Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 1371

Chapter 1371

Chapter 1271

“Oh?” Sonia’s heart rate picked up, and she couldn’t help but clench her fists as she urged, “Hurry up
and tell me what clues you have.”

Cynthia was pleased to see that Sonia was impatient to hear the clues to Tina’s whereabouts.

The more Sonia cared about this information, the greater her resentment for Tina would be as Sonia
would be even more eager to take her revenge on Tina.

As long as Tina was doomed, then Cynthia could finally let go of her years of hatred as well.

Cynthia took a deep breath and quelled her excitement as she said, “Melody said that Tina once
showed up in Kosovo.”

“Kosovo?” Sonia was a little startled. “Why would she go to Kosovo?”

Cynthia shook her head. “I don’t know, and neither does Melody. Melody’s friend told her that Tina was
sighted in Kosovo once. It was a friend of Melody’s friend who ran into Tina at the airport in Kosovo, but
at the time, the friend didn’t pay any attention to this. When she came to look for Melody’s friend and
found out that they were looking for Tina, she remembered that encounter and told Melody’s friend
about it. Later on, Melody’s friend kept searching and eventually found out that Tina was seen in
Westsanshire last month.”

“Westsanshire?!” Sonia’s expression changed.

“Yeah,” Cynthia affirmed. “Melody’s friend said that Tina showed up in Westsanshire, but she didn’t see
Tina in person. Melody’s friend had gone to the local government office for something, and she heard
that a woman named Tina Gray had been there to get some paperwork done.

“These are all the clues they have right now, but what’s for sure is that Tina’s still alive and was sighted
in Westsanshire. Melody has already gone over there to start searching for more clues. She wants to
find Tina. Miss Reed, if you and President Fuller investigate this too, I’m sure you’ll be even faster than
Melody in the search since you have a lot more power and influence than she does.”

Sonia’s heart could not stop pounding.

It couldn’t be helped. Sonia cared too much about the clues that Cynthia gave her.

She had been trying to find Tina all along, but it was as if Tina had disappeared into thin air, and she
couldn’t find any traces of Tina, no matter how hard she tried.

Even someone as powerful and influential as Toby couldn’t find Tina, which proved just how well-
hidden Tina was.

So, how could Sonia not be agitated now that someone was telling her where Tina had shown up

“Cynthia, since you’ve provided me with useful information, I won’t hold the fact that you wanted to use
me to avenge yourself against you.” She eyed Cynthia.

Cynthia was glad and wanted to speak.

“And don’t worry,” Sonia added. “If we do find her, I’ll let you know, and I’ll also let you meet her. You
can do whatever you want then.”

Cynthia’s eyes lit up at once as she gave a deep bow of gratitude. “That’s all I could ever ask for.
Thank you, Miss Reed.”

Sonia patted Cynthia on the shoulder before leaving in a hurry.

She wanted to tell Toby about this.

Soon, she returned to the seating area earlier. Even from afar, she could spot the man sitting on the
couch, who seemed to be in his own world as he stood out from everyone else.
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His eyes were closed as if he was taking a nap, but as he was still gently rocking the wine glass in his
hand, it was obvious that he wasn’t actually asleep. He merely didn’t want to engage with the world.

“Toby.” She walked over and called out to him gently.

His hand stopped moving, and his eyes flew open at once. He saw the woman walking over to him.

She had a slim yet shapely figure that looked even more alluring when she walked. It was hard for
others to tear their eyes off her slender, graceful waist.

His icy stare swept across the men who were stealing glances at Sonia. The warning in his eyes could
not be missed.

The men sensed Toby’s displeasure and immediately withdrew their gazes. None of them dared to take

a peek again.

A beautiful woman was a delight to behold, but they valued their lives even more.

All the men sighed to themselves.

As for the women, especially the young ladies from wealthy families, they were all rolling their eyes as
they secretly ranted at the shallowness of these men.

Aren’t we attractive too?

Why do all of you only stare at Sonia?

They were furious.

Naturally, Sonia knew nothing about all these thoughts going around the room. She stopped in front of
Toby and smiled brilliantly at him.

His eyes darkened slightly. “You’re back.”

“Yeah.” She nodded. “I’m back.”

He set down his wine glass and took her wrist to pull her down into the seat beside him. Then, he
pulled her into his arms right under everyone’s nose.

The crowd instantly started sighing again.

Oh, my… Look at them locked in an embrace just as soon as they’re together. Is it so hard to be apart
for even a short while?

It went without saying that despite all their grumbling, no one could do anything to stop the couple.

Sonia was a little embarrassed, but she didn’t push him away. She was red in the face as she said,
“That’s enough. Let go. Everyone’s staring at us.”

“Let them stare all they want. Our hug has nothing to do with them. I missed you.”

Toby rested his head on her shoulder. His voice was low and hoarse as he spoke. In fact, he sounded a
little coquettish.

She was amused. “We haven’t been apart at all. Why are you acting like this?”

“Who says we haven’t? We’ve been apart for an hour,” he declared solemnly after raising his head to
look her in the eye.

It was as if this had been an extremely grave issue.

Sonia’s urge to laugh intensified.

“It’s only been an hour. From the way you’re acting, I would’ve assumed that we’ve been apart for
ages,” she replied.

He rested his head on her shoulder again. “To me, that’s already long enough. Since I can tell you that
we’ve been apart for exactly an hour, it proves that I’ve been keeping an eye on the time and missing

you all this while. What about you? Did you miss me?”

She rolled her eyes and answered helplessly, “Of course. I missed you, too.”

She knew very well that he would make a big fuss about it if she said she didn’t miss him.

Sure enough, Toby was pleased to hear that she missed him as his lips curved into a smile.

It was a faint smile, but everyone’s attention was on them, so they saw it as well. All at once, they were
filled with amazement.

Oh, my goodness! President Fuller’s smiling! Look at how sweet his smile is.

Tsk tsk. I never knew this is how he behaves when he’s in love.

It’s no different from everyone else.

These were what the men were thinking.

On the other hand, the women were even more envious of Sonia.

The fact that Toby was just the same as any other man when he was in love made them envy her even

Initially, they thought he would still be haughty and aloof when he was in a relationship, and the woman
would need to be the one to please him and coax him.

However, now they knew how wrong they were. He was the one who took the initiative. He was never
arrogant and aloof with Sonia and didn’t keep a straight face all the time. He didn’t treat her as his
subordinate, and she didn’t have to be the one putting in the effort to maintain the relationship.

Anyone with eyes could tell that Toby was the one who clung to Sonia.

How amazing! The women exclaimed to themselves in their mind.

That being said, no matter how much they envied her, they didn’t plan on doing anything else.

After all, they knew without a doubt that they would fail regardless of what they did, and they would
even be inviting Toby’s wrath and dragging their families down with them, so what was the point?

Meanwhile, Anya also noticed the women’s reactions and was shaking in anger as she was infuriated
by their unwillingness to take the challenge.

You’re all useless!

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