Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 1292

Chapter 1292

Chapter 1192

Rita nodded secretly and decided not to tell Sonia that Charles also knew about this matter. She
thought there was no need to mention it.

No matter what, President Lane would never hurt Daphne.

Thinking of that, she felt more at ease and looked at Sonia. “Chairman Reed, do you think my guess
about why Daphne’s resigning is right?”

“I don’t know, but there is a possibility that you’re right.” With her lips pursed, Sonia’s eyes were filled
with worry for Daphne.

Sonia did not have many female friends and the only two she had were Daphne and Rebecca.
However, Rebecca had gone to Westsanshire with Carl and they had not contacted each other for

Though Sonia did try to contact her a few times, Rebecca never picked up. Perhaps, she was caught
up in her job as a bodyguard, or Carl might have transferred her away from his side and given her
another assignment for which she could not freely contact other people.

After all, the last time Sonia contacted Rebecca, she mentioned that Carl still did not trust her and
forbade her from being near him.

Ultimately, not being able to contact Rebecca meant Sonia had no idea of Carl’s current situation or
Rebecca’s circumstances, which worried her. Still, there was no use worrying if she could not get a

hold of Rebecca.

As of now, the only woman by her side with whom she could share women’s secrets was Daphne.
Therefore, if something happened to her, Sonia would not be able to be at peace.

“Did you try to call Daphne when you found out she wanted to resign?” She looked at Rita and asked.

Nodding, Rita replied, “Of course, I did, but I can’t get a hold of her.”

“Was the call disconnected?”

“It’s not that.” Rita shook her head while explaining, “The call went through, but she hung up. It seems
like she knows that someone will call her to ask about this, so she has no intention of picking up any

Has no intentions of picking up…

Pulling her lips into a thin line, Sonia became even more worried and certain that Daphne’s resignation
was not as simple as she thought.

If she merely wanted to quit working here, why would she try to hide it and not tell anyone? Hence,
Rita’s guess was correct. There was something wrong with Daphne’s decision to resign.

Now, the biggest question lay in what had happened to her.

“I understand. I’ll try to contact her later. Thank you for being so considerate, and thank you for telling

me this. You did good.” Sonia decided to put aside her worries and squeezed out a smile to thank Rita.

Embarrassed, Rita waved. “Chairman Reed, you’re exaggerating. Daphne and I are like sisters, and
this is what I should do. So, I’d have to trouble you for contacting Daphne. If there’s any news, I hope
you can tell us because we’re also worried about her.”

“I will,” Sonia agreed.

“Alright, then. Chairman Reed, I’ll be heading out.” With a slight bow, Rita turned around and exited the

After Rita left, Sonia did not wait any longer and picked up her phone to call Daphne.

Fortunately, the call went through, but she was worried that what came next would be the same as
what Rita had described—declining the call.

If that happened, she would not be able to reach Daphne.

So, please, God, Let Daphne pick up the call.

While tightly clutching her phone, Sonia felt uncertain.

Meanwhile, on the other end of the call…

A ghastly-looking Daphne weakly leaned against the head of the bed while holding a delicate porcelain
bowl in her hand. Inside the bowl was a jet-black, unknown liquid.

She lowered her head to drink a mouthful of the liquid. The liquid was so bitter that she scrunched up
her face as soon as she drank it.

It was clear that the liquid did not taste good.

After drinking a mouthful of it, she did not feel like drinking anymore, so she set down the bowl and
looked toward the French window.

Before the window stood a figure, and from the height of that figure, it seemed to be a man.

However, since the man was standing under the sun, the sunlight shone down on him and covered his
whole body in a layer of gold, which blurred his face and made others unable to recognize him.

According to the man’s figure and height, anyone could tell that his figure must be good and his
appearance would not be too off either.

“President Lane.” At that moment, Daphne finally opened her mouth and called out to the person
before the window.

Finally, that mysterious figure moved. He did not stand still anymore and turned around to face her.

As soon as he did so, his face finally emerged out of the sunlight and uncovered a handsome face,
which belonged to none other than Charles.

“What’s the matter?” he asked coldly as he looked at the person on the bed.

In comparison, Charles had a different demeanor now than he usually had. Contents belong to NovelDrama.Org

He preferred to dress in flamboyant attire. The more colorful they were, the more he liked them; he
would also give others the impression that he was a sloppy person.

Yet, that was also the truth. Wasn’t his usual impression that of a sloppy and immature person?

Those who did not understand him well would assume that he was not a reliable person, based on his
appearance. Instead, they would think that he was a playboy or a rascal.

However, the Charles that was standing here not only dressed differently, but his personality also
suddenly became solemn.

He was no longer wearing the flamboyant clothes that others despised but a black suit that made him
look mature. Even his hair was combed neatly, which was the opposite of the messy and colorful hair
he always had.

Anyway, Charles was no longer the playboy others usually saw him as but a reliable and domineering
company president. The outfit he was currently wearing was very similar to Toby’s.

Truth be told, his friends and family would be shocked to see his current appearance and think that he
might have been stimulated by something. Otherwise, why would he suddenly change his style?

Honestly, even Daphne was shocked when she saw him today, but she was afraid to ask him about it.

“C-Can I not drink this bowl of tonic?” Her finger pointed at the bowl as she carefully asked him.

Frowning, he did not even think about it before refusing, “No, you must.”

With a bitter expression, Daphne did not refute and raised the bowl again. Then, she endured the
extreme bitterness and gulped down the liquid.

She only intended to fight for herself once, not a second time.

She knew that if she did not succeed the first time, she would not succeed no matter how many times
she tried after that. Instead, she might even anger the man before her.

Since she had expected it, why would she risk it?

Meanwhile, Charles watched as Daphne obediently finished her tonic, but his eyebrows were
scrunched together and his face fell.

He should be happy to see her obedient side because he did not like it when she opposed him. Yet,
now that he got his wish, he did not feel any excitement. Instead, he felt an unknown sense of irritation
and rage.

On the bed, Daphne could feel that Charles was not happy, so she stopped drinking her tonic and
looked up at him.

She saw his dark and cold face, and the grip she had on the bowl tightened a little as she could not
figure out what had happened.

Why is he mad?

I don’t think I provoked him, did I?

Although she was feeling anxious, she did not dare to ask because she was afraid that he would get
even angrier after hearing her voice.

Therefore, she lowered her head, pretended like nothing happened, and continued drinking her tonic.

Seeing that his displeasure was noticed but unquestioned, Charles became even more frustrated.

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