Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 135

Chapter 135

Chapter 135

Tina was so hungry that she couldn’t stand it anymore. When she smelled the aroma of the food, she felt
even hungrier. Then, Toby looked at Tina’s hungry appearance and finally agreed. “Let’s go.”

“Mm.” Tina smiled and nodded. Just after walking a few steps, she suddenly stopped again and looked
back at Tyler on the sofa. “Tyler, do you want to come along?”

“I’m not coming with you,” Tyler answered with a cold attitude, making Tina lower her head in the gloom.

Toby pursed his lips. “If you don’t come over to help, then you won’t get to eat tonight.”

After saying that, he pulled Tina and continued to walk toward the kitchen.

Clutching his hair in exasperation, Tyler really wanted to just ignore them, but his stomach was growling.
In the end, he went to the kitchen as well.

The kitchen was very large, so all of them could move around in it without any issue. When Toby came
in, the three of them saw Sonia flinging the pan, and the food in it rose up in the air, flipped over, and fell
back in neatly.

Charles, Zane, and Rebecca stood by the side, all of them looking stunned. “Amazing!” Rebecca
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Zane followed with a nod. “What a great chef!”

“Darling…” Charles’s face contorted as he both felt happy and heartbroken. He was happy that he could
eat Sonia’s cooking later, but he was heartbroken that the woman he cherished so much had been
bullied by the Fuller Family so much that she even knew such a difficult technique. After all, she had
never done this in the past before.

Thinking of this, he turned and glared at the three who had just entered.

The three of them were also watching Sonia flipping the food, and it was not until they felt Charles’ glare
that they snapped back to their senses. In fact, they were actually fascinated by Sonia’s skills.

“Let’s go over there.” Toby coughed lightly, withdrew his gaze, and pointed to the other side of the stove.
So, Tina took his arm and went over with him. After that, Tyler looked at Sonia, and then at his brother,
and then followed him with his head hanging low. The three of them came to the stove and looked at the
pots and pans in front of them with difficulty because none of them had ever cooked before. Thus, they
couldn’t even recognize anything, so now they didn’t know where to start.

“Toby, how do we start?” Tina picked up the spatula and looked at it, then asked the man beside her with

The man was silent for a few seconds before saying, “Let’s wash the vegetables first, and we’ll see what
you want to eat?”

“But where are the vegetables?” Tina was at a loss.

Tyler snorted. “Even if I can’t cook, I know the vegetables are in the refrigerator.”

After saying that, he turned around and walked toward the refrigerator. Tina bit her lower lip, her eyes
reddening. “Toby, am I useless? I don’t even know where the vegetables are.”

“No, it’s normal not to know this if you don’t know how to cook.” Toby stroked her hair.

However, Charles couldn’t help but roll his eyes at this. “How is that normal? This is common sense,
okay? Your fiancée doesn’t even have common sense. President Fuller, you even lied to her and
convinced her that this is normal. How brainless can she be not to understand that it’s just a lie to
comfort her!”

Hearing this, Rebecca and Zane couldn’t hold back their laughter, while Sonia also hooked up the
corners of her mouth. Toby’s face was ugly as he looked at Charles, his eyes icy cold. As for Tina, she
looked like she was about to cry. “Charles, you are too much!”

How dare he call me brainless?

“How is that too much? I’m just telling the truth. You can’t accept the truth?” Charles stretched his hands,
smiling recklessly at Tina’s chest that rose and fell violently,

Charles was about to continue mocking her, but Sonia pulled him back. “That’s enough, Charles. It’ll be a
hassle if she gets too angry and ends up doing something


“All right. Since you said so, darling, I’ll shut up,” Charles said with a smile.

Tina squeezed her hands and looked at Toby. “Toby, do you also think I’m stupid and don’t even have
common sense.”


“Really?” Tina was obviously a little unconvinced.

Toby felt a little tired, but he still nodded with patience. “Really.”

Tina could see that he was being serious, so her mood improved.

At this time, Tyler had already returned with a bunch of food ingredients he wanted to eat. “Toby, let’s
cook these.” He looked at Toby excitedly.

Toby, however, frowned at the food ingredients he was carrying. “Do you know how to cook them? Why
did you take so much?”

Tyler’s face froze because he obviously had not thought about this, and scratching his head, he asked,
“Then what should I do?”

Toby was silent, while Tina didn’t know what to say as well. Next to them, Sonia was directing the three
others to get plates and seasonings, and they were all busy with a lot of enthusiasm. The three people
over on Toby’s side, however, looked at the cold empty pots and stove for a long time without any action.
With that, the two sides formed a stark contrast.

After a while, Toby sighed lightly, then took out his phone and searched for cooking instructions. Finally,
they started cooking. However, the food that was made in the end looked unappetizing.

“Toby, is this blackened thing an eggplant?” Tyler asked very politely, pointing to a dish in front of him that
could no longer be discerned. Hearing that, Toby pursed his thin lips into a straight line, and he nodded

The corners of Tyler’s mouth twitched as Tyler pointed to another plate. “Are these potatoes?”

Toby narrowed his eyes and swept a cold glance at him, which made Tyler shrink back and not dare to
ask further questions,

When Tina saw that the atmosphere was a little stiff, she smiled a little and took the initiative to ease the
situation. “Well Tyler, although these dishes look a little unattractive, the taste should still be good. After
all, Toby personally made them. Try

She handed a fork to Tyler, who pretended not to see and picked up another fork instead. Then, he
simply reached for the eggplant. When Tina saw this, her hand froze in the air. However, ‘Toby squeezed
her hand and said, “It’s okay. Eat it yourself.”

“Mm.” Tina forced a smile, but in her heart, she secretly held a grudge against Tyler, who had disgraced

After I marry Toby, I will definitely drive Tyler out of the Fuller Residence.

“Blergh!” When Tina and Toby were preparing to eat, Tyler suddenly vomited all the food he had eaten
with a contorted face.

“What’s this? It’s terrible! The taste is salty one moment and sweet next. Toby, you’re really a genius at
cooking.” Tyler hurriedly drank water while extending his thumb toward Toby

Toby’s eyebrows furrowed together. “Is it very bad?”

“It’s disgusting, okay?!” Tyler yelled loudly.

Toby lowered his eyes to look at the dish he had made. After hesitating for a moment, he grabbed a
piece and put it into his mouth, and then his brows wrinkled even more, but he still swallowed the food.

“Toby, how is it? Is it disgusting?” Tyler came close to him and asked with a smile. Toby didn’t say
anything; his face was expressionless as he sipped his water as a tacit acknowledgment

After the little episode, Tina silently withdrew her fork that was originally stretched out toward the food,

Forget it! I’m not gonna eat that.

Tina’s action was noticed by Sonia, who was enjoying the food at the next table. Sonia decided to ignore
it and continued enjoying her sumptuous meal.

As for Zane and Rebecca, they also did not want to cause trouble. After all, good food was in front of
them, so they did not have the mood to care about anything else. Honestly speaking, Sonia’s cooking
was just too delicious, especially the fish, which simply melted in their mouths like butter.

Suddenly, Charles blinked as an idea crossed his mind. Putting down his cutlery, he turned his head to
look at the next table. “Miss Gray, this is the dinner that President Fuller personally made, so why don’t
you eat it?”

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