Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 1378

Chapter 1378

Chapter 1278

Anyhow, Lynette refused to believe or even come close to accepting the possibility that Toby got back
with Sonia because he loved her.

Sonia, on the other hand, couldn’t be bothered to explain herself anymore, seeing how affirmed Lynette
was in her notion.

Alas, it was useless to convince someone who had their whole head stuck in their little world. They
would never believe nor listen to anything that challenged their notion.

So, why bother explaining?

“Oh, since that’s how you believe how things are, what are you going to do next?” asked Sonia as she
tucked her wavy hair back, on the verge of not giving a duck anymore.

“Expose your phony little mask in front of Toby and reclaim his leverage, of course!” Lynette snarled.

“Good idea.” Sonia clapped, applauding her. “And after that? Reclaim the leverage to save your dear
Toby from jeopardy so that you can use it to threaten Toby to be with you, am I right?”

“How did you—” Being called out, Lynette turned subtly grim, then hurriedly backtracked her words with
an evasive gaze when she realized what she was doing. “What are you talking about?! Who do you
think I am to blackmail Toby with the leverage?! If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at
all, Reed! I’m not as vile and shameless as you are! I will naturally let Toby dispose of the leverage. No
way would I do anything with it.”

While she ranted, her heart raced wildly.

Goodness, I nearly blew it.

Little did she think that Sonia would have such sharp instincts and hit the mark precisely.

She was indeed going to threaten Toby with the very leverage that shackled him to Sonia after seizing
it. If Sonia could succeed, why couldn’t she?

Though Toby might hate her for it, it didn’t matter. Once she was with Toby and became his rightful
girlfriend, she would have all the time and plans in the world to coax Toby.

She believed he would eventually be moved and fall in love with her if she took time and effort.

By then, all the aversion and repulse she would face would be nothing.

At that, Lynette beamed as she reeled in the excitement and expectancy of the future.

That said, she wasn’t completely hysterical, so she hurriedly put her thoughts and emotions away after
smiling for a moment, lest she exposed too much.

But too bad for her because Sonia saw through everything.

The young woman’s unfinished words, especially, looked absolutely ridiculous to Sonia.

To think I have thought this girl is madly in love with Toby, but looking at things now, there isn’t much
love, is there?

Who would bear to use anything to threaten the very person they love to be with them?

Thus, it was clear that Lynette didn’t love Toby but the benefits that came along with him. Yet, the
young woman loved to use true love to mask her vanity.

A sliver of ridicule flashed across Sonia’s eyes, but she couldn’t be bothered to call Lynette out.
Instead, she clapped for the young woman and praised her perfunctorily, saying, “Wow, how noble of
you, Miss Lore. So why don’t we go over to your beloved Toby now?”

The expression on Lynette’s face froze in response. See Toby? Now? No way!

She hadn’t gotten anything on him, so seeing him now would do nothing for her, especially when she
had snuck out.

At that, her eyes darted everywhere nervously.

Sonia, on the other hand, snorted disdainfully, seeing that the young woman was chickening out.

To Lynette, the snort was one of mockery and contempt from her love rival. Though it was a fact, for
someone who had always been prideful, Lynette naturally couldn’t take it at all. Hence, her anger got
the better of her, and she snarled while glaring daggers at Sonia.

Because of her doll-like face, she looked like an angel when she smiled. However, when malice
enveloped her face, she looked like the haunted doll from the horror movies that sent chills down

people’s spines.

Though it wasn’t to that extent for Sonia, she still felt uncomfortable, and she furrowed her brows in
disdain. “What’s with the look, Miss Lore? Do you want to eat me up?”

“Enough gloating, Reed. You better hand Toby’s leverage over if you know what’s best for you! Maybe I
might be able to help keep you alive. I’m sure you know just what Toby is like. He would never let
anyone threaten him. The only reason you’re still standing here today after threatening him is that you
have something on him, or you would’ve long been dead meat. So, you better hand whatever it is over.
As long as you hand it to me, I might be generous and consider interceding for you to Toby and ask him
to spare your life. If you don’t, then it’s on you.”

Sonia couldn’t take it anymore after hearing Lynette’s egotistical threat and chuckled with pursed lips.

“What are you laughing at?!” Offended, Lynette turned grimmer by the second.

“Your joke, of course. You said it yourself, Miss Lore. Toby would never spare anyone who dared
threaten him. Since blackmail is the reason that I can still be alive today, why should I so idiotically
hand it to you instead of continuing to use it? Would it just be a suicidal move? Also, you interceding for
me? Ha, what a joke. We’re enemies! Would you want your enemy to live a good life? You may be able
to fool an idiot with it, but you can’t fool me.”

At that, Sonia waved her finger with a smile. “Besides, you said it yourself. You might be generous and
consider interceding. I’m sure the ‘might’ here means ‘no’, or why did you say you would instead of
might? Hence, Miss Lore, I wouldn’t give up the leverage, much less hand it into your hands.”

“You!” Livid with rage, Lynette glared daggers at Sonia, surprised that Sonia could be so cunning. Not

only was the latter not going to hand her the leverage, but she was even finding flaws in her words,
making her look illiterate.

Meanwhile, Anya was just about to freshen up when she found Sonia as she turned into the corner not
far from where the two were standing.
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Though all she saw was a back, there was only one fiery red dress of the design, and she knew
Sonia’s figure like it was the back of her hand. Hence, she could tell at one glance that the back
belonged to Sonia.

To think I’d be so unlucky to run into this woman even in the washroom. Aversion enveloped Anya’s
face as she clenched the armrest of her wheelchair. But what is Reed doing?

With that, she retreated into the corner and peeked.

As she had been looking straight ahead, Sonia’s back was all she could see. But now that she
switched an angle, she finally saw more than that—Sonia was talking to someone.

Is that a server? Anya wondered, unsure what Sonia had to talk to a server about. Is there something
special about that girl?

Withholding the notion that she could only defeat Sonia only by scrutinizing anything and everything
that mattered to the latter, Anya finally spared the server a glance, seeing what was so important about
the server that Sonia would spend time talking to her.

Lo and behold, her gaze changed for the worse when she finally realized who it was.

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