Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 1287

Chapter 1287

Chapter 1187

Toby and Tom followed the man to the VIP floor of Lancaster Hospital’s patient building.

After they exited the elevator, the man stopped. “President Fuller, I won’t be accompanying you for the
rest of the way. That person is inside that ward. You have to go there on your own.”

“You may leave.” While waving his hand, Toby told the man he could excuse himself.

He also knew why that man did not want to bring him—the boss—over to the ward.

Since Connor would be staying in Seafield for a while, Toby would still want someone to keep an eye
on Connor. If that man led Toby and Tom into Connor’s ward, Connor would see that man.

Therefore, that man would not be able to stalk Connor anymore. That was why that man said he could
not lead them to the ward.

“Yes, President Fuller. I’ll be taking my leave now.” The man bowed, turned around, and got back into
the elevator to leave.

Now that they knew which ward Connor was in, Tom self-consciously walked in front to lead Toby
toward the ward.

When they came to the entrance, Tom stopped. “President Fuller, we’re here.”

Meanwhile, Toby remained silent; instead, he stood before the door with narrowed eyes while staring at

the tightly shut door.

On the other side of the door was his biggest enemy of this lifetime.

“Knock on the door.” Toby parted his thin lips and ordered.

Nodding, Tom did so with several loud bangs.

His actions were hard and rough, which made loud thudding noises when knocking. It was better to
describe his actions as trying to bring the door down rather than knocking.

Such actions were naturally impolite.

However, in Toby and Tom’s eyes, the person inside the room did not deserve their respect, and such a
method of knocking was already considered respectful.

Otherwise, they would have knocked down the door and barged in. After all, it was not like they could
not compensate for it, nor were they afraid of the Lancasters.

Inside the ward, Connor’s assistant was helping him reapply his bandages. As soon as they were done,
they heard a loud banging on their door.

The loud sound shocked Connor so much that he trembled in fear and accidentally pulled on his
injuries, which caused him to hiss in pain. His already pale face lost more of its remaining color while
there were even beads of cold sweat.

When Xander noticed his boss’ condition, he asked, “Mr. Salzburg, are you alright?”

Connor was in so much pain that he could not say anything. He gritted his teeth, closed his eyes, and
forced himself to endure the pain until it subsided.

Seeing that he could not be of much help, Xander kept silent and stood at the side, afraid that he might
anger his boss and be punished as a result.

A while later, Connor felt the pain in his body gradually subsiding. Although there was still some pain, it
was much better than when he first pulled his injuries.

At least the throbbing pain in his temples had died down and his furrowed eyebrows could finally relax.

He opened his eyes and carefully leaned back onto the propped-up pillow at the head of the bed. Then,
he looked grimly at the door while speaking viciously, “Go. Open the door. I wanna see who this
disrespectful person who dared to bang on my door is. I’m gonna break their f*cking hand.”

“Yes, sir,” Xander replied and immediately walked toward the door.

He was just thinking of teaching that person a lesson when he opened the door.

Yet, before he could voice his threats, he saw the people outside the door and was stunned. W-Why
are they here?

Looking at the emotionless Toby and the snickering Tom, Xander’s face fell and he even began to turn
pale. The hand holding the door knob also subconsciously tightened.

“You guys—” Xander finally found his voice and was about to say something when he was cut off by
Tom, who deliberately waved at him. “Hello.”

His attitude was so nice that he seemed more like a friend than an enemy.

However, only Xander knew that under Tom’s smile was indifference and excitement for a good show.

At the thought of that, Xander felt humiliation arising inside him as he remembered how he was
previously beaten to the ground by these two at the hotel.

He was able to become Connor’s assistant at such a young age, so there was barely anyone who
would not show him any respect when seeing him.

No one ever dared to look down on him, humiliate him, or even beat him up.

Yet, ever since he came to Seafield, things that he had never experienced in the past had all happened
to both him and his boss.

The worst thing was, he had not even gotten the chance for revenge. This is so frustrating!

Meanwhile, Tom seemed to have missed Xander’s angered expression because he continued to wear
a friendly smile on his face; even his voice sounded polite and kind. “Mr. Little, where is Mr. Salzburg?”

“Mr. Salzburg is tired, so he’s resting at the moment and isn’t free to meet you. Please leave.” Xander’s
eyes that were behind his glasses looked down as he inhaled a deep breath to force down his
resentment and fear for Toby. Then, he gestured for them to leave.

There was no other choice; they were not people he could mess with, so he could not do anything to
them. Moreover, he had to stop these two from meeting his boss at any cost.

With Connor’s condition, he might not want to meet these two either, especially Toby, who was his

Once Toby saw Connor, he would definitely mock him, and if Connor got angry, the people around him
would be doomed.

As such, his days would definitely be worse than death.

Therefore, Xander had to get these two out of there and not let them inside the ward no matter what.

He could care less if they came here because they knew what had happened to Connor. Even if they
did, they did not see it with their own eyes, so the situation had not turned for the worse. He did not
need to worry that they would mock Connor, nor did he have to worry about Connor venting his anger
on him because he could not exact his revenge on these two.

“Mr. Little, we came here to pay a visit to Mr. Salzburg because we heard he got beaten up by
someone and President Fuller came all the way to see him. Don’t you think it’s a little inappropriate for
you to chase us away before we even see him?” Although Tom was smiling, his smile did not reach his
eyes and his voice also had an unconcealable authority in it. “Or, is this how you Salzburgs treat your
guests? By deliberately not welcoming us, refusing to let us inside, and using an insincere excuse to
drive us away? If so, then we wouldn’t be happy. If that’s the case, we might think of doing something
else and Mr. Salzburg’s injuries might worsen. By then, don’t blame me for not warning you because
you’re the one who refused to let us in.”

With eyes that were wide like saucers, Xander stammered, “A-Are you trying to threaten me? Are you
saying that if I don’t let you in, you’d barge in regardless and beat up Mr. Salzburg?”

Smiling, Tom protested, “I didn’t say that, but it’s fine if you want to interpret it that way. After all, there is
no person President Fuller couldn’t meet, and no one dares to chase him out. Up till this moment, you
Salzburgs are the first to do that. Since you’re so brave to do so, we naturally have to do something
about it, right? Otherwise, how would we be able to repay you for what happened? Am I right, Mr.
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Hearing Tom’s crooked logic, Xander turned green as he pointed at Tom while trembling. “Y-You two…”

“Alright. Cut the crap and push him away.” Toby was getting impatient from all that waiting and gave out
the order while furrowing his brows.

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