Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 1311

Chapter 1311

Chapter 1211

Seeing how caring their daughter was to them, Grayson and Amelia were truly moved.

She really is our angel, they thought.

“Enough.” Harry was getting tired of how dazed his son and daughter-in-law were acting. “Say it. What
was the argument about earlier?”

Since his father was questioning him, Grayson dared not remain silent. “It’s all because of this woman.
She couldn’t even dress my wounds properly. It hurt me so much that I got angry and scolded her.”
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Amelia, who did not have the courage to look at Harry, could only apologize profusely, “It’s my fault. I
made a mistake. I’ll pay more attention in the future.”

Her mother’s self-abased behavior made Lynette think lower of her as she snorted and turned her head
to the other side, seemingly not wanting to speak up for her.

Harry caught Lynette’s expression and said, “Stop this. It’s nothing major. Arguing in such a loud
manner… I thought something had happened. In the future, don’t fight over such a minor issue.”

“Understood,” the husband and wife replied.

Then, Harry looked at his son’s thick lips. “But, your lips really are quite serious. Seems like Toby was
ruthless. He didn’t bother to save the slightest respect for me.”

There was a heightened sense of fear toward Toby on top of the dissatisfaction at this point in Harry’s

Although Toby had ignored Harry’s family for the past few days, which caused Harry to feel awkward,
that action didn’t create any fear in him.

After all, Toby had said that he was severing all ties with the Lores, but did not really act on his words.
More importantly, he did not even nullify their contracts.

This was why he thought that Toby’s so-called ‘cutting all ties’ was just something he said out of anger.
Perhaps, he merely wanted to warn us for using his family’s name all these years. Otherwise, why
would Toby not cancel all our collaborations and announce he would have nothing to do with us to the

This was why Harry stayed calm throughout the whole process while still trying to find ways to mend
their relationship.

Yet, Toby’s actions against his son now made his thoughts waver. Perhaps, this really is wishful
thinking. Toby really wants to cut all ties with us and this was not just a simple warning.

Due to this, he really started to panic and felt a sense of impending doom.

“That’s right, Grandpa. Toby really went overboard this time. Look at Dad’s lips. It’ll take a long time for
it to fully heal. How could he do this?” Lynette held Harry’s arm with a sad expression.

Her expression was not fake as she felt wronged inside. Sadly, this was not directed at her father’s

injury, but toward herself instead because she felt wrong.

Although she really looked down upon her father, no matter what, Grayson was still her father.

Seeing how Toby hurt her father, she knew that he was telling the Lores he did not want to see
Grayson, let alone that daughter of his.

Does Toby really detest me?

She knew that if Toby had the slightest of feelings for her, he would not have assaulted Grayson. This
was because hitting her father was akin to striking her dignity!

At that moment, Lynette felt wronged and sad. She felt dejected that her true feelings only amounted to
so little in his eyes.

Harry, who felt his granddaughter’s feelings, patted her head comfortingly. “Alright now, Lynette, don’t
be sad. It’ll get better. In the future, Toby will listen to our family.”

“Really, Grandpa?” Lynette looked at Harry, teary-eyed.

He peered through his eyes and nodded assuredly. “Yes. Don’t worry. I know Toby very well. Once you
get together with him and he falls in love with you, he’ll do anything for our family. He’s a very
sentimental and protective man.”

Harry’s words made Lynette clench her fists. “I believe you, Grandpa. Rest assured, I will get Toby’s
heart. Not only for myself, but also for our family. I will make him mine. If I succeed, I will make him fall
in love with me, even if it means resorting to hypnosis.”

The reason she said this was because there was a rumor that Toby was only together with Tina
because she hypnotized him.

Although she did not know whether this was verified or not, it did give her an idea.

What if I can use this?

Lynette let out a crazy gaze, prompting Harry—someone who had experienced the world—to be
shocked at his granddaughter’s expression, all while feeling a bad premonition inside.

His instincts told him that Lynette’s gaze was something bad, for it might bring them even bigger

Yet, his sensibility lost against the riches that they might come across.

Against the future development of our family, what harm is there in taking a more extreme route?

With that in mind, Harry thoroughly erased that thought. What replaced it was gratification and approval
at Lynette’s idea. “Not bad. As expected of my granddaughter.”

Hearing his approval, she felt more determined that her actions were correct and her smile widened.

Opposite them, Grayson, who did not understand what his daughter and father were getting at, gave up
on asking.

His brain was full of the humiliation and beating he had received. He said with swollen lips, “Dad, the

reason that I’m treated like this by Toby must be because of that woman, Sonia, who added fuel to the
fire. As I was being beaten, I heard the person hitting me that my mouth was unclean, for I insulted that
woman, which made Toby take action. This is why I’m sure that woman knew I insulted her and
instructed Toby to do this. Otherwise, Toby wouldn’t treat me like this.”

Beside him, Amelia added, “That’s right, Dad. No matter what, you’re still Toby’s mentor and Grayson is
his senior. Even if Toby was angry at us because of Lynette’s actions toward Sonia, I don’t think he’ll
cut ties, considering your relationship. He also wouldn’t be so cruel as to strike his own senior. I think
Sonia must have egged him on. Or, she must have something on him that forced his hand.”

“If it’s true, then this woman is truly evil.” Lynette bit her lower lip and said, “Grandpa, we need to
quickly save Toby from the clutches of this evil woman. We cannot just let her get her way like this.”

She looked at Harry.

At that moment, Harry had his eyes shut as his hands slapped his own knees from time to time,
seemingly thinking about something.

It was after a while that he finally piped up, “Don’t worry. We won’t let her off just like that. As for Toby,
we’ll naturally help him retrieve whatever dirt she has on him.”

“That’s great.” Lynette was happy to hear this.

Yet, Grayson pointed at his own mouth. “Dad, before we do that, we need to take revenge for the
humiliation and pain I felt and return it to that woman!”

Although he hated Toby, who hit him, he hated Sonia even more.

After all, he remembered clearly what Toby meant to their family, so he placed all his hatred on Sonia.

I did insult her, but it was only a few words. It was not as if it hurt. She actually let Toby act so heavy-
handedly. I will never let her off the hook.

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