Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 1295

Chapter 1295

Chapter 1195

However, Daphne was anxious.


Of course, it’s because I don’t want to get exposed!

She was not really going abroad, so how could she let Sonia send her off? If she did, would that not
expose everything?

With both hands tightly holding her phone, she quickly explained, “Because I booked my flight for
11.00PM, so I don’t want to bother you at such a late hour. More importantly, President Fuller wouldn’t
feel at ease with you going out at that hour.”

That makes sense.

While touching her chin, Sonia asked, “But why did you book a flight for such a late hour?”

Daphne continued to lie, “I especially bought it at that hour because I can catch up on some sleep on
the plane and go straight to work when I get there.”

“Oh, alright then. I won’t see you off, but you have to send me a text before you get on the plane so
that I know you’ve successfully boarded. Then, I’ll feel more assured.”
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Noticing that Sonia had given up the idea of sending her off, Daphne felt relieved. “Alright, Chairman


“Alright. Then, I won’t bother you anymore. I’ll hang up now.” After looking at the time, Sonia found that
it was getting late.

Daphne did not want to continue this conversation either; the more she spoke, the more she felt sorry
toward Sonia.

Until the end, she was afraid that she could not stand the guilt in her heart and blurted out the truth
instead. Therefore, she also felt relieved when Sonia suggested they end the call.

“Okay. Goodbye, Chairman Reed.”


After hanging up, Daphne set down her phone and felt the heavy burden weighing on her heart return
to its place.

Then, Charles came over and sat down beside the bed while smiling. “I didn’t expect you to be able to
lie so well. You don’t even look flustered.”

Hearing the man’s sarcastic words, Daphne laughed self-deprecatingly and stated, “This is what you
asked me to do. You didn’t want Chairman Reed to know you brought me here, so you asked me to
resign, and since I can’t tell her the truth, I can only lie.”

“Are you putting the blame on me?” Charles asked with narrowed eyes.

Turning her head away, she replied, “No. I’m blaming myself.”

Blaming myself for why I didn’t push him away.

Blaming myself for why I didn’t abort this child sooner.

Otherwise, all of this wouldn’t have happened.

However, she was curious about how Charles found out about her pregnancy and how he knew she
wanted to abort their child.

More importantly, how did he know the exact place and time of her operation and arrived there just in
time to stop her?

Everything that happened made her curious.

She did not know how he found out about these things, but she was certain that it was not Sonia, who
had never asked her about Charles during the phone call. So, there was no way that Sonia would know
anything about Charles’ involvement and acknowledgement regarding her pregnancy and abortion.

Therefore, the mystery now lay in when and how he received such information.

“What are you thinking about?” As he noticed the light flashing across her eyes, Charles could not help
but ask.

Daphne avoided his gaze and answered, “Nothing.”

She had no intention of asking him how he found out. She knew she would not get an answer if she
asked anyway.

Of course, he wouldn’t tell me. Why should I ask? It’d probably be easier if I found it out myself sooner
or later.

As Charles sensed her reluctance to let on anything, his face fell as he got to his feet. “Fine, then. It’s
getting late and I have to go. You stay here, and someone will come over to take care of you. If there’s
nothing important, don’t contact the outside world or try to leave. Otherwise, I don’t know what I might
do. Do you understand?”

Raising her head to reveal her pale face, Daphne asked, “President Lane, are you keeping me under
house arrest?”

After showing an unknown smile, he responded, “If you like it that way, I can make it possible.”

Daphne’s face became even paler.

Who would like this?

“That’s it. I’ll be leaving now. You can call me if there’s anything.” Charles raised his hand and
unconsciously patted her head.

However, he then remembered that this person was Daphne and not Sonia, so his hand stopped midair
and his face fell.

He could not understand, Why do I feel like patting her head?

This woman is clearly not Sonia and I have never patted any woman’s head.

But with Daphne, I suddenly have the thought of doing that.

Daphne is obviously different from Sonia.

Then, Charles retracted his hand and looked down at it for a while as his face became even darker.

He thought he had gone mad because he never saw Daphne as a sister, yet he wanted to pat her
head. What could it be besides the possibility that he had gone mad?

Putting down his hand, he looked at her with his dark eyes as if he wanted to find a reason.

Yet, not only did he not find any clue after a while, it made him even more bothered the more he
thought about it. Then, he snorted and left.

Meanwhile, Daphne watched as he left furiously and found him confusing.

I didn’t even provoke him, so why is he suddenly so angry?

At that moment, she found that Charles’ temper had worsened. His temper had always been good
before and he would never be as emotional as he was now, making the whole situation even more

Perhaps it was because he was looking at the person he hated, right?

Smiling bitterly, she raised her head to look at the ceiling and fell into a daze.

On the other hand, Charles left the private villa and went back to his car.

He was not in a hurry to leave, but he sat in the driver’s seat, leaned against his seat, and covered his
eyes with one hand, seemingly exhausted.

In actuality, he was not tired but frustrated. The feeling that was arising within him was something he
did not know how to explain. It made him feel uneasy with a sense of losing control while his intuition
was telling him that this feeling would stay for a very long time, and it would only get heavier as time

He also knew that he became this way because of Daphne. Otherwise, he would never behave like this
when he was facing other people.

Only when he was faced with Daphne that he became unlike himself.

Under normal circumstances, he should distance himself from someone who could make him behave
differently. Yet, for some reason, not only did he not do that, he even decided to keep this uncontrolled
factor by his side. That was why he questioned his own sanity in the car.

As he was pondering about this, the phone in his bag rang and it interrupted the dazed episode of

He rubbed his face, not wanting to think about these bothersome things, and sat up straight before
taking out his phone.

When he saw who was calling, a smile appeared on his face as he answered the call, “Sonny.”

It was a call from Sonia.

After she found out that Daphne’s situation was not like what she and Rita had thought, she felt

Following her call with Daphne, she remembered Tom’s words when she left the house that afternoon
and decided to phone Charles.

“Charles, are you busy?” she asked.

As he looked out the window and toward the villa, Charles’ eyes shone as he replied, “No, I’m not.
What’s the matter?”

“It’s nothing. I just want to tell you that Connor was beaten up,” she said.

Surprised, he asked, “So soon? Lance is quite efficient now. He used to be a slow poke and had a slow
tempo when doing what he was asked. I thought he’d take at least one to two days before proceeding
with the plan, but I didn’t expect he’d get someone to beat up Connor right after I told him about it last
night. It doesn’t seem like him.”

He was shocked and happy as he spoke.

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