Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 1301

Chapter 1301

Chapter 1201

When Sonia heard Toby say that the matter was being solved, she nodded while being at ease. “That’s
good to hear,” she said.

At this moment, Toby squinted his eyes and commented, “We have been guessing it wrong all along.”

“Huh?” Sonia was confused when she heard his words. Hence, she asked, “Which guess was it?”

“The relic,” he replied as he pursed his lips. “In the beginning, we thought Connor was talking about
photos or videos as relics. However, after I met him in the afternoon and heard what he had to say, it
seemed that the relic wasn’t what we expected it to be. It’s actually something else.”

Hearing his words, she sat straight up in shock and exclaimed, “Something else? Can you be specific?”

However, Toby shook his head and admitted, “I don’t know since Connor did not reveal it. However,
one thing we know for sure is that it isn’t anything we’ve guessed.”

“It’s better that way.” Sonia leaned back against her seat as she spoke. “If it isn’t those things, we won’t
have to worry about the possibility of it being exposed.”

Listening to her words, he hummed in agreement and said, “Despite that, it still makes me upset
because I feel like I was being tricked.”

Toby had a point, though. After all, he and Sonia had no choice but to accept Connor’s condition, which
was to release Anya, as they thought it was some kind of photo or video. However, since they had

discovered it wasn’t, it would be an unfair treaty for them if they released Anya. Thus, it was true to say
that Connor had tricked them.

As Sonia thought about it, she sighed and said, “It is indeed upsetting how Connor used our care to
protect your mom’s reputation. After all, we would have seen through his lies rather than being lured
into thinking such things by him if it weren’t for it.”

“That’s why I’m going to remember this and make him pay the price later on,” he said sinisterly as his
face was grim.

“You should,” she responded while nodding her head.

Just as they were talking, Toby’s phone rang in his pocket. Then, he glanced at Sonia, who was sitting
by the passenger seat and said, “Come and help me answer the phone. I’m preoccupied.”

However, Sonia didn’t agree to help him immediately and asked him while looking at him, “What if it is
someone from the company wanting to speak to you about business?”

“Even so, that’s fine. After all, you are not an outsider. So, pick it up and put it on speaker,” Toby

“Okay.” Sonia hummed in response and reached out her hand into his pocket to grab his phone. When
she saw the caller ID, she put the phone in front of him and quickly took it back after a glance. After all,
Toby was driving. Hence, he would only be able to look at it for a short time.

“It’s Tom,” said Sonia.

Listening to her words, Toby lifted his chin slightly and said, “Answer it. It must be about the relic.”

When Sonia heard his words, she didn’t dare to delay further and quickly answered the call. “Hello?”

On the other end of the phone, Tom was startled momentarily when he heard her voice, but he quickly
regained his composure. “Miss Reed, is President Fuller with you?”

Maybe President Fuller isn’t beside her. Otherwise, why would Miss Reed answer the phone? Tom
thought. However, just as he had this assumption, Sonia shattered it.

“Yes, he is driving,” Sonia replied while looking at Toby. Then, she put the call on speaker.

Listening to her words, Tom twitched his lips and said, “Okay.”

I looked too much into it and assumed that President Fuller is not around. How can I forget? They
would be arm-to-arm with each other whenever they are together. How can President Fuller not be
around Miss Reed’s side? Moreover, there isn’t a rule saying that she can only help President Fuller
pick up the phone if she isn’t by his side. Hence, she can answer the call for him even if he is around.
After all, what if it’s because President Fuller is too lazy to answer the call? Hmm… It looks like I have
to think outside the box, or else I will be eating crow again. I shouldn’t just assume things, especially
when it comes to them, Tom thought while rubbing his chin.

On the other end of the phone, Sonia didn’t know what he was thinking and placed the phone by the
gear, saying, “President Fuller is just beside me, Tom. Since I have put you on speaker, you can say
anything you want to him. He will hear you.”

Listening to her words, Tom snapped out of his trance and said gratefully, “Okay. Thank you, Miss

“You are welcome,” Sonia replied with a smile.

Although they both couldn’t see each other, a matter of etiquette was still a must.

“President Fuller, I have sent the letter of understanding to Connor, and I have the relic now.” On the
other end of the phone, Tom was sitting in the car, looking at the old box that was placed in the
passenger seat.

The box was small and was the size of a man’s palm. It was glowing in pitch black and had various
carvings around the box. The carvings gave off a mysterious feeling and made people feel that the
meaning behind them was something important.

As a matter of fact, it was something extraordinary. Hundreds of years ago, the Johanns were also a
noble family. At that moment, the country was still in a medieval state, and the ancestors of the
Johanns were first-rank officials. Thus, the Johann Family had a glorious future. However, due to the
fact that the Johanns had fewer people and the emergence of a new country, their family slowly began
to perish.

Nonetheless, they were still superior to ordinary people. Even if the Johann Family had dwindled and
others had destroyed their rules and property, many treasures were still hidden. It was after the
revolution that the hidden treasures were discovered again.

One of them was this black box and the object inside. The box was made out of dalbergia odorifera,
which was an expensive wood, and was even more priceless when it had been in the world for

hundreds of years. The box itself was already valuable, let alone the object inside.

It’s quite a shock that Valerie would give such a valuable possession to Connor, Tom thought.

When Toby heard that the relic had been retrieved, his furrowed eyebrows relaxed in ease, and so did
Sonia’s heart. God knew they were nervous when Tom said that he had sent over the letter because
they feared that Connor would trick them again and they would not have the relic. Fortunately, Connor
kept his promise this time.

As Toby saw the red lights, he stopped his car and finally had the chance to look at his phone. Then, he
asked in a deep voice, “What is it?”

Hearing his words, Sonia was also staring at the phone, waiting for Tom’s answer.

At that moment, Tom decided to video call them. Seeing his intention, Sonia picked up the phone and
placed it between her and Toby for convenience.

Tom reached over the passenger seat, grabbed the box, and leveled it toward the phone’s camera.
“This is it,” he said.

Looking at the box, Sonia blinked and said, “This box looks valuable. Is it an antique?”

Toby nodded and explained, “It is made out of dalbergia odorifera. By the looks of the box, I would say
it had been kept for over a hundred years. Thus, this isn’t an antique and more of a cultural relic. It is
indeed somewhat valuable, but it only costs several hundred million.”

When she heard his words, she took a sharp breath and exclaimed, “Did you just say that hundreds ofContents belong to NovelDrama.Org

millions are somewhat valuable? Do you have any misunderstanding about the term somewhat

Listening to her words, he raised his head and looked at her with confusion. “Huh?” he said. It was
clear that he didn’t understand her words.

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