Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 1382

Chapter 1382

Chapter 1282

Sonia had always known that Toby had a b*tchy heart hidden beneath his cool, handsome face.
However, because he always played the sweet, gentle boyfriend in front of her, she barely ever saw
this side of him.

But Lynette had probably crossed his line, so he fired at the young woman without caring if she was
there anymore.

That said, she felt great seeing how her beloved belabored Lynette, and she wanted nothing more than
to laugh, especially when she saw a frozen Lynette reeling in bewilderment.

On the other hand, helplessness and affection enveloped Toby’s gaze when he saw the woman in his
arms shuddering in laughter.

Was what I said really that funny? But since she’s getting such a cackle out of it, so be it.

At that, he ruffled her hair tenderly.

On the other hand, Lynette flew into a rage out of humiliation, for she couldn’t believe Toby said she
wanted to be her father’s sister!

How could something so humiliating be applied to her?!

“Toby, how… how can you paint me like this?!” she bewailed in a shaky voice while looking dejectedly
at him.

“Why not?” Toby had returned to looking impassive at this point. “Weren’t you asking for it? I’m your
father’s peer in the first place, yet you insist on regarding me as your brother. Thus, isn’t it that you
make nothing of your father and want to be his sister instead of a daughter?”

To that, Sonia repeatedly nodded in agreement.

Come to think of it, she had also initially felt super baffled that Toby allowed Lynette to be on a first-
name basis with him.

After all, he was Harry’s student, while Lynette was Harry’s granddaughter.

It was evident that Toby was a generation senior to Lynette. However, the latter kept addressing Toby
as just ‘Toby’, and it sounded awry.

But she had assumed the two were only addressing each other according to how they saw fit. Thus,
she didn’t make much of it.

It was only after Toby brought it up that she realized they hadn’t been addressing each other how they
saw fit, but it was all just Lynette’s wishful thinking.
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Toby didn’t agree to it at all.

As for why Lynette did so, Sonia had a good guess. Despite not being biologically related, Toby was
still an uncle figure to Lynette, and once Lynette acknowledged that fact, the world would certainly
criticize her for being with Toby.

The young woman probably refused to regard Toby as her uncle and instead as a brother because she
didn’t want something like that to happen, did she?

At least, it was easier for the world to accept a romance between siblings rather than uncle and niece.

As sad as Lynette was at the fact that Toby now disapproved of her behavior to regard him as her
brother, she was angry as well, for it had undoubtedly severed her possibility of ever getting closer to

At the same time, she refused to acknowledge him as her uncle as well. How would the world think of
her if she did that?! Would the world call her out for hitting on her uncle after they started dating?!

For a moment, the young woman’s expression changed multitudes, looking grimly colorful.

Toby, on the other hand, didn’t want to waste any more time arguing with her as he wanted to rush back
home to treat Sonia’s bruised arm. Thus, Toby sounded even more impatient as he said, “Lynette, I
don’t care what you were planning to do to Sonia just now, but I’ve noted it down, and I’ll pay it back
along with the other things you’ve done. Don’t think for one second this is over. Now, go back to the
room. Whatever issues you have, I will discuss them thoroughly with you and your grandfather later. If
you disobey, don’t blame me for chucking you out.”

“Toby—” She felt aggrieved at being criticized so unforgivingly by the man she loved so deeply, and
she had wanted to continue being on a first-name basis with Toby. However, his emotionless gaze was
like a large palm choking her, forcing her words back down. “How can you do this to me, Mr. Toby?
How can you side with her?!” she said in a raspy voice as she pointed toward Sonia with jealousy. “I
admit that I wanted to push her, but I had your best interests at heart! How can you side with her and

attack me?! Have you forgotten who’s family?!”

Her words were so ridiculous that Toby was livid with amusement. “You call attempting to murder my
beloved having my best interests at heart?! Are you even sane, Lore?”

And you tell me I’ve forgotten who my family is?! I’m very much conscious, thank you very much. Did
she expect me to help her and pretend that I didn’t see her wanting to attack Sonia? Now that’s
forgetting who my family is! No, that’s called an ungrateful b*stard!

When it came to family, Sonia was his partner for life. As for Lynette, she was barely even worthy of
being an acquaintance.

The word ‘beloved’ was like hundreds and thousands of needles pierced deeply into Lynette’s heart,
aggravating her, and her eyes were enveloped with incredulity as she stared at the hugging couple.

Beloved? Toby called Reed his beloved?! Has he fallen in love with Sonia? No! No, that’s impossible!

Lynette bit down on her lip and only released it sometime later. However, a deep bite mark was left on
her bruised lip, and anybody could tell it hurt just by looking at it.

That said, neither Toby nor Sonia would care about her. After all, who would give two hoots about
someone they hated?

“Of course, I have your best interests at heart! This woman blackmailed you into marrying her six years
ago, and six years later, she still blackmailed you into getting back with her and even doing something
so humiliating at other people’s banquet, disregarding your wishes and thoughts entirely. That’s why I’m
here; I want to help you reclaim the leverage and escape her control. It’s she who doesn’t want to hand

the leverage over. I’ve done everything I could, but she just refuses to give it up. As such, I have no
choice but to get physical. But T—Mr. Toby, instead of helping me, you even stopped me and criticized
me. Not only do you not get me, but you’re even siding with her! You’re the insane one here, Mr. Toby!
We’re supposed to be a team, and she’s supposed to be the enemy!”

At that, Sonia looked up and gazed teasingly at the man hugging her. “My, Toby, what shall you do? I
sound like a bad guy. Miss Lore sounds very righteous, and you sound so miserable, being threatened
by me like that. It sounds like I’m some villain, and you’re my captive. Miss Lore, on the other hand, is
the brave hero that wants to save you even if it means that you’ll misunderstand and hate her. My, I’m
truly touched. Are you not, Toby?”

“Alright, that’s enough.” Toby ruffled her hair with amusement.

Following that, she looked toward Lynette, whom he had deeply hurt, and asked with a frown while
holding back his disgust, “You’re saying Sonia blackmailed me into marrying her and also getting back
with her?”

“Yes.” The young woman nodded. “Otherwise, how else could you have possibly married her?”

Sonia, too, nodded in affirmation. “I swear that’s what she said to me before you came. She said I was
threatening you to be with me with the leverage I have over you. Why would I want to do that if I’m that
capable, though? Why don’t I just force you to give me Fuller Group? With it, I’ll be the new CEO. What
for would I need a man after that?!”

In other words, a man was nothing compared to Fuller Group.

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