Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 1308

Chapter 1308

Chapter 1208

Sonia smiled. “You’re really a benefit-first businessman. I’m really bad at it when compared to you.”

As Toby stroked her hair, he comforted her. “You’ve just taken the first step. When you stay in the
industry longer and become a veteran in business, you’ll be like this too, but it’s not a bad thing. Don’t
think that it’s bad. After all, we’re businessmen, so we should do what a businessman would do. Also,
even if I was scheming that man just now, wasn’t he doing the same thing to me too? He even used
you to do so.”

“I know, but you look as though you like what he plotted against you just now.” She lifted her head and
looked at him with a nonchalant smile.

At the same time, a smile tugged on his lips. “That’s true. I like what he did. After all, he was praising
you, so I’m happy to throw myself into plots like that.”
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“Hmph! How loquacious.” The sweet smile on her face couldn’t be hidden.

Before long, the elevator reached their floor, and both of them left the elevator to return to the

After Sonia changed her shoes, she hung her handbag on the side and looked at the man who was still
bending down and changing his shoes. “You should shower first. I’ll make broth for you,” she said.

When Toby heard the word ‘broth’, his heart missed a beat, but after he made his mind clear that this
broth was not the same broth as that, he took a deep breath to suppress the disgusted feeling before

nodding gently. “Okay, I’ll go shower first then. I’ll fill the tub for you later.”

“Okay,” she answered him before grabbing the apron and heading into the kitchen.

Meanwhile, Toby stood at the same place and watched her go in. Only after that did he turn around and
head in the opposite direction.

In the kitchen, Sonia opened the refrigerator and took out the beef short ribs that she asked her
assistant to send over yesterday. After taking out some dried mushrooms, she washed her hands and
started to work on the broth.

Grace was very considerate, for all the ribs that she sent over were all cut into pieces. It might be
because she considered the fact that Sonia didn’t have any tools to cut the ribs here. This made it
easier for Sonia to make the broth.

After she washed the ribs, she put them in a pot and covered them up before heating the pot on
medium heat. Then, she soaked the dry mushrooms in hot water and clapped her hands as she had
completed the first stage of making the broth.

When the mushrooms were about done soaking, she put them in the pot and boiled them with the ribs.
After three hours, the broth would be done.

Sonia had only put the bone in the water for a while, but she could already smell a faint aroma. When
the broth is done later, I’m sure it’s going to be super nice.

She went nearer to the pot and inhaled deeply before putting on a satisfied smile. After that, she took

out the apron around her waist and was ready to leave the kitchen to wait for the broth to boil.

However, just as she turned around, she bumped into a hard wall of skin.

The wall was wet, hot, and even had a fresh minty scent, making it smell good.

After Sonia lifted her head, her eyes met Toby’s handsome face and his dark eyes. All of a sudden, she
said irritably, “Why did you walk without making any sound and suddenly appear behind me? You
scared me! ”

It turned out that the wall of skin just now was Toby’s chest.

When Toby heard her accusation, he pressed his lips together innocently. “I made noise when I walked.
You’re the one who was too focused and didn’t hear it. I didn’t dare call your name either. I was scared
that you’d be shocked and get burned, after all.” His tone was a little sulky.

After Sonia saw that, she swallowed the words that she thought of to scold him and was embarrassed
to say anything as well.

After all, seeing him act like this made her relent at once. All the tough words that she thought of
couldn’t come out of her throat all of a sudden.

This b*stard… I’m really in the palm of his hand. He knows my weaknesses, so he purposely gives me
that look, making me lose. Sigh… Sonia felt resigned, but at the same time, she found it hilarious as

At this moment, Toby suddenly put his hand on her forehead. “Did it hurt from just now?”

She shook her head. “No. Although your chest is a little firm, it is still human skin. How painful can it
be? Did I hurt you, though?” She lifted her head and looked at him with her eyes full of concern.

Toby shook his head with a smile. “No.”

“Good, but…” Sonia narrowed her eyes as she looked at his exposed chest, and the corners of her
mouth were twitching. “Toby, can’t you wear your nightgown properly? I purposely bought this for you.
It’s a normal nightgown that won’t expose your chest. Why did you tie the belt so loosely, exposing your
chest? What are you trying to do? Even though the heater is on and it isn’t particularly cold, it is still
winter. Aren’t you afraid that you’ll catch a cold?”

Hearing that, he lowered his head to look at his chest, and a devilish gaze flashed in his eyes. With an
evil smile, he replied, “I won’t catch a cold. As to why I’m wearing it like this, can’t you tell?”

“Tell what?” She raised her head and looked into his eyes. Just then, she caught sight of the passion
and amorousness in his eyes.

At this moment, her heart started pounding faster. What is this b*stard trying to do? Why is he looking
at me like that?

Sonia took a step back subconsciously and had the urge to run away.

At the same time, when Toby noticed her actions, he reached out his hand and wrapped his arm
around her waist right away, embracing her. With a low and husky voice, he said, “I’m wearing it like
this to show you. It’s a service to you.”

I knew it! After she heard what he said, these three words popped into her mind. She knew that this
was what his gaze meant.

Sigh, this b*stard gets horny anytime and anywhere, trying to seduce me and wanting me to sleep with
him. Is that all on his mind when he has some private time? She stared at him and suspected it.

She used both her arms to prop on his shoulders as she leaned her upper body backward, attempting
to distance herself from him.

She had no choice because he had his arm wrapped around her waist and she wasn’t strong enough
to push him away. As such, she could only use this way to distance herself from him.

“No one wants your service. Be serious, Toby.” Sonia turned her head to the side, trying not to look at

Meanwhile, Toby chuckled softly when he saw her face flushing; even her ears were red.

His chuckle sounded deep and erotic, just like the sound of a viola. It was a feast to the ears, making
her feel like her body had been struck by lightning.

“How am I not serious? I’m always serious.” Toby looked her in the eyes. “I’m very serious.”

Hearing that, Sonia rolled her eyes. “What? You’re serious? Do you call this serious? Deliberately
wearing your robe like this to… to…”

“To?” he asked as an evil gaze flashed in his eyes.

How could she say that he was seducing her? If she said that, he would definitely ask her if she had
been seduced. How am I going to answer by then?

If she answered no, would he be crazier and think of other ways to seduce her?

What if she answered yes? Would he take this advantage to take things to the next level?

There’s no correct answer at all. At this thought, she closed her eyes in frustration. “Nothing. Let go of
me, Toby. I want to go take a shower already.”

Just now, when she was making the broth, her shirt was stained with some oil. She needed to change
her shirt and shower as soon as possible; otherwise, she would find it unbearable. Somehow, she felt
very uncomfortable when her shirt was dirty.

However, he wouldn’t be Toby Fuller if he was so obedient; he was still hugging Sonia tightly around
her waist. He lowered his head and touched her forehead with his before asking in his deep voice, “You
still haven’t answered me yet. To what?”

She pushed him away. “Why do you want to know so badly? Also, I’ve already forgotten what I wanted
to say just now, so don’t ask me anymore. You won’t get the answer you want.”

No matter what, she was not going to tell him.

Yet, Toby saw through her and sighed with sadness. How I wish she can be a little more straightforward
and just tell me what’s on her mind.

He smiled resignedly and said, “Okay, I won’t ask you anymore. I’ll let go if you want me to, but you
need to answer me first. Do you not like what I’m doing?”

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