Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 1306

Chapter 1306

Chapter 1206

Although the owner seemed to be talking to Toby in a casual manner, he was actually nervous deep

To ordinary people, Bayside Residence was a place where wealthy people lived. The social status of
those who lived here was worth millions and billions. However, the truth was that they were not filthy
rich. In the eyes of the filthy rich, they were also just ordinary people. That was why they dreamt of
associating with the rich. When that time came, they would take the opportunity and elevate their status
to become even richer.

However, with their social status now, none of the riches would acknowledge them. The riches would
look down upon them and refuse to associate with them, making them at a loss for how to interact with

Since they couldn’t even come in contact with the lowest-ranked of the wealthy families, there was no
way they could meet someone like Toby, who was from a high-ranked family.
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Thus, when the proprietor saw Toby, he didn’t want to miss out on the opportunity to meet the latter.
After gathering up some courage, the owner got out of the car and took the initiative to talk to Toby.
Although he looked calm on the outside, he was panicking on the inside. Moreover, he started to regret
his decision to speak with Toby.

What if President Fuller ignores me? That would be so embarrassing in front of everyone. Well, it’s fine
if I’m embarrassed, but what if President Fuller gets upset because I interrupted him? If that’s the case,
my company will be…

As the man thought about it, he couldn’t help but gulp nervously, and the smile on his face stiffened.
Cold sweat even started forming on his forehead.

I’m being too impulsive, he thought bitterly, especially when he noticed how Toby ignored him after he
had finished his words. When he saw that Toby did not even look at him, he was even more nervous.
At that point, he felt that everyone was waiting for him to make a fool out of himself.

At that moment, the man was so embarrassed that he wished the ground beneath him would swallow
him up since he couldn’t move.

Luckily, Sonia noticed his awkward situation and patted Toby’s hand softly, saying, “Someone wants to
talk to you, Toby.”

When the man heard Sonia’s words, his eyes lit up, and he looked at her gratefully. He even bowed to
her since not only was Sonia helping him to get Toby’s attention by reminding Toby, but she was also
getting him out of this awkward situation.

However, Toby continued ignoring the man while looking at Sonia. Holding her hands, he said softly,
“There’s no need to mind them since they are unimportant. Come on, let’s go home.” As he spoke, he
stroked Sonia’s hair gently.

Hearing his words, Sonia smiled apologetically to the man and was about to leave with Toby. However,
the man looked at them in a daze, seemingly thinking of something. After two seconds, he snapped out
of his trance and smiled. At that moment, the nervousness on his face was replaced with confidence.

Then, he gripped his knuckles and looked at the duo as he spoke with confidence. “It seems that you
and Miss Reed are deeply in love with each other. Here I was, wondering why you would stay in such a
place. Now the answer is clear—you are here for Miss Reed. It’s nothing to be surprised by since she
is a beautiful woman with good personality traits. No wonder you love her so much. Miss Reed is worth
loving, and I hope the two of you will forever be happy.”

As the man spoke, Toby stopped in his tracks. Sonia also stopped walking and tilted her head, looking
at Toby. However, she couldn’t see his expression or what he thought since he had lowered his head.
At the same time, the man was also staring at Toby, and his heart was racing.

President Fuller will surely acknowledge me now, right? Will he give me a chance to associate with
him? I will surely be successful if I am on good terms with him. God help me that I was right about my
assumption, the man thought nervously.

At the next moment, the man saw Toby turn around. Although Toby did not walk toward him, his gaze
was already on him. “What’s your name?” he asked.

When the man heard his words, he widened his eyes in disbelief and was stunned.

Seeing his reaction, Toby frowned in dissatisfaction and repeated his words. “I’m talking to you. What is
your name?”

“Hurry up and say it.” Sonia wrapped her arms around Toby’s and looked at the man. “There won’t be a
second chance if you miss this one.”

When the man heard her words, he quickly regained his senses and was thrilled. His face was red from
excitement, and he quickly said, “M-My name is Francis McCray. Excuse me, President Fuller, I’m just

so excited. Here, this is my name card.” As Francis spoke, he quickly searched his pocket for a name
card. Due to his excitement, he tried multiple times before successfully grabbing the name card and
handing it to Toby with both hands.

Then, Toby took it with one hand and looked at it. When he saw the company’s introduction, a glint
flashed across his eyes. Then, he looked at the man and asked, “You are working in the network
industry, eh?”

Hearing his question, Francis didn’t dare to delay and nodded hastily. “Yes. I established my own
company when I was in college. After that, I have been researching a type of network system, but
neither the investment companies nor capitalists believed that a small company like ours could develop
it successfully as the system is beyond the current network system by years. That is why I didn’t have
any money to do the research and only completed one-third of it rather than developing the whole
system after so many years,” he said while giving Toby a bitter smile.

When Toby heard his words, he squinted his eyes and stared at Francis, saying, “You’re telling me that
the system your company is researching has exceeded the current network by years? Is that true? Can
you give me a specific answer?”

Listening to his words, Francis knew that Toby was testing him, and this was his only chance. After
taking a deep breath, he replied with a serious expression, “Yes. I can assure you that if this works, the
system would outrun the entire network system. I can guarantee this with my honor.”

“If that’s the case, are you sure that you will be able to develop it?”

“Yes. If I’m given enough money to support my research, I will definitely make it work. After all, I already
have the concept in my mind, and many of my professors said that it would work,” said Francis as he

nodded his head.

Listening to his words, Toby hummed in response and said, “Good, I’ll give you a chance then. Bring
your concept and research progress to Fuller Group tomorrow morning. If what you said is true, I will
support you financially without any limitations.”

Hearing his words, Francis was overjoyed. “Thank you, President Fuller.” He quickly bowed multiple
times to him, suppressing his excitement. Then, he said with a grin, “Don’t worry, President Fuller. I
won’t let you down.”

“I hope so,” said Toby as he nodded. Then, his expression softened when he looked at Sonia. “Let’s

“Okay.” Sonia smiled and nodded before heading toward the elevator with him.

Behind them, Francis watched them leave until they entered the elevator. At that moment, he still
bowed toward them until the elevator door was shut. Only then did he straighten his back and grip his
fists excitedly. “Yes!” he exclaimed.

It was true that chance favored the prepared mind. As long as one could brave themselves and take
risks, there was a fifty percent chance of failure and success. If one did not take the risk, the chances
of them succeeding would be zero, and one would definitely fail. If that was the case, why not try and
take the risk?

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