Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 1304

Chapter 1304

Chapter 1204

No matter what, Homer would always be Valerie’s husband. Even if she didn’t love him, the least she
could do was care for him. Moreover, Homer was in this state because of her. Hence, she had half of
the responsibility for this. However, Valerie didn’t do anything, which was cold-blooded.

“She is indeed a cold-blooded woman. Sometimes, I wonder if I got it from her when I act cold toward
others.” As Toby spoke, he curled his lips in mockery.

Listening to his words, Sonia put her hand on his arm and gently squeezed it, saying, “Don’t have that
kind of thought. You and your mother are not the same. Even if both of you are mother and son, you
are an individual. So, don’t be affected by her.”

As Toby heard her words, he took the opportunity and turned to look at her softly. “Okay, I’ll listen to
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When Sonia heard his words, she hummed and retrieved her hand. Otherwise, she would have
prevented him from driving.

On the other end of the phone, Tom was silent throughout, listening to their whole conversation. When
he heard Toby’s unheard past, he sighed deeply.

President Fuller has such a tragic childhood. Old Mrs. Fuller had put a lot of effort into him to prevent
him from being inadequate when he had been between his parents, watching them torment each other,
Tom thought.

“In the end, how did your father fall in love with Jean?” Sonia asked.

She wished to know this, especially when Jean was a vulgar woman. She wondered how Homer, a
nobleman, fell in love with her. Moreover, she couldn’t pinpoint why Homer was willing to accept the
family’s punishment in order to marry her. It wasn’t that she wanted to disgrace Jean, who was also a
woman like her. It was just that Jean was a person that both men and women hated. That was why
everyone was shocked when Homer fell in love with her, and they all wanted to know why.

“I don’t know why my father fell in love with my stepmom. At that moment, I was living with Grandma at
the old manor and rarely went back to the Fuller Residence,” said Toby.

Hearing his words, Sonia nodded in understanding and said, “I’m sure Grandma found out that your
mother was making you into the smaller version of Connor. Thus, she needed to get you out of the
house. Other than that, it would affect your mental and physical health to live with your parents when
they were in such a state.”

Listening to her words, Toby smiled and said, “You guessed it right. This was why Grandma took me
back to the old manor and raised me herself. At the same time, she was intentionally preventing me
from contacting my parents. At that time, my father had met Jean and became a couple. They didn’t
hide it from my mother, which you probably know why. After all, she wanted him to find someone new
so she could be free. When I found out about this, my father was punished by marrying Jean.”

“So that was what happened.” Sonia looked in front with sorrow. “Didn’t you say anything when you
knew that your father had given you a stepmom?”

“Why would I?” Toby chuckled deeply. “It wasn’t my business as to who he wanted to marry. As his son,

it was not my place to ask him or intervene.”

“Even so, you were just around the age of ten. Weren’t you scared that Jean would abuse you? After
all, you were the reason that was stopping her son from becoming the heir of the Fuller Family,” said

When Toby heard her words, his smile deepened as he said, “I won’t deny the fact that there are many
people like Jean in this society, but I’m not concerned about it. First and foremost, Grandma was in
charge of the Fuller Family back then, and my father was just an entitled president. When my father
was an alcoholic, Grandma was worried about him handling the family. She continued being in charge,
which my father didn’t have any objection to. That’s why I was not worried if Jean was a terrible
stepmom and would abuse me when I had grandma behind my back supporting me. Secondly,
although I was young, I was not to be messed with. If Jean ever tried to hurt me, I had my ways, and
even my father couldn’t have stopped me. Fortunately, Jean wasn’t that kind of person. Although she
was a fool and rude, she wasn’t a bad person. When my mother died, she gave me maternal love.
Although she did it because she felt guilty that my mother had died, she still gave me love.”

Listening to his words, Sonia huffed and said, “I know that she wasn’t a bad person. That’s why I didn’t
do anything terrible to her and just taught her a few lessons. With my personality, I would have taken
vengeance on her for all those things she did to me. Even if you stopped me, I still wouldn’t have let her
off the hook.”

When Toby heard her words, he raised his eyebrow and smiled. “Sorry, my bad.”

“It’s good that you know you are wrong.” Sonia huffed again.

Seeing her reaction, Toby couldn’t help but smile even wider. “I always know and keep that in mind.

Don’t worry, I will be extra good to you as an apology for her doings.”

Although Sonia glared at him when she heard his words, her heart still felt warm and happy.

“Alright, we have gone too far. Let’s discuss this jade,” said Sonia as she pointed at the screen.

Hearing her words, Tom raised the box higher, ensuring that Sonia could point at the jade in the box
more accurately.

“I remember you saying that your grandfather made this jade specifically to prove if someone was a
Johann. It is a token to prove your identity. Since you used to be a Johann, everyone will think that you
will be the next heir of the Johann Family. In that case, this jade should be in your hands, right?”

“Yes.” Toby nodded. “This is also why grandfather told me about the jade. Back then, he didn’t know
that my mother had given the jade to Connor as a love token and thought it was still in her possession.
When I was six, my grandfather visited my mother and me at Seafield. When he saw that my mother
had not given me the jade, he urged her to give it to me, but she said that she had lost it, which almost
made grandfather faint from anger. To calm him down, I asked about the jade, and my grandfather told
me about it. That was why I recognized the jade as soon as I saw it. It was also then that I knew that
my mother had lied. She didn’t lose the jade but had given it to Connor instead.” There was a hint of
hatred as Toby looked at the jade.

When Sonia saw the emotion in his eyes and heard his words, she didn’t know what to say other than a
sigh. She was fed up with Valerie’s hopelessly romantic state when Valerie had given Connor such an
essential thing as a love token. It was fortunate that Connor was rich and hadn’t sold the jade.

After all, they wouldn’t have been able to find the jade if Connor was a poor man. If that happened, the

jade would long be in a collector’s possession, and they would never be able to find it again.

“Don’t overthink it. Why don’t we try to look on the bright side? At least the jade is now back in your
hands.” Sonia looked at Toby and comforted him. “Don’t hate the jade when you realize it has been by
Connor’s side for a long time. After all, this jade was given to you by your grandfather and not your
mother. Think about your grandfather, and you won’t hate the jade.”

On the other side of the phone, Tom also nodded hastily, agreeing with Sonia’s words.

As Toby looked at the jade and back to Sonia, who was staring at him and encouraging him, he nodded
slightly and said, “I won’t have any grudges toward this jade, but I won’t be keeping it either.”

When Sonia heard his words, she wasn’t even surprised. Even if Toby had nothing against it, he would
still feel nauseous thinking about it. Thus, she didn’t feel anything wrong with his words.

“What are you going to do with it, though?” Sonia pointed at the jade and asked.

Hearing her words, Tom was also curious. He looked at Toby and asked, “Yeah, President Fuller. What
are you going to do about this?”

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