Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 1309

Chapter 1309

Chapter 1209

“I don’t like it,” Sonia replied to Toby without any hesitation, but that was not what was on her mind. I
don’t like it? How can I not like it?!

Men liked women’s beauty, but in fact, women liked men’s bodies too. Men favored women’s breasts
and waists, while women favored men’s chests and abs.

Sonia was just an ordinary woman, after all. Of course, she was not an exception to this principle—she
liked the chests and abs of men too.

It was especially so for Toby’s. They were so perfect, so she liked them even more.

Everytime when they were having intimate moments, her hands would touch his chest and abs
habitually. In fact, it felt smooth to touch.

However, even though she liked it, she couldn’t admit it in front of him. Otherwise, he would be overly

When Toby heard Sonia answering his question so quickly, the smile on his face froze for a second.
She doesn’t like it? How is that possible?! She always likes to touch my chest and abs. I can tell that
she’s very satisfied with them.

For that, everytime after he showered, he would widen his nightgown a little to seduce her on purpose.

Yet, she was telling him that she didn’t like it now.

This can’t be it. She’s definitely lying! He pressed his lips together and stared at her. He asked her once
more in his deep voice, “Do you really not like it?”

“Yes.” Sonia nodded hastily.

Hearing that, Toby pressed his lips together even tighter.

Pfft. Is she still not admitting to it? Don’t think that I can’t see the guilt in your eyes. Never mind, I have
many other ways to make you like it. Not now, but later after dinner, in the room, on the bed. I’ll make
you say that you love it with your mouth.

At this thought, his eyes sparkled, and he let go of Sonia. “Okay, I’ll let you go if you don’t like it. It
seems like I haven’t trained my body well enough. Wait until I train my figure better.” I’ll have a good
training session tonight.

As he was thinking about that, he looked down and hid the gaze in his eyes, not wanting her to find out.

In fact, she didn’t see anything strange about him, but after she heard what he said, she was
completely stunned.

What’s going on? Does he know what he is talking about? He really said to let me go if I don’t like it?!
H-How is that possible?! This b*stard really said such a thing?

Her gaze at Toby was filled with disbelief, and her expression showed her shock as well since he was
not a person who would give up easily.

Previously, he would show off his charms in front of her like a peacock and ask her if she liked it. If her
answer was not what he wanted, he would never give up. He would try everything he could to make her
change her answer until he heard one that he was happy with.

In fact, Sonia thought that this time would be the same as well, so she had already prepared herself
mentally. She wanted to see how he was going to force her to change her answer, but he didn’t follow
the script!

He really let it go just like that?! Is this really him?
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Sonia stared at Toby and was lost in her thoughts for quite some time. Her gaze at him was as if she
were looking at a stranger.

Seeing that, Toby flicked her forehead gently. “Why are you daydreaming? Aren’t you going to shower?
Go ahead. I’ve already filled the tub for you.”

“Y-You’re not going to force me?” she asked blankly after parting her red lips.

Hearing that, he raised his brows. “Force you to do what?”

Subconsciously, she told him everything on her mind just now.

After he heard that, he went closer to her. “Hmm? So you’re saying that you were looking forward to me
doing so? I can satisfy you if you want.” After saying that, he lowered his head, wanting to kiss her.

At this moment, Sonia widened her eyes and pushed him away before running to the entrance of the

kitchen with a flushed face.

When she ran out of the kitchen, only then did her actions come to a halt. Then, she turned around to
look at him. “No one’s looking forward to anything. Don’t talk gibberish. I’m not looking forward to it. I
just felt that this isn’t anything like you. I thought you’re not someone who would give up so easily.
That’s why I felt strange.”

At this moment, his eyes sparkled. It was out of his expectation that she would be this cautious.

When Sonia saw that Toby wasn’t talking, she narrowed her gorgeous eyes. “Toby, are you having
some wicked ideas?”

“No.” With a serious face, he quickly shook his head.

“Really?” She side-glanced at him, showing that she didn’t really believe him.

However, he nodded with a serious face. “Really. You’re overthinking things. Go shower already. The
water is turning cold.”

He waved his hand, hastening her to quickly leave and stop asking. Otherwise, if he exposed himself
later, he would be the one suffering the loss tonight. So, it was best for him to quickly brush her off.

After looking at him suspiciously, she still didn’t find anything strange with his expression, so she
couldn’t help but question herself. Am I really overthinking things?

She pouted and pushed her doubt back to the back of her mind before saying, “Okay, then. I’ll go take
a shower, but you need to pay attention to the broth. Don’t let it overflow.”

“Okay, don’t worry. Just go.” Toby nodded.

He knew how to cook. In fact, he could cook many dishes better than her, so she could pass him these
jobs without any worry.

That was why when she heard him ask her to go without any worry, she didn’t say anything more. She
turned around and returned to the bedroom to take a shower.

After she left, Toby opened the lid of the pot.

As soon as she took the lid off, he was welcomed with a strong aroma and a faint fishy smell.

He took a step back and waited until the water vapor dissipated. Only then did he go closer to the pot
again and took a soup ladle to stir the broth in the pot. Then, he scooped up the ribs to take a closer

After he looked closely, he chuckled resignedly.

“Silly girl. She really thought she could deceive me, huh?” he said softly.

If he hadn’t learned to look before this, he might be deceived by her and believe that this was pork
short ribs. After all, he didn’t know the difference between a pork bone and a beef bone.

However, he had already learned to cook many dishes, and there were many of them that used beef or
beef bones as ingredients, so naturally, from first glance, he could tell that the bone in the pot was
definitely not a pork bone, but a beef bone instead.

Also, he smelt a fishy smell just now. The fishy smell of pork ribs would not be as strong as that of beef

Even if he didn’t look, he’d be able to tell later when she served the soup to him even if she
purposefully removed the bones from the broth. He could tell it from the smell and taste of it.

Wasn’t she being rather silly?

Toby put the soup ladle back and covered the pot before washing his hands and leaving the kitchen.

He could roughly guess the reason why Sonia wanted to hide the fact that this was beef short ribs. It
must be because of that bowl of broth he drank in the morning in the Fuller Residence.

That broth traumatized him, and it was made from a cow’s part. So, she was worried that if he knew
that this broth was made from a part of a cow, he would recall the fear of being dominated by the broth
in the morning. That was why she purposely lied to him and said that this was pork bone.

This silly girl really thinks that I’m that weak.

Although the morning broth had traumatized him, he would not be afraid of other parts of cows. Thus,
Sonia’s worry was quite unnecessary.

However, it was her kindness to consider so much for him. Naturally, he wouldn’t disappoint her. Since
she said that this is pork short ribs, I’ll take it as it is. As long as she has peace of mind.

Toby chuckled and sat on a couch before taking out his phone.

As soon as he took out his phone, the screen lit up with a message from Tom.

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