Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 1300

Chapter 1300

Chapter 1200

When faced with Toby’s gaze, Sonia felt reassured, so she smiled at him and nodded heavily. “I believe
you, but your words made me think that if you don’t stay as the president of Fuller Group and become a
teacher instead, you’d be the most likable teacher in school. Don’t you know that students adore
teachers like you, who don’t find fault in them but in themselves?”

While rubbing her head, he answered, “But I don’t like being other people’s teacher. I only enjoy being
your teacher and teaching you. As for the others, they are not worthy of my time!”

That made her laugh and she instinctively slapped his chest. “Double-standards.”

“Don’t you like me for that?” He raised an eyebrow and fixed his gaze on her.

Blushing from his gaze, Sonia snorted. “I don’t want to be bothered with you now. Alright, it’s getting
late. Since all these documents are settled, let’s go back. I’m starving.”

She touched her belly.

Of course, the man knew that she was deliberately changing the topic and did not want to answer his

Thus, he could only shake his head in defeat.

She’s so easily embarrassed still.

“Sure. Let’s head home first. I have something else to tell you. Then, he got up and moved his neck.

In the meantime, Sonia was also easing her aching shoulders and legs when she heard that. She
immediately turned to look at him. “What do you want to tell me?”

“I had Tom prepare all the information needed for our upcoming tutoring sessions. They’re all inside my
car. From today onward, I will officially become your homeschool teacher.”

“So fast?” Shocked, she continued, “Didn’t you say you needed to get that information from other
schools abroad since that’d be easier for targeted teachings and I’d be able to better cope with the
entrance examination? I thought it might take days to gather that information. Who would have thought
you did it in one day?”

Nodding, Toby explained, “One of the assistant lecturers at that school is my former college classmate.
I had him compile those documents and courier them over, so of course, it would greatly shorten the

“So, that’s why.” As Sonia nodded in realization, she then looked at him with a serious expression.
“Since those teaching materials have arrived, please take better care of me beginning tonight,
Professor Fuller.”

Following that, she reached out her hand at him.

“Professor Fuller…” he called out that title softly.

His voice was low and sexy, which made those two words feel extra charming. It made others tingle

and feel a sense of desire arise in them.

Sonia’s cheeks were already feeling warm; they began to warm up and even turn pink at this point.

While glaring at Toby, she complained, “Toby Fuller, why do you have to recite that name in this
manner? Now, you’re making it sound weird.”

A teasing smile appeared on his face. “I didn’t. It was you who said it, but I have to remind you that
calling a man like that is indeed a little inappropriate in some aspects.”

As for what aspect it was, those who knew would definitely understand.

This time, Sonia was indeed blushing while stomping her feet. “Why are you… If I had known it would
turn out like this, I wouldn’t have called you Professor Fuller.”

This b*stard doesn’t deserve that title!

“Hey, stop.” Toby tugged on Sonia’s arm. “Since I’ve promised you, I’ll definitely teach you how to cope
with the exam. As for how you address me, I really like it. Not only can I teach you the knowledge you
want to know, but I can also teach you new positions.”

A new position?

Now, not only were Sonia’s cheeks blushing, but even the roots of her ears were bright red.

What positions are he talking about?

Of course, it was that thing again!

This b*stard can really render someone speechless.

Meanwhile, Sonia was as regretful as she could be. If she had known that calling Toby ‘Professor
Fuller’ could cause him to think of such lewd things, she would not have done so.

This is such a pain in the *ss.

Also, whoever asked the female protagonists in those movies to address their men as professors was
also a pain in the *ss.

If it had not been for those people, all of this would not have happened.

Even if it was Sonia’s clear intention to use the title ‘professor’ as a means of an actual teacher, she
was now frustrated by the fact that the title had been polluted.

“That’s enough, Toby. I’ll ignore you if you continue acting like that.” Frustrated, she stepped on his feet
and left a cute footprint on his leather shoes. At the same time, she also glared at him to tell him not to
say any inappropriate things.

Otherwise, she would beat him up.

Following that, she raised her fist and put on her fiercest expression.

What she did not realize was that in Toby’s eyes, her current expression did not show any authority and

there was only cuteness.

This is probably what they describe as ‘angry yet cuddly.’

Nodding, he tried to conceal his smile while saying, “Alright. I won’t say it anymore, but starting today,
you can call me Professor Fuller whenever we’re having our sessions. I like it.”

While he was giving her pointers to cope with her examinations, he was considered a glorified purveyor
of knowledge.

Of course, if she had called him Professor Fuller in bed, things would have escalated differently.

Besides all that, there was also an exciting feeling when he thought about the taboo relationship
between a teacher and a student.

Toby’s eyes shone brightly while the smile on his face became larger.

Perhaps, I can try that with her tonight.

He looked at her while thinking of that.

When Sonia met his gaze, she felt her heart skip a beat and a bad feeling suddenly rushed at her.

What’s wrong with his gaze?

Why do I feel like he wants to eat me?

While pulling her lips into a thin line, she narrowed her beautiful almond-shaped eyes and cast him a
warning stare.

That guy must not be thinking about anything good.

Otherwise, why would he be looking at me like that?

“Toby, that’s enough. Stop looking at me like that! What do you want?” she asked while having her
hands on her hips.

Toby gulped as he tried to suppress his urge for a while to prevent himself from uttering those lewd
words. “It’s nothing. Let’s go. Didn’t you say you’re hungry?”

He held his hand out to take hers.

After staying silent for a few seconds, Sonia did not refuse and allowed Toby to hold her hand.

No matter what, that b*stard’s gaze was impolite.

However, she secretly felt a little excited.

After all, it meant that he was attracted to her, which was why he was looking at her like that.

Otherwise, why would he look at her that way?

Hence, seeing that he was so attracted to her, she decided not to refuse him. What could she do if she
made him sad?

With their hands intertwined, the two left Paradigm Co. together as usual and ascended the car under
the employees’ envious gazes.

Once they entered the car, Toby leaned in to help Sonia with her seat belt.

Meanwhile, she inclined obediently against the seat and let him help her fasten her seat belt.

Since he liked doing it, she would let him do all he wanted.

If she rejected him, he would definitely look at her with resentment in his eyes. Then, she would feel
guilty and wonder if she had really done something wrong.

Therefore, she just let him do whatever he wanted.
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After all, it felt good to have someone serve her while she enjoyed herself, so why should she reject it?

After he fastened her seat belt, he sat back in the driver’s seat and wore his seat belt before driving
away from Paradigm Co..

On the way home, Sonia suddenly thought of something and asked the man who was focused on the
road. “Oh, right. Toby, you went to Connor this afternoon, right? How was it?”

“It’s all settled. He’ll return my mother’s belongings and I’ll agree to sign a Letter of Understanding.
When I came to you, I’d already sent Tom to bring the letter over to him,” Toby said while turning the
steering wheel.

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