Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 1380

Chapter 1380

Chapter 1280

As the thought came to Lynette, her breathing grew heavier by the second.

However, the second she touched Sonia’s back, an angry and malicious male voice rang behind her.
“Lynette Lore, touch her and I’ll send you flying out of here!”

The voice rendered the young woman aghast, for it belonged to none other than Toby.

Just like that, her hand froze mid-air, no longer daring to do anything. Meanwhile, Lynette stood rooted
to the floor, pale-faced and drenched in sweat as fear and panic surged beneath her eyes.

How can this be?! What is Toby doing here? He even caught me about to push Sonia over! What is he
going to make of me now? Will he think I’m a wicked woman?!

Unsurprisingly, it never occurred to the young woman how her actions could affect Sonia. Rather, she
was worried that Toby’s impression of her would plummet.

Sonia had stopped as well when she heard Toby’s voice, and his threat shocked her even more so.

If her guess was right, it meant that Lynette was about to do something to her right behind her back.

At that, she turned around at once, but before she could manage to catch Lynette’s reaction, Toby had
already moved toward her grimly.

Meanwhile, Lynette finally came to herself when Toby walked past her, and she hurriedly reached out

to grab the man. “Toby…”

However, he lifted his arm and impassively avoided her touch, then walked past her without even
sparing the woman a glance.

At that moment, Lynette thought her heart had sunk to the bottom of the ocean, and it felt as though
someone had dumped a bucket of ice water on her. Tears instantly pooled in her red-rimmed eyes as
grievance enveloped her face.

Did Toby pretend not to have seen me?! It was something that would never have happened.

In the past, he would always respond whenever she greeted him. Sure, he never replied
enthusiastically, but he would still nod or hum a response instead of ignoring her completely like she
was invisible.
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Toby has changed! No, maybe he hasn’t. That woman must’ve threatened him. Yes, that must be it!
She probably forbade him to talk to any other woman but her!

As Lynette grew more confident of her guess, her gaze at Sonia turned more baleful by the second,
looking like it had been doused in poison, wanting to rot the woman away.

In her mind, the reason Toby ignored her had nothing to do with Toby himself; she believed that Sonia
had egged him, and it was all of Sonia’s doing.

On the other hand, Sonia rolled her eyes at the young woman’s reaction and couldn’t be bothered to
give a damn. At that, she withdrew her gaze and looked at her beloved. “What are you—”

“You okay?” Toby grabbed her shoulders and sized her up with nothing but worry in his eyes. “Did she
do anything to you? Are you hurt?” he peppered anxiously.

Before Sonia could even respond to such concern, Lynette was already beside herself with jealousy.

She couldn’t believe Toby would be so concerned about Sonia and even questioned if she had bullied

How can Toby do this?! Doesn’t he feel nothing for Sonia?! Why would he care if she got bullied and if
she was hurt?! Can it be… Does he actually… No! No, no, no, no, no! No, that’s impossible! He would

Lynette shook her head violently and dismissed the inchoate thought at once.

She couldn’t and refused to believe the reality. Hence, she negated it entirely.

Sonia and Toby, on the other hand, never paid any attention to Lynette but only focused on each other.

“Relax. I’m good, and I didn’t get hurt. You came just in time.” Sonia shook her head with a smile,
feeling warm and fuzzy toward his anxious concern.

She had a good hunch that Lynette was indeed about to attack her, and if it weren’t for Toby’s timely
arrival, she probably wouldn’t still be standing on both feet and talking to him.

Seeing that Sonia wasn’t lying to reassure him, Toby let out a sigh of relief. “Good—”

But the next second, he spotted something, and he brought her wrist up at once. “What is this?!”

He pointed at the bruises and asked her grimly, “What is this? You said you didn’t get hurt!”

Sonia parted her lips as she looked at the nail marks but couldn’t utter a word. Tsk, great. I forgot about
this one.

As it no longer hurt, she had forgotten about it. Hence, she said she hadn’t received any injuries when
he asked. However, he didn’t know, did he?! He’d instinctively think she was deliberately hiding it from

Sure enough, seeing that she remained silent, Toby concluded that Sonia deliberately hid her injury
and made nothing of it so he wouldn’t worry. But to him, this was a big deal!

His heart would already shatter whenever she got a little scratch, so what more when she got bruised
from a few fingernail marks?! It was evident how brutal and strong of a grip the attacker had used.

“It’s fine, Toby. It’s just a few scratches,” Sonia held Toby’s hand and cooed upon seeing his malicious,
infuriated, yet aching gaze. “I’m not trying to hide it from you. I’ve just forgotten about it. It doesn’t hurt
at all, so it didn’t occur to me. I’m sure you understand.”

“I don’t,” said Toby grimly as he caressed the bruises tenderly. “I understand that you’re hurt, and it
hurts me.”

Meanwhile, behind the couple, Lynette felt envious as she listened to their conversation, but at the
same time, she also had a lingering fear, for she knew just exactly what they were talking about—the
fingernail marks she left on Sonia.

She didn’t make much of it at first, for she believed it was no big deal that she had just pinched Sonia a
little. Toby wouldn’t come at her for something so minor, after all.

As if he’ll ever stand up for her! Toby doesn’t love Sonia at all. Why would he do that when I’ve done
nothing else but only pinch her?

Now that she was seeing Toby reacting so apprehensively over something as minor as a few nail
marks, she grew less confident and even nervous.

Toby wouldn’t avenge Reed because of a few bruises, would he?

Lynette gulped nervously as she took a subconscious step back, which drew Sonia and Toby’s

One look was all Sonia took to know the pale-faced young woman wanted to run away, and she
couldn’t help smirking.

Toby, on the other hand, had his back facing Lynette, but he could still guess what the young woman
was up to through Sonia’s gaze despite not seeing it for himself.

Sonia’s gaze was as bright and clear as crystal, reflecting everything she saw in her eyes. Thus, he
didn’t need to turn around to know everything that was going on behind him.

Hence, when he saw Lynette retreating, he stood straight and asked in a sub-zero voice, “Who left
these marks on you? Was it her?”

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