Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 1307

Chapter 1307

Chapter 1207

The fact proved that it was right for Francis to pluck up his courage to fight for it; he really succeeded.
He had successfully gotten to know Toby and became associated with him.

As long as Toby recognized his research results, he would definitely have a bright future ahead of him.

The more he thought about it, the more excited he was, and his heart pounded even faster.

At first, he was a little worried and afraid that he wouldn’t get to know Toby and might even be disliked
by him.

After all, Toby was with Sonia at that time. If he suddenly spoke, he would disturb the two of them.

In fact, that was the case as well. Toby didn’t like him at that time, and he had no intention of jumping
into a conversation with him either.

Sonia was the one who helped him out and spoke for him. Only then did Toby let it go and was ready to
leave with Sonia.

At that, Francis saw that Toby was extra gentle toward Sonia, and his eyes while looking at her were
extremely affectionate.

From there, he realized that perhaps talking to Toby would not work. Sonia was the true path he should
be taking.

Maybe if he praised Sonia and complimented them about their relationship, it would make Toby happy,
and he might be willing to talk to him.

At that thought, he went straight into action. After he complimented Sonia, he actually succeeded; Toby
was willing to give him a chance.

This was the reason why, at some point, courage was not the only thing a person needed. One would
also need to be discerning.

As long as the person was able to act quickly according to the circumstances, there would be no need
for him to be afraid that he wouldn’t succeed.

At this moment, Francis was extremely grateful to his parents for teaching him to be discerning since
he was young. Otherwise, he might not have achieved what he wanted.

This also made him understand how much Toby loved Sonia. He loved her so much that he would be
happy to provide an opportunity for people to move their way up after they gave her some

Miss Reed is really my lucky star. He smiled happily.

When the other business owners saw him like this, they felt envious and jealous.

Countless people wanted to associate themselves with Toby, and they were one of them too. However,
they didn’t dare do so. They knew that even if they went up to Toby, he would ignore them as well.

In fact, when Francis went up to Toby blindly at first, Toby couldn’t care less about him as well.

At that time, they were still laughing at Francis for overestimating himself. He’s actually trying to
associate with a big shot like President Fuller, eh?

As such, they were extremely joyful when they saw Toby not talking to Francis.

This was how a person’s mind worked. They knew very well that they wouldn’t be able to associate with
a big shot, but they would still be jealous and resent those people who were willing to pluck up their
courage to try to associate even when they knew the result very well.

All this while, they thought that their starting lines were all the same, but all of a sudden, they realized
that that was not true. At least a small portion of people among them had the courage that the others
didn’t have.

They were fine with people having a worse life than them, or people who lived the same good life as
them, but they couldn’t accept a person among them who suddenly surpassed the rest and had a
better life than them.

This was definitely describing Francis. He had successfully associated with Toby, which meant that his
status between them was going to be distant in the future. He was going to work his way up to a higher
level, but they would still be staying in the same position.

This person was no doubt a traitor among them.

At first, they didn’t know that Francis would successfully associate with Toby. They were thinking about
having a good laugh at this man for overestimating himself after Toby left. Yet, who would have

expected this result?

Francis successfully connected with Toby, and they couldn’t laugh at him anymore. What if he searched
for them for trouble if he was able to climb up to a place where they could only look up to see him in the

So, not only could they not laugh, but they still needed to bite the bullet and congratulate him. This was
no doubt tough for them, but they had no other choice but to do so.

In the end, Francis heard congratulatory messages one after another in the next few minutes.

Some of the congratulatory messages sounded jealous, while others were genuinely happy for him.
However, there were more unwilling and insincere, jealous congratulatory messages.

When receiving these messages full of jealousy, Francis just smiled without being bothered by them.
Go ahead and be jealous as much as you want. Those who do not make others envious of them are
merely mediocre. They being jealous of me means that I’m better than them!

On the other hand, in the elevator, Sonia suddenly chuckled as she linked arms with Toby.

Hearing that, he turned around to look at her before saying gently, “Why are you laughing?”

“I’m laughing at you,” she replied to him with a smile as he raised her head to look at him.

Toby raised his brows. “Laughing at me? Is there anything on my face?”

“No, that’s not it.” She shook her head. “I’m laughing at your attitude just now. I can tell that you didn’t

want to be bothered by that person at first, but after he complimented me, you changed your mind right
away and gave him a chance to talk to you. Fickling so quickly is not like you. That’s why I find it funny.”

As he fondled her soft hand, he chuckled. “I didn’t want to act like that too, but that man is really
discerning. He could tell that going straight at me wouldn’t work, so he changed his mind right away
and went for you instead. You also know that you’re the most important person to me. Of course, I’ll be
happy if someone praises you and wishes us well in our relationship. Once I feel good, I’d be willing to
give this person a chance. After all, he’s saying things I love to hear.”

At this moment, Sonia glared at him coquettishly and felt hilarious inside. “People praising me a little
makes you so happy that you ignore your principles. Aren’t you afraid that people will say that you’re a
fatuous president who doesn’t know what he’s doing because he’s charmed by a coquette?”

“Do you think I will be afraid?” Toby looked at her affectionately.

From his gaze, she could see his affection. So, she shook her head with a flushed face. “You’re not that
kind of person who’d be afraid of anything.”

“That’s right, so we don’t need to care about what others think. As for the man just now, the reason why
I’m willing to give him a chance is not only because he knew what to say. There are other reasons too.”
His expression turned much more serious at this moment.

“Really? What’s the reason?” She blinked a few times.

“His startup is a web company, just like the Lore Family’s. Their network system is just the same as any
other network system on the market, and there’s nothing special about it. The reason they can still be
at the top of the industry is that my family is supporting them from behind,” Toby explained.

When Sonia heard that, she suddenly understood something. “Are you thinking about supporting Mr.
McCray to replace the Lore Family?”

At this moment, he raised his chin obscurely. “The Lore Family’s network system is mediocre, anyway.
If that’s the case, when there’s a better network system, why not choose to support the better one?
After all, I’m a businessman, not a philanthropist. Throughout the years of supporting the Lore Family,
Fuller Group didn’t earn anything, but we’ve given them a lot. Before I parted ways with them, I didn’t
care about the money I invested. Now, since I’ve broken off with them, I won’t let my money flow
outside without any benefits. Instead, why not support another web company to replace them? At least
I can earn a little something.”

“That’s true.” Sonia smiled.

If the Lore Family knew about this, they would be crying right now.
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“Also, I’m actually quite interested in the network system the person has invented. If I invest in him now
and take some of the shares, I can earn much more if he succeeds in the future. I’m a businessman,
and profits always come first. Since I’ve met someone who can earn money for me and is interested in
finding an investor, plus the fact that I’m interested in letting him earn for me, I wouldn’t let him go.” A
smile tugged on his lips as a scheming gaze flashed in his eyes.

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