Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 134

Chapter 134

Chapter 134

“Stop howling. The chef is not here.” Rebecca came out of the kitchen. Zane looked at her and asked,
“Where did the chef go?”

“In the afternoon, the chef went out to make purchases but never came back. Just now, I called them,
and they said that on the way back, there was a landslide, so they were blocked by it and couldn’t come
back.” Rebecca shrugged.

Blinking, Tyler questioned, “Then what about our dinner tonight?”

“What else can we do? We have to make it ourselves. I went to the kitchen just now and found that there
are plenty of ingredients there already.” Rebecca pointed in the direction of the kitchen.

Hearing that, Tyler wailed. “You mean to say that we have to cook by ourselves?”

“Or what?” Rebecca rolled her eyes.

The corners of Zane’s mouth twitched as he said, “Does anyone here know how to


Once these words came out, everyone fell silent. After a while, except for Sonia, they shook their heads
one after another, saying that they didn’t. After all, it was a fact that all the people present were from
wealthy families and had been served with a silver spoon in their mouths since childhood, so they
certainly didn’t know how to cook.

“It’s over then. It looks like we won’t have anything to eat tonight.” Zane touched his stomach and spoke
with a bitter smile.

Rebecca gave him a sidelong glance, saying, “It’s all because of you. You were the one bringing me here
and causing me to have no food.”

At that, Zane bristled. “Who knew the chef was so unlucky to have encountered a landslide?”

“Yeah” Rebecca sighed.

Then, Tina pulled Toby’s sleeve. “Toby, what should we do? I’m so hungry!”

Toby’s thin lips moved as he replied, “There should be snacks in the kitchen. Let’s go

look for them and make do with them.”
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“That’s all we can do.” Tina nodded. Thus, the two of them went to the kitchen.

Tyler did not want to be with Tina, so he did not go with them.

Soon, the two came out again, but their hands were empty, and there was nothing. Seeing that, Charles
scoffed at them. “Didn’t you go look for snacks? Where are the snacks?”

Toby’s face was cold as he ignored him. As for Tina, she softly replied, “There are no snacks in the

“Are you serious? We don’t even have snacks? Looks like we’re destined to go hungry tonight,” Zane
said unhappily.

Next, Charles looked at Sonia beside him. “Darling, are you hungry?”

When Toby heard this, he also looked at Sonia with imperceptible concern in his eyes. Noticing that, Tina
clenched her fists slightly.

“A little; how about you?” Sonia nodded.

Charles touched his stomach and replied, “I’m hungry too.”

“Then I’ll go make some food,” Sonia said.

Other than Tyler and Toby, everyone else was shocked.

“Darling, you know how to cook?” Charles looked at Sonia in shock.

Before Sonia could answer, Tyler was the first to answer with his eyes lighting up, “Sonia knows how to
cook, and her cooking is delicious.”

“Don’t tell me you have even tasted her cooking?” Charles turned his gaze to him with dissatisfaction.

Tyler proudly raised his chin and answered, “Of course. For six whole years even! Look at you being so
surprised that she can cook. It seems that you have not tasted what she’s capable of.”

These words stabbed deep into Charles’ heart.

Charles ignored him with a sullen face, then took Sonia’s hand and said with a heartbroken expression,
“No wonder your hands were so rough before. So you had to cook for the Fuller Family in addition to
doing housework? Darling, why are you naïve?”

“Well, it’s all in the past.” Sonia laughed a little and pulled her hand back.

Charles coldly snorted. “You think it’s over? I think not. In fact, you grew up being pampered by your
family, so how did you end up doing all the cooking and laundry once you married into the Fuller

After saying so, he turned around and glared at Toby. “Your family made her do it, right? As one of the
wealthiest families in the city, don’t you have maids? How could you let your wife do what the maids do
and serve your family? I can’t even bear to let her do anything, yet your family actually feels no guilt at all
in having her do all this.

It’s really disgusting.”

He had cherished her in his heart for more than ten years, and yet she was treated like a servant in the
Fuller Family. Thinking of that, he got angrier.

“Do you know what times we’re living in now? How can there actually be families that still treat their
womenfolk as subordinates? Mr. Fuller, is your family still living in ancient times?” Rebecca scanned
Toby with contempt.

She then looked at Tina. “Miss Gray, you heard it. The Fuller Family is a family that will not treat their
daughters-in-law well. If you decide to be a part of the family, I’m afraid you’ll have difficult times ahead of

However, Tina bit her lip and forced a smile. “No, Mrs. Fuller is very nice to me. I believe they will not
treat me like this.”

“Don’t count your chickens before they’re hatched. Who knows what will happen in the future?” Zane
spoke up.

As Toby listened to them mocking the Fuller Family, his face fell, but he did not refute because what
Charles said was indeed true. His family did treat Sonia as a servant for the six years she was there, all
because his mother did not like her. He also knew that it was wrong for his mother to do so, but he chose
not to intervene because he did not love her. Thus, he let his mother do this to Sonia. In the end,

although he did not directly bully Sonia, his inaction was in itself a form of bullying.

As for Tyler, he also did not say anything, but his face reddened with embarrassment. He had only
wanted to show off that he had eaten Sonia’s cooking before, but he hadn’t expected that it would lead to
the revelation of Sonia being bullied by the Fuller Family.

“I’m sorry, Sonia.” Tyler bowed toward Sonia and apologized. Although he had apologized before, it
didn’t stop him from apologizing again.

Sonia gave him a look and didn’t take his apology to heart. Rubbing her brow, she said, “Alright, now get
up and move out of the way. I’m off to the kitchen to cook.”

“Sonia, can I order specific dishes?” Tyler came up to her, his eyes shining as he looked at her.

The corners of Sonia’s mouth twitched. Is he so thick-skinned? When have I said I’m going to cook for

“No,” she rejected him.

Clapping his hands, Charles laughed and said, “Do you hear that? My darling said no!”

Tyler glared at him, then looked at Sonia with sadness written all over his face. “But why?”

“Because we have nothing to do with each other. Why should I cook for someone who has nothing to do
with me? Besides, your brother and your sister-in-law are here. If you want to eat, look for them.” Sonia
pointed at Toby and Tina and walked toward the kitchen.

Charles smiled smugly at Tyler, then followed her.

As for Rebecca, she suddenly thought of something and raised her hand before saying loudly, “President
Reed, I’ll help you out. Will you make an extra portion for me?”

“Me too, Sonia. Last time you hurt your foot, and I was the one who took you to the hospital.” Zane also
spoke up.

Sonia smiled at them. “Okay, then all of you come over and help.”

“Got it.” Zane and Rebecca laughingly followed.

In the living room, Toby and the others could still hear the sound of laughter coming from the kitchen
from time to time. They had no idea what the people inside said, but Sonia laughed very loudly. Pursing
his lips, Toby sat on the sofa, and when he thought of her smiling at Charles and the others, he felt

Am I really that annoying to her?

Tina did not say anything and only slightly lowered her head with her hands folded together.

Soon, the rich aroma of food wafted out of the kitchen. When Tyler smelled it, he felt even hungrier, and
his stomach rumbled. The knot in Toby’s throat couldn’t help but move, and his eyes were slightly dark.
He knew that Sonia could cook because she had cooked for him before, but he never ate anything she
made. Yet, it turned out that she was so good at cooking; just the aroma alone made people salivate, so
one could imagine how delicious it was when they ate it.

“Toby, why don’t we go cook too?” Suddenly, Tina pulled Toby’s sleeve and proposed.

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