Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 1373

Chapter 1373

Chapter 1273

Knowing how stunned Sonia was, Toby suggested she take a sip of water to calm down, which she did.

Her shock finally alleviated a little after taking the sip of water, and she looked at Toby. “How come
they’re suddenly not biologically related? Did you get the wrong information back then? Or was it the
system that was wrong?”

Toby nodded. “The information I got was right. The mistake was in the system itself. Hence, my finding
was affected. All Caruns believe in Caruna, and that includes me too. So, I didn’t think twice when the
government system indicated their biological relationship. It was when I realized something was off
during my later searches that I started suspecting if they really were father and daughter. Then, I spend
a lot of time investigating. It was only after I got their DNA sample and sent it to a lab that I was certain
they weren’t biologically related at all.”

Sonia gasped in response. “That means Salzburg has connections in the government, doesn’t it?!
Then, we have to rethink his power. This is certainly beyond our initial calculation. This is much bigger
than we had imagined!”

If this is really the case, then Connor is even harder to defeat.

At that, Toby ruffled her hair. “Take it easy. All that has naturally come to me. I’ve already told the
Colemans about this, and they’re helping me find out if Connor has men working in these systems and
how they are connected to him. He’s just a businessman, and none of his ancestors received any
government merits. So, if there is solid evidence of him, a mere businessperson, being involved in the
government system, I don’t have to worry about dragging down two conglomerates and two hundred

thousand employees. The government will seize him; I’ll just have to fetch him later.”

“That means it’s good that we realize they’re not biologically related.” Sonia’s eyes lit up.

“More or less,” Toby answered.

“But that still doesn’t erase the fact that he cheated on your mother,” Sonia sneered, her lips quirked.

“Yeah.” Toby nodded in agreement. “It has never been the reason I hated Connor any less.”

“Come to think of it. Why would he want a stranger for a daughter? Just what is his purpose?” Sonia
furrowed her brows.

At that, the man cleared his throat awkwardly, causing Sonia to narrow her eyes in response, looking at
him with suspicion. “What’s with that look? Don’t tell me it has to do with you.”

Toby rubbed his nose awkwardly, seeing that she got the key reason so quickly.

“Shut up! It really has to do with you?!” she exclaimed.

“Yeah,” he mumbled, knowing he couldn’t hide it any longer. Then again, he never really wanted to hide
it from her anyway. “He made Anya his daughter and had her sneak into Seafield, but then deliberately
hid the fact that she was his daughter so that she could get close to me as his spy and update him
about me. Also, he’s using her as a honeypot to take me down.”

As Toby spoke of the latter, he checked Sonia’s gaze gingerly, fearing he’d upset her even if it wasn’t

his fault. Her feelings mean the world to me, so I must be careful.

And sure enough, the young woman flew into a rage after hearing her beloved’s explanation.

That said, she wasn’t upset with him but with Connor instead.

“That shameless b*stard,” she growled through gnashed teeth as anger burned ablaze beneath her
eyes. “To think he can come up with such a dirty trick. Honeypot, my grass! What makes him think he’ll
succeed for sure?”

Toby isn’t some licentious man; how is he so confident that Toby would fall for any woman he sends his
way? Salzburg isn’t hysterical, is he? Sonia mused contemptuously while Toby remained grim.

Instantly, her disdain was gone, replaced by grave prudence. “Toby Fuller, don’t tell me you’ve fallen for

At that, he looked speechlessly at her. “What are you thinking about? How can I even?!”

Though relieved, Sonia still appeared less than happy. “Then, what’s with the look?”

“I was just thinking, does she not remind you of someone?”

Stumped, she asked, “Who?”

However, the man said nothing but only riveted his gaze on her, creeping her out a little.

Then, an idea hit her, and she widened her gaze with incredulity. “No way! Are you saying she looks

like me?!” she exclaimed while pointing at herself.

Clearly, she had a hard time accepting the revelation.

She fixed her gaze on him, eagerly hoping he would dismiss her guess. However, it never happened.
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Instead, Toby nodded, validating her assumption. “That’s right. She looks a lot like you, especially the
eyes. In fact, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that you’re the model for her cosmetic surgery. But
worried that we would tell at first glance, she did it subtly and only did the surgery on her eyes to look
like yours instead of fixing her entire face.”

“Tell me you’re joking.” Sonia’s voice quivered.

Evidently, she had a hard time accepting the fact, but she also knew Toby wouldn’t joke with her about
such a serious issue. Hence, the matter was highly likely.

She hurriedly closed her eyes, trying to recall what Anya looked like, wanting to find their differences.
However, her face paled when Anya’s face surfaced, for she discovered that it was as Toby had said—
Anya’s eyes were identical to hers!

The only reason she had never realized it before this was because she was so used to seeing her own
face and that she never really cared about how she looked that she didn’t think Anya’s eyes were like
hers at first glance. Besides, she never thought anything looked off about Anya, so it never dawned on
her until now.

Toby, too, only thought Anya’s face looked off, but he could never put his finger on it.

It was only when Tom pointed it out that he was struck with an epiphany.

“You’re right…” Sonia opened her eyes, finally accepting the baffling fact that Anya fixed her eyes to
look like hers.

Well, what else could she do other than accept it?

Anya had already done it, so what other option did she have other than to accept it?

If she had found out Anya was going to undergo cosmetic surgery to look like her, she could’ve still
prevented it, but how was she going to do that now?!

Sonia felt even more troubled now.

At that, she rubbed her temples and looked at Toby. “Say, how did you come to realize it?”

“I didn’t.” He pursed his lips. “Tom pointed it out when I found out Anya isn’t Connor’s daughter, and it
was only then it hit me that it was all a scheme. The reason Connor had Anya undergo surgery to look
like that before appearing in front of me is so that I’d remember her at first glance. That way, it’d help
Anya get closer to me because they know I won’t even take another look, let alone remember her if she
showed up looking like someone else. It’s only when she looks like you that they have the chance.”

Sonia pursed her lips at that. “Well, they sure have gone to great lengths. Too bad they’ve missed.”

With that, she smiled at Toby. “They didn’t expect you not to realize she looks like me.”

Toby took a sip of his red wine before saying, “That’s right. To me, there’s only ever one Sonia Reed. I

never have and never will think anyone else looks like you. Hence, I never realized Anya deliberately
underwent surgery to look like you, or she might have left a lasting impression on me. Of course…” He
glanced at Sonia. “What I mean is the aversion I have for her from the very beginning. That’s all there
is. I swear.”

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