Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 1372

Chapter 1372

Chapter 1272

Anya was well aware of just how popular Toby was with the ladies.

After all, his good looks and social status were right on the table. He was a holy grail, and everyone
wanted him to themselves. However, no one ever succeeded. Thus, those women had no reason to

But now, someone has succeeded, no? So, why are they still stagnant?! Shouldn’t they devise plans to
bring that woman down? Shouldn’t that be how things should follow? So why are they just sitting there
and staring at Reed with envy?! Go on! Move! Attack Reed! Don’t tell me you people think you can
make Reed leave Toby just by sitting here and staring at her with envy! Pffft! In your dreams!

For a moment, Anya despised the impervious women, thinking they weren’t just useless but also

One had to earn some things themself, but not even a single one of those women fought for
themselves. Such a discovery had infuriated her.

Having had enough of it, Anya snorted in anger and rolled out of the banquet, surging with fury.

She believed she would get a stroke from being upset by those impassive women as well as being
brokenhearted by Toby and Sonia’s PDA.

Of course, neither Sonia nor Toby knew about it, and even if they did, they wouldn’t care either.

Meanwhile, Toby obliged and reluctantly let Sonia go. On the other hand, she sat down next to him.

“I assume everything went well for you? You were all smiles when you returned.” Toby handed her the
glass of juice he had long left on standby for her. However, the young woman frowned in worry as she
took the glass of beverage from him. “I’ve had too much grape juice just now, and I’m still overcoming
the sourness. Maybe later.”

“Have some water then.” While speaking, Toby took the glass of juice from her and gave her a glass of

Finally, the young woman smiled with delight before taking a sip. “Yeah, I’m one step closer to success.
I’m going to check out the counters on the second floor of the mall tomorrow. I can pick out whichever
counter I want, except for those in the middle, and it happens to be the best spot I can bag, given my
current position. From that alone, I can tell the host couple didn’t make an exception for me just
because of our relationship. It makes me very happy, and it also helped me realize I bagged the deal
myself, and you have nothing to do with it.”

Toby was elated for her after seeing how happy she was, and he ruffled her hair gently. “Good job. I
knew you were amazing.”

“I think so too.” Sonia grinned triumphantly.

Right then, she was indeed a little smug, probably because she had achieved something with her

Toby could tell too, but he didn’t remind her and looked dotingly at her instead.

After all, why couldn’t she revel in the success she had obtained on her own for a moment? It was just
a way of acknowledging her success.

What mattered was that she didn’t let it get to her head.

“Oh, by the way, Madam said I can really drink. She even wants to invite me to future wine fairs.” At
that, Sonia began feeling somewhat guilty. “You have no idea how affected my conscience was. I was
really worried people would find out I was drinking juice and not wine. Also, I feel like I’ve betrayed
Madam’s trust. After all, she has such a good impression of me and even wants to take me to wine
fairs. It’s clear that she’s beginning to see me as a friend, but I…”

“Don’t worry.” Toby gave her shoulder an encouraging squeeze. “Just get her some gift as an apology if
the cover does blow. Besides, she isn’t petty. She’ll understand where you’re coming from.”

“I believe so too, but I still feel bad for tricking her.” Sonia sighed softly.

To that, Toby patted her shoulder without a word, for nothing he said would alleviate her situation. At
the end of the day, she had to figure some things out herself.

Luckily, Sonia wasn’t the kind to reel in situations. After having a moment to herself, she returned to
normal and crossed her arms while smiling enigmatically at her man, whose heart skipped a beat after
he caught her gaze, having an inexplicably bad feeling.

She had looked rather scary. Sure, she was smiling, but it was evident that she was seething with rage,
looking like she would explode any second.

So… what have I done to piss her off? Toby reflected for a moment but still couldn’t figure out what he
had done wrong, so he just asked, “What’s wrong?”

“A little birdie told me someone’s pretty popular with the ladies. In fact, a beauty hit on him after I left.
And it seems that she has a thing for you. So much so that she wants to know you despite having
trouble with her legs. What a role model for the disabled. Oh, hats off to her,” said Sonia with a smile
and unvarnished jealousy and sarcasm.

Toby quirked a brow and felt somewhat amused when he finally realized what she was upset about.

“Are you referring to Anya?” He crossed his legs.

Sonia snorted in response. At that, he pulled her hand to him and lowered his head to kiss the back of
her hand. “Jealous?”

“No.” She withdrew her hand.

“No? What’s this pout for, then?” Toby brushed a finger against her red lip, and of course, a bit of
lipstick got caught on his finger.

“What pout?!” Sonia rolled her eyes at him. “Wipe the lipstick away. Don’t get it on our shirt.”

With that, she pulled out a piece of wet wipe and gave it to him.

A chuckle escaped Toby when he found her still caring for him despite being upset. “Relax. Nothing will
ever happen between her and me.” He gave her his world while wiping his hand.

“I know.” Sonia’s tone seemed to have softened. “I’d look down on you if you fall for her. Anybody can
tell she’s up to no good. It just goes to show how terrible your taste is if you actually fall for her. Then
again, it upsets me that she hit on you. I don’t like her. Besides, shouldn’t she be seeking treatment in
the hospital right now? What is she doing here?”

“Connor’s order. She won’t dare to disobey.” Toby turned grim at the mention of the pair. “Of course,
she’s more than happy to oblige.”
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Sonia quirked her lips in response. “The father and daughter sure know how to annoy others. What did
you two talk about?” she asked.

Toby didn’t intend to hide anything from her either, giving her a concise summary of their conversation.

“What?! They aren’t actually father and daughter?!” Sonia unknowingly raised her voice in utter shock.

As Toby nodded noncommittally, Sonia’s mouth was agape with incredulity, taking a long time to come
to her senses. As she was still reeling with shock, her voice was raspy. “H-How is it possible? Didn’t
you find her to be Salzburg’s illegitimate daughter back when you dug into her? The government’s
system also indicated that they’re father and daughter. How come they’re not anymore?! I’m confused.”

She held her forehead. The news was such a bolt from the blue that she was more than just confused.
Her head was spinning!

Connor Salzburg and Anya Steinfeld aren’t biologically related?! I… Sonia took a long time to process
the news.

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