn’t share the same thought. No matter how
excellent he was, they refused to accept him. At this point, people were mocking them for being
lunatics and refusing to acknowledge Tim, who was talented and intelligent.

Although, in some ways, Tim’s parents were quite admirable. Even when the people were looking down
on them for being out of their minds, they adhered to their convictions and were unmoved by public

Not everyone could have such persistence, which was why they were admirable.

Despite his admiration for them, Tom didn’t approve of their behavior.

If I have a son like Tim, I will be so proud that I will show off to others. So what if he has a disorder? A
son like him would make me a proud father! But of course, I’m still young and do not have a son yet.

Toby regarded the daydreaming Tom, who was pouting and shaking his head. From time to time, Tom
would even look at the building disdainfully and sigh in regret. So, he couldn’t help wondering whether
Tom had lost his mind.

“What are you thinking about? You seem like someone has cast a spell on you, and you can’t move.”
He pursed his lips and stared at Tom impatiently.

Tom abruptly returned to his senses and rubbed his nose with an awkward smile when he met with
Toby’s contemptuous glare. “Nothing. Let’s go, Mr. Fuller.” He gestured and led the way.

Toby was not really interested to know why Tom was in a daze and had no intention of asking since he
didn’t seem like he wanted to talk about it. So, Toby looked ahead and sauntered toward the entrance
of the hospital.

After he left, Tom heaved a sigh, quickly wore his office persona, and followed after Toby.

As soon as they entered the hospital, a man in black came to greet them.

“Mr. Fuller. Mr. Brown.” The man stopped before Toby and greeted him with a respectful nod.

Toby nodded slightly in response and asked, “Where is Connor?”

“In Ward No. 5 on the VIP floor of the Inpatient Department,” replied the man.

“Lead the way.” Toby pursed his lips.

“Okay.” The man nodded and guided them to the ward.

He was the man that Toby had Tom sent over to keep an eye on Connor at all times.

When the man was informed that Toby was coming, he had been waiting in the hospital lobby to lead
the way.

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