Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 1374

Chapter 1374

Chapter 1274

Sonia couldn’t help chuckling with amusement seeing how desperate the man tried not to upset her. “I
know. I didn’t get the wrong idea, nor am I overthinking. If you discover someone looking a lot like me
and yet you’re not bothered by it, now that’s a red flag. That means I mean nothing to you at all.”

Hearing so, Toby heaved a sigh of relief. It was good that she didn’t get the wrong idea.

“But Salzburg and Steinfeld are indeed conniving.” Toby frowned, having nothing but aversion for the
two. “He deliberately had her undergo surgery to look like you precisely because he believes I’ll keep
her by my side if she looks like you. Then, from then on, she can become his spy and update him about
me whenever. But little did they expect me to find nothing similar about you and Anya. That’s why she
never found a chance to get close to me. So instead, she reached her hands toward you.”

“You’re saying she had done all the hullabaloo and even destroyed our gifts just so that we’d remember
her and not treat her as just some random stranger?” Sonia pursed her lips.

Toby nodded. “If she doesn’t do any of that, then she’d really be just a nobody to us. In fact, we might
just forget about her the next second. Forget about becoming Salzburg’s spy; she won’t even have a
chance to appear before us! And it turns out her scheme worked. We remember who she is.”

“Touché.” Sonia shrugged.

“Anya’s job is to act as the honeypot,” explained Toby as he rubbed his temples. “Even if she knows
that she might fail, she won’t give up when she has your eyes. She also had the notion when she came
to me earlier. But she didn’t expect me to find out that she isn’t biologically related to Connor and even

say it to her. Now, her plan is down in the gutter.”

“Well, that’s good.” Sonia smiled as she crossed her arms in front of her chest. “At least she won’t be
hitting on you anymore.”

Toby didn’t give a direct answer to that. “But that woman’s artful. After I revealed knowing she wasn’t
Connor’s biological daughter, she immediately defended herself, saying Connor made her do
everything, and that she was innocent. Imagine the kind of character she is when she can counter so
quickly. Now my biggest question is, who exactly was she before all of this.”

At that, he narrowed his frosty eyes.

Sonia, on the other hand, nodded and turned to him as she spoke. “Indeed. Connor probably wouldn’t
even consider using her if she’s just some orphan. Hence, Anya’s past certainly wouldn’t have been

Then, seeing that Toby was pondering, she let him be and drank her water.

Moments later, he sighed under his breath, then said grimly, “Whoever she was, and whether she was
telling the truth about Connor forcing her into this, she still did it, and I will deal with her the same time I
deal with Connor.”

Sonia didn’t argue with him as Anya had done whatever she had. Be it that she did it willingly or was
forced into it, she wasn’t innocent. What was done was done. No matter where she had come from,
she was no longer innocent the second she did it. Contents belong to NovelDrama.Org

“Alright, let’s leave that aside now. Just order the guys to dig into it.” Sonia hurriedly took the glass of
wine from Toby, seeing that he was looking uncomfortable, then massaged his temples for him.

Toby smiled as he looked at his concerned beloved, then leaned against her and closed his eyes,
enjoying the peaceful moment.

Seeing that, Sonia shook her head as a chuckle escaped her, continuing to massage his temples.

A while later, a thought hit her, and she paused her movement. “That reminds me. Toby, guess whom I
bumped into on my way to you.”

“A man or a woman?” He frowned without opening his eyes.

He wasn’t concerned about whom she ran into but more about the person’s gender.

If it was a lady, sure, okay, no big deal. But if it was a man, oh, that raised a lot of red flags.

Sure, many women had a thing for him, but many men would fall for Sonia as well.

Charles and Zane aside, there was Carl from Westsanshire too!

And these men were very, very different from the women who liked him.

Those who liked him feared him as well. Thus, they would keep their feelings to themselves and dared
not hit on him.

Of course, there were a few crazy ones who dared overlook his warning. But he could send them on

their way with just one warning.

Sonia’s admirers, on the other hand, not only dared to hit on her blatantly, but they were also influential
in one way or another, unlike the women who like him. Hence, dealing with them posed a challenge for

Sure, he wouldn’t break a sweat if he dealt with them one by one. But if they ganged up, even he would
suffer a massive blow.

Sonia rolled her eyes exasperatedly at him. “Who’s talking about gender here?! I’m asking you to
guess whom I bumped into.” As if she couldn’t tell what the man was thinking.

“All humans have genders,” he countered solemnly, making her livid yet amused. “Oh, forget it. I’ll just
tell you. I bumped into Cynthia.”

“Cynthia?” Toby’s frown deepened. Though he kept his eyes closed, his bewilderment still showed.
“Doesn’t ring a bell.”

Sonia was naturally happy that he had completely forgotten about Cynthia.

Even when she knew that he and Cynthia barely ever talked, she’d still feel somewhat uncomfortable if
he had a good picture of who Cynthia was.

“The daughter of Stone Incorporated’s Chairman and Tina’s old sidekick,” she reminded while rubbing
Toby’s temples.

It was only after mentioning Tina that he recalled a woman who would indeed follow Tina everywhere.

“Oh, that woman. Did she pick on you?” Animosity surged beneath his eyes when he opened them,
looking like he would belabor Cynthia at once if Sonia said yes.

At that, Sonia patted his shoulder, telling him to calm down before saying, “No, I just bumped into her,
literally. But it was really just an accident.”

Though Cynthia had been rude verbally, the former had indeed bumped into her by accident.

As she wasn’t a fan of twisting the truth, she told him exactly how it went down. But Toby still looked
grim. “Are you hurt?”

“No.” She shook her head. “I just got hit in the shoulder. It hurt back then, but I’m all okay now. Cynthia,
on the other hand, had it worse. She fell on her bottom.”

At that, she couldn’t help giggling. “But that’s beside the point. What I’m trying to tell you is that she
gave me some clues to Tina’s whereabouts.”

“What did you say?” Toby sat up right away. “Tina’s whereabouts?!”


“How could someone like her know when even I can’t find anything? Are you sure she isn’t deceiving
you?” He stared at her intently.

At that, Sonia bit her lip. “I thought she was lying to me as well, at first. But I kept a close eye on her

gaze and expression the whole time. I don’t think she’s lying unless she had been deceived as well. But
I don’t think it’s likely because the person who told her was Melody Stryder.”

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